Monday, August 20, 2012

ships ahoy

that's what pop up in my mind when im searching my closet. so im wearing something that was fully inspired by the beach and sailor was one of the thing that exist in beach rught??

shirt: calvin klein ~ short: zara ~ unbranded cambridge satchel bag

nautical feel blue, red and white :)


notice something in common??
yep, its the stripe, red, blue and white touch d:
madly in love with anything stripes and im in searching for something anchor :)
xoxo, michelle

Saturday, August 18, 2012



dress: gift ~ flats: vincci ~ bag: charles jourdan

the detail of the dress :)

its very hot that i can't even keep my eyes open wide d:
the dress make looks like a little girl ._. but i love it hahaha

just made an instagram account yay! :D

follow me on instagram : michellesanjaya thxx!


xoxo, michelle

Friday, August 17, 2012

happy independence day!


cotton on's crop top ~ zara short ~ rubi's canvas shoes ~ unbranded cambridge satchel bag

today looks were fully inspired by indonesia's flag!

Happy Independence day my dear country Indonesia!! :)

found this very cute apron from ACE :3 but too bad im not a cook or chef or whatever, im sucks at cooking :s :s

got a very bad headache since yesterday :s :s
feeling unwell for several weeks oh gosh! ._.

VIP!! (bigbang's fans) i found a spoon with a B on the top and the B looks like bigbang official letter rite??

xoxo, michelle

Friday, August 10, 2012



in love with it! big glasses!

 dress: vintage collection ~ shoes: converse ~ bag: mulberry

well the pic is taken a long time ago, i even forgot when did i take the pic :s
but i know this is when we went to Bandung d:

my wicked (my friend, but i called her wicked d:) got a wonka candy Nerds from her friend who just got back from SG. i love the box! very colorful :3

very colorful and i always a big fan of colorful thingy hahaha call me cheesy but its the truth d:
but im not a big fan of candy or something sweet, im very picky when it comes to something sweet.

xoxo, michelle