Thursday, August 28, 2014


Ayee Mates!!
So this is going to be my last post before my hair turned brown :)

Girodano's Tee ~ New Balance's Shoes ~ Mark&Jeanne's Bag 
Around last month I went to this mall called Baywalk. I love the concept of the mall! It was located near or beside the seashore. So you could enjoy sightseeing the sea without going to to the beach. But it was super hot and sunny that day! Well its a good thing thoo but I just can't resist the hotness! I took a lot of photos on my camera but I just picked what I think are worth to be on this blog. The mall itself was quite nice, I love it because it got everything I want, rubi, cotton on, stradivarius, bershka, pull&bear, daiso and much more. 

Baywalk Mall @ Green Bay Pluit
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu B1 Utara, Jakarta Utara 14450, Indonesia

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-cheer, michelle

Monday, August 25, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: Weekend Vlog + OOTD! :)

Ayee Matess!!
I just uploaded a new video on my channel couple of days go and it'll mean a lot for me if you guys would go watch, like and subscribe to my channel. thanks a lot! :)


Cotton On's Tee & Clutch ~ Uniqlo's Denim Jacket ~ Colorbox's Shorts ~ H&M's Black Slip On


Number61's Shirt ~ New look's Jeans ~ Cotton On's Bag ~ Rubi's Flats

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and some bonus photos ~~ :)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Newlook's Tee, Jeans, Platform Sandals ~ Chanel's Bag

Ayee Matess!!
This outfit post is so random. I took these pictures couple of months ago and I just posted them because I'm super bored here. I'm still on my super long holiday and I don't have anything to do aside from watching korean dramas and shows. Maybe some of you might think "why don't you go to the mall then?" and here's my answer: my money is dying because of this holiday! I went to the mall a lot and I shopped bazillion of stuffs -sobs- so that's why I'm trying not to go to mall 'cause I don't want to spend any single money anymore and I can't easily ask money from my parents. Every time I asked for money here's what my dad said to me "You think I'm an ATM machine? You think money easily grow on a tree?" Nice one dad. So that's why I don't really ask money from them. I try to earn my own money by selling some of my preloved and new clothes on instagram, check my shop HERE or search @SwaggieUnicorn_Closet on instagram. Thanks! :)

Oh and the meaning behind the title above is to let you guys know a new kpop boyband from YG!! YESS!! ITS YG!! The group name is WINNER! Maybe some of you probably know about them already since they did a reality show already even before they debut as an artist. So they finally made their debut with song called Empty and Color Ring but personally Empty is my fave! Even the video looks cool, watch it HERE :) I haven't choose my bias there since all of them are so handsome!! ♥ ♥ 


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Sunday, August 17, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: June-July Favorites

Ayee Mates!!
I uploaded my new June-July Favorites Video on my channel. I know its a lil' bit too late but hey better late than never eh? I have reason why I uploaded it so late, its because my wifi modem broke so I need to call the technician to come over and fix it for me. It takes quite some time. So after it was repaired I directly uploaded the video to my channel.

1. Black Hair Tie ~ Bracelet from Cotton On.

2. Newlook's Platform Sandals.

3.Kancho's Choco Biscuit.

4. Union Jack Hi-waisted Shorts.

5. The Body Shop's Moringa Body Mist

6. NYX's Eye Shadow in Hawaiian Coffee ~ ES102

7. Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Barely Branded

8. Masami Shouko's Blending Brush ~ 219

9. ELF's Powder Brush ~ 84003

* Favorite Songs *

10. Taeyang-Eyes, Nose, Lips
11. SoyouxJunggigo-Some ft. Lil Boi (geeks)
12. 2NE1-Gotta Be You
13. GOT7-A

-cheer, michelle
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gangsta Rap

My grandma, the person behind all of my vintage collections :)

LO by Lovita Hilman's Top ~ Leap of Faith's Snapback ~ Cotton On's Sling Bag & Chain Necklace ~ Newlook's Creppers

Ayee Matess!!
I started my college orientation last Monday and its fun! Well, the seniors are not cocky or anything like that! In fact they're so fun to hang with, like seriously! I don't feel any age barrier when we're with them! Oh and on the first day I don't even know anyone! So its very challenging for me to make new friends but all of them are so nice and I even got super close with some of them now! yayyy~ The classes will starts around September. So after this Saturday or the final day of orientation, I'll have another long holiday hahaha. For this orientation, the accounting, finance and IBM majors were combined together, so in total there are around 46 students. I'm an accounting major btw ;;)

Btw, I wanted to share my addiction to you guys here. I personally not a huge fans of game. But around 2 months ago, I found this game called CSI: Hidden Crimes. Its the best game ever hands down. I've been playing it almost every seconds! So its like solving a mystery and we have to find the murderer! OMGGG~ super cool! Highly highly recommended!

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