Thursday, October 24, 2013

cold as you

my aunty's design coat ~ uniqlo's tanktop (as inner) ~ colorbox's short ~ charles & keith's flats ~ celine's clutch

ayeee mates! 
Jakarta has rain a lot lately and so the weather is quite cold and chilly (unlike the usual hot sunny weather -_-). the title for this post is the title of Taylor Swift's song but its an old song. I just came up with the idea because its related to the cold I guess :p
for this look I decided to pair up my coat (well its not that thick tho) from my aunt's design, she used to be a designer but not anymore (too bad) and shorts because even tough its raining we can still feel the hot vibe. 

I have exciting news that I would like to share with you!!
my look that I entered for the 'Fashion is You' fashion show contest by Galeries Lafayette was chosen. on this saturday, 26 october 2013 I have to attend and walk on the runway!! OMGGGG~ I'm so happy and excited! totally can't wait for this Saturday and if any of you will come to this event leave a comment down below and lets meet up ;;)

-cheer, michelle

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


ayee mates!

new look's (grandma's) shirt ~ forever21's tee ~ colorbox's shorts ~ converse's hi-top in black ~ xAuthenticityx's beanie ~ gifted bag

I love this look like so so much! :3
I love to use my converse hi-top but they're too big for me (it was given for me by my cousin) but  yeah I dont care. one thing I hate when I'm wearing shorts is that a lot of people will stares at me. I hare it when they stares at me as if like I'm not wearing any shorts (especially those perverts -eww-). 
I'm obsess over beanie! if I could collect every single beanie, I would. well not just beanie tho but also snapbacks and head-wear. its a perfect coverage for your 'bad hair day' but too bad my school won't allow the students to wear cap at school -boooooo!-

Mid-term examinations ends this Friday!!! -dancing around the room- xD
but facing the fact that I still have 4 subjects left until its over -sobs- I've been so lazy lately that even I, myself admit it. all I want to do is blogging, making youtube videos, hanging out or just having fun instead of studying or facing my book for mid-term exams. well wish me luck for my exams guys :)

-cheer, michelle

Saturday, October 12, 2013


ayee mates!!

I joined the photography club at my school and every week we will always do a photoshoot with different theme.  for last week I came up with the idea of using newspaper as the background 'cause I've saw some people did that. so we did the photoshoot and actually I suppose to be the photographer but I asked whether I could be the model for that day since I want to post it on my blog and they said YES! so here are the pictures ;;)
*the pictures of me are taken by my friends and the pictures of my friends are taken by me*

new look's peplum top ~ eustacia & co's skort

from L-R: Feiona, Me and Mona ;;)
// My Friends //

they're so pretty huh?? I really do love to have my pictures taken but I also do love to take a pictures of other. photography is like my other hobby aside doing fashion related thingy. well I'm not a pro-photographer yet I'm still learning and I will take a better pictures in the future :)

I'm having holiday on Monday & Tuesday -yayyyyy!!!- 
time for taking my 12 hours of sleep (hibernate, lol!) and also study for my mid-term examinations :') 
I don't understand why the mid-term examinations at my school took very long time. at other school usually it'll be finish for a week but at my school it'll be 2 -freaking- weeks! OMGGGG~ 

-cheer, michelle

Saturday, October 5, 2013

review: Mustache Me Cafe

ayee mates!!
this is my first time doing a review here on my blog and I'm sorry if the review is not that good. since I'm still learning how to review stuffs. so yesterday I went to citra six to eat at Ninotcha but it was way too crowded and there's no more empty table left. so I decided to went to the Mustache me cafe since the name and the decor attracts me. so sorry for the bad quality picture, I took all of the pictures with my phone camera since I dont bring my DSLR with me :)

their logo! isn't it cute?? :3

// The Foods //

fettucine carbonara (4 out of 5, definitely will back for more) IDR 24000

chicken steik in black peper sauce (3 out 5, too spicy) IDR 32000

chicken gordon bleu (4 out of 5, delishhhh) IDR 35000

cookies and scream shake (4 out of 5, refreshing) IDR 24000

lava cake (4 out of 5, if only the ice creams were vanilla) IDR 20000
sweet ice tea (5 out of 5, free refill plus you got a mustache ;;)) IDR 5000

 I honestly say that the food was delicious and affordable. but the chicken steik was too spicy for me since I'm not a fan of spicy stuffs. the decorations were great but I don't like the lightning there. it was too dark. the service was quite awkward (well 'm not sure why) but if you ask me will I be back, I will definitely say YES because of the fettucine and cookies and cream shake.

foods: 4 out of 5
service: 3.5 out of 5
decorations: 3.5 out of 5

sixth avenue, citra 6 blok J5a/25
west jakarta
021-290 30019 

I hope you guys enjoyed it and if t you guys have any question or more information about the place, dont hesitate to leave it down in the comment box or tweet me @BooItsMichelle :)

-cheer, michelle
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