Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Always Hustlin

Tailor Made Dress ~ Adidas Kicks ~ Gifted Bag

Ayee Mates!! 
Long time no see and I really miss writing or blogging. My life is all over the places so that's why I got no time for my blog and even youtube. To kick off my list first I'm back in college (fifth semester.. oooohhhh), second I broke up with my boyfie so to distract all my messed up minds (well, we decided to be just friend is the best for us) I go on and watched a loads of youtube videos and korean reality shows, third I'm back on becoming a kpop freaks (I even went to ICE BSD last Saturday hoping to see Taeyang but oh well) and that's why I'm always on instagram stalking my babes, fourth I need to find company for my internship on the sixth semester which is so stressful, finding a proper decent job right now is so hard -deepsigh-, lastly I spent loads of my time with my family and friends. Which I'm so grateful for. I couldn't be more happier if I could spent most of my times with people who know the good and bad in me and they still around. What I learn from my experienced were to always be grateful in every situation, appreciate people around you while you could still meet and interact with them, before you act or do something always be ready for the consequences or think before you do something, keep yourself busy and always hustlin' (?). Well I guess that's about it for today post. I need to run and do my homework so till then I'll see you soon! 

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-cheer, michelle
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Friday, September 30, 2016

#ChellesReview: #RulesMatteByYou!! Maybelline X Lazada

Ayee Mates!!
Back at it again with me Michelle with the #ChellesReview, today I'll be reviewing lip products from Maybelline again. In collaboration with Lazada, they kindly sent me Maybelline's new matte lipsticks collection #RulesMatteByYou #UncrackableMatte. As a lippies junkie especially matte lippies I'm so thankful and hype when I got this package. Scroll down to see what I got from them and my honest review about it :))

Start from the Vivid Matte Collection. I got four shades from their collection. The color is so pretty and vibrant. When you have one of those lazy day where you don't want to put too much makeup but still want to look effortlessly chic? Vibrant color lippie can do the trick for ya! Since I'm not a vibrant color person this is something new for me to try out, my ultimate love from this collection is the Rosy Orange shade. 

// From Left to Right //
Scarlet Red - Rosy Orange - Neon Pink - Violet Pink

// Rosy Orange //

// Scarlet Red //

// Neon Pink //

// Violet Pink //

Now on to the Rosy Matte Collections. OMGOMGOMG!! You don't know how happy I am when I received them!! I'm all about the nudes!! I'm more of a softer color type of person. So you don't have to ask me which one is my ultimate fave, I LOVE THEM ALL!! 

// From Left to Right //
Apricot Beige - Rosy Peach - Natural Beige - Soft Pink - Salmon Pink

 // Salmon Pink //

// Apricot Beige //

// Soft Pink //

// Rosy Peach //

// Natural Beige //

Btw join their #RulesMatteByYou contest from #MaybellineIndonesia, you'll receive two full sets of Maybelline Vivid Matte & Rosy Matte Lipsticks worth IDR 2 million for 10 winners, the contest will end on 2nd October 2016. How to join:
1. Take a selfie or wefie with your fave lipsticks and upload it to your instagram
2. Write your most creative lipstick rule caption with#RulesMatteByYou & #MaybellinexLazada
3. Tag 2 of your friends to join as well
4. 10 most creative posts will receive 2 full sets of Maybelline Vivid Matte & Rosy Lipsticks
5. Contest end on 2nd October 2016, Good Luck!!

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-Cheer, Michelle
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

#ChellesReview: Wing It All by Maybelline

Ayee Mates!!
How's life? Like I said in my previous post I'll still go on my blog but I'm not gonna update it on daily basis, so here I am back on my blogging game after such a while. Today I want to review a beauty products (yayy!), as a girl I love makeup!! Even tough I'm not a pro on this one but at least I know how to paint my face well without being to cake-y or clown-y lol, if you subscribe to my channel, so Lazada kindly gave me this package from Maybelline, I'm so hype! Since I've been wearing Maybelline products ever since I started wearing makeup. I made a shoutout and tutorial using Maybelline products and creating the Adele Wing Makeup. I personally love to play with makeup because I have monolid, I feel I have my own challenge since it's not easy creating makeup for monolid #sobs. If you're interested in knowing how I achieved my Adele Wing look click HERE and scroll down to see me unboxing them and to see what's inside :))

1. BB Cushion
This BB Cushion feels so lightweight on my skin and it's easy to apply for a beginner in makeup totally recommended. It gives out a semi-dewy finish look and it promise to moisturize your skin.
I personally love this one so much.

2. Fashion Brow Palette
 I got them in the shade Dark Brown, well I must say this is my first time trying out brow products in the form of powder, I usually use the pencil or mascara type. I thought the powder one will be hard to apply, but turns out it is so easy to use and it even looks more natural on my brow which I really love. I'm not a fan of that "boxy-look-eyebrow" since I thought it looks fake eh? Well it's just my personal opinion doe. It says you could even use this product for contouring but I must say it's not that pigmented enough for contouring.

3. Color Sensational Eyeshadow
I got them in the shade Rose Quartz Pink. Love the color, all neutrals which I love so so much but it's just that all of them are glitter and so bling-bling lol I personally love me some matte eyeshadow since it's not too much for daily wear. This eyeshadow quad is perfect for beginner, it's not that pricey and the pigmentation were great doe. The sizing is perfect, it's small so you can slip this in your bag and take it everywhere.

4. Lash Sensational Mascara
It gives out a full-fan effect. The brush shape is awesome, I don't know why but I love it. It contains jojoba oil which is good for your eyelash. It's also waterproof so it's perfect bruh! No more panda eyes when you cry lol I don't really wear mascara too often since my eyelash is one of a kind unlike any other eyelash (lol) it's too droopy, no matter how many times I curled them it still so droopy. But when I gives this product a try it works well doe.

5. Hypersharp Liner-Wing-Black Eyeliners
I got the eyeliners from this box!! GOSHHHH!! I Screamed when I saw them, I mean I use eyeliners everyday since I have monolid, eyeliner always make my eyes looks bigger so I'm so so happy to received all these three eyeliners. This eyeliners also glide on so easily.

- Hypersharp Liner - It's in the yellow cap, with 0.01 mm tip, it promise it'll be very precise and you can use this for daily stable basis. I personally been wearing this eyeliners ever since I started wearing makeup.

- Hypersharp Wing - It's in the purple cap, it has two ways tips with 0.01 mm and 2 mm that said to be perfect to apply winged eyeliner.

- Hypersharp Black - It's in the red cap, with 0.01 mm tip as well, this has micro pigmented carbon to create a jet black eyeliners. I must say this one is so pigmented and so black-ish too.

6. Matte Lippies
I got the three lippies from the box. There are two lipsticks and one liquid lipsticks. I personally love liquid lipsticks, it gives me kylie lipkit vibe lol I'm crazy over them I guess lol

- Rosy Matte Lipstick in the shade Rosy Peach (left) - it contains honey nectar that promise to moisturize your lips. This is the perfect shade of pink that I've been always want from a lipstick. It's not that vibrand but also not that pale.

- Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Mat12 (middle) - This is too good!! The shades!! Aaaaa!! I love me some nudes. I don't know why I would say this one could be a dupe for kylie lipkit, I love this shade so much, if you're interested in kylie lipkit like I do please check this one out.

- Vivid Matte Lipstick in the shade Scarlet Heart (right) - It's very creamy and as a matte lipstick it doesn't really dry my lip. A very Taylor Swift's Red shade. So vibrant and perfect if you're trying to recreate Adele, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus looks for halloween or just daily wear.

This is the look I created for Hypersharp Wing It All Squad, click HERE to watch them on me youtube channel :))

So that is all for today post and review, hope if you enjoyed them and be sure to check out Lazada and Maybelline there. Also check out my youtube channel for more beauty review, lookbooks, OOTW & OOTD, Haul and many more. Thakyou and have a blessed day ahead mates!! :))

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-cheer, michelle
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Treat You Better

Bershka's Semi-Bomber Jacket ~ HM's Bandana & Tee & Slip-On ~ Airwalk's Backpack

Ayee Mates!! 
How's your life mates? Mine was pretty decent. Got up - Work - Eat - Sleep. Repeat for the past three days and I have this weird feeling stuck inside me that I can't express it with words nor anything. I really want to talk about it but at the same time I feel it's useless to say something that it's hard for people to understand. Yeah I'm weird just like that. Any whooooo~ Have you guys heard Shawn Mendes new song "Treat You Better"? If you haven't where have you been gurl or guy?! It is so cool and all of Shawn's song just feels so real as if he sang it to us lol #baper but really doe I feel so happy and safe and motivated every time I listen to Shawn's music, he's the best and I just love him so much #icaneven #ijustcant. Btw I uploaded new Vlog on my youtube channel #Booitsmichelle about my last day of finals please check it out which you can click right HERE, give it a huge thumbs up, leave me a comment what are your summer plans and subscribe to join the family and my clan and you'll have more fun on your subscriptions, thankyou! :)

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-cheer, michelle
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