Sunday, February 10, 2013

sisterhood of the world bloggers award


first of all let me thank ce Ruby and Rosa for this award. they're very kind to nominated me on the award I'm really grateful for this :D

As for the awards, there're several rules:
★ Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link.
★ Include the award logo on your blog.
★ Answer 10 questions I posted below.
★ Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you can select is up to you.
★ Notify each individual that you have nominated them.

the questions from them:
1.  If you have a chance to get one answer from God Himself, what will you ask?
ans: hmm tough one :s maybe I'll be asking Him why he created human (?) I don't know why I'm asking Him that, its hard ._.

2. What do you think about yourself? Friendly, calm, or?
ans: I'm shy, random, friendly, weird (sometimes!) :)

3. branded items or not branded? why?
ans: hmm unbranded? I know I'm not alone eh? because sometimes not all 'unbranded' items have bad quality and its a lot more affordable than branded one but if you give me branded items I'll be so glad to accept that :p

4. tell me your childhood dreams that you pursue even until now?
ans: being a fashion designer..

5. if you can choose to be one disney characters, which character will you choose? and why?
ans: alice in wonderland because she'a crazy dreamer and adventurer (like me minus the adventurer, I'm not a fan of adventure) c;

6. what do you think of money?
ans: root of all evil action (just read the bible :p) 

7. family, friendship, money, or yourself? choose one! ;p
ans: family x friendship ∞

8. tell me your best memories in life!
ans: Jakarta, Indonesia 21 July 1996 when I was born :)

9. if you can go back to the past once, which year will you choose and why?
ans: 2008 probably because my junior high life was crazy and filled with fun and unforgettable memories, crazy water fight in toilet, gang-ing up, fighting with besties, trapped in the rain and can't find our way back to school :'D

10. cat or dog?
ans: DOG!!

and the nominees are....
 ♥ ce Ruby and Rosa from Ruby and Rosa , of course giving it back to the person who nominated me dear sisters :D thank u for being kind to me all the time :* -smooch- 

Zoe Lei from Fashion Lei Styled , love love love her warm personality and she got cute and cool style, she's a youtuber too! should definitely check her blog and vlog -smooch- 

 ♥ Brenda Lu from Eight Feet Away From Stars , thanks for your always sweet comments on my blog and great outfit posts, pretty! ;)

Mei from Big Dreamer , love her tomboy-girly look and she's one of the best illustrator I ever met! all  of her drawings are amazingly cool!! good job (y) :D

 ♥ Julian Tanoto from Journal J , well I don't know her well and I rarely talk to her and she probably won't read this but I'm really in love with her style and aaa she's very pretty! well I hope we can be friend :p

My questions for the nominees:
 1. if you could have 3 wishes, what would it be?
2. current favorite son?
3. describe yourself in 3 words!
4. shoes or bags?
5. which cartoon character you like the most?
6. what do you think of kpop?
7. what kind of person are you? ice cream or candy?
8. team Edward or team Jacob?
9. android or apple?
10. how do you spend your chinese new year? 

i know this questions they're kinda random but yeah that's the questions that cross my mind when I'm writing this post. once again thank you so much ce ruby and rosa for nominating me, I'm really grateful for this. oh btw Happy Chinese Year for those who celebrate it!! :D

xoxo, michelle


  1. kyaaaaa Thankyouuuu Michellee saayaaang :* muachhh hahaha.

    we will answer here yaa :P
    1. happiness, success, and luck for the rest of our life!
    2. i knew you were trouble nyaa taylor swift :P
    3. funny, smart, adorable *over PD* lol :DDD
    4. shoes
    5. mickey minnie stitch
    6. i don't know much about that :P
    7. kind one, candy, ice cream, chocolate, sweet things! ❤
    8. edward
    9. apple
    10. with family all day long :P

    Happy CNY Michelle :*

    1. welcome ceceeeee ;;)
      happy CNY too cee :*

      xoxo, michelle

  2. awwww congrats for the award !!

  3. saya terharu :')
    thanks michelle :D

  4. cute post, loved your last outfit! such a pretty skirt :) x

  5. Hi lovely blog! Yor style is unique and it inspires me so much, I was wondering: would you like following each other? Let me know <3


  6. so pretty and nice blog :)

  7. Hi nice blog here :)

    Wanna follow each other?

  8. Congrats for the awardd and happy val's! :D

    1. ehehe thanks! and happy val's too :D

      xoxo, michelle

  9. great to know a bit more about yourself!
    style frontier

    1. great to know that :D and thanks for reading! ^^

      xoxo, michelle

  10. Congrats for the award!!!

  11. congrats for the award


  12. congrats ♥

    checkout my newest post :

  13. congrats <3

  14. Aw, thanks Michelle for nominating me! Here
    are my (very late) responses to your questions! <3

    fashionlei styled


  15. Good Luck!

    I really need your help to vote me to be the top 10 favorite.

    Here's the link:


    Thank you so much for your help!

    X.O.X.O Merlyn