Sunday, September 30, 2012

love your life~ :)


bershka's top // stradivarius short // vincci's flats

wearing this look the last time i visit puncak :p

 "Love Your life and Life will Love You Back"
-Arthur Rubinstein.

and today's preach didn't work well i froze up there for like 11 minutes .-. i don't know what to say anymore and i've said a lot of "umm and.." OMG!! 
well im still learning tough and there's still next time :)

school tomorrow and next week is mid term exam!! OMG!! i feel that we just have our monthly test and now mid term?? :s :s

wish me a lot of lucks guys xx
xoxo, michelle

Saturday, September 29, 2012

if its meant to be then it will be


metro dress // wedges from rubi

went to a family's wedding this evening and i think this is my first time going to a wedding party that looks like a club?
fist, the music were like all party songs and second, there's a sexy dancers!! i mean come on man its a wedding not a club? i thought wedding was supposed to be romantic ahahaa.

and yay!! i scored a million in temple run!! :D
yes, im very proud 'cause i never got a million before 

should be sleeping right now, must wake up early for church and im very anxious for tomorrow cause i'll be the preacher for tomorrow! .-.
wish me luck!!
some random picture i take earlier d:

"if its meant to be, then it will be"
-kourtney kardashian

xoxo, michelle

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy birthday biatch!!


my wicked biatch's birthday is on the 22nd September, last Saturday but we celebrate it today at school :)
Someone is turning big 1 and 6!! 
wish u all the best, have a good one & may God bless u abundantly

and on 22nd September is also my school's birthday, we celebrate it this morning by playing robots (yay!?) 

i don't watch SM Town Ina :'( :'( 
OMG! i want to see all of them in person especially Exo especially Kris & chen!! .-. 

well okay there's still next time :)
xoxo, michelle

Saturday, September 22, 2012

happy birthday mpe~


Happy Birthday Bernike Feiona!! :D 
her birthday is yesterday and we celebrate it at school yesterday.

yesterday after school i went to puncak for a night and the weather is colder than usual, bringing my ugg boots (replica) with me and its very warm d: but too bad i forgot to bring my pj .-.

vintage sweater ~ new look's short 

oh and btw yes i cut my hair last Saturday, do it for a change and what'ya think?
i feel weird at first s: s: but not anymore i guess d:

xoxo, michelle

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



today im wearing my all-time fave tied crop from new look with a zara skirt, charles&keith's mustard bag and my always bestfriend converse :)
i love to use skirt with converse to prevent from looking to girly.

the detail of the tied-crop :)
i love to use crop because it is super comfy don't ya think??

btw im starting my monthly test today until next thursday, so i guess i won't be able to blog for awhile, busy study! ;) take care!

xoxo, michelle