Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Cotton On's utility jacket & sling bag ~ Bersha's acid-wash jeans ~ TheSwaggieUnicorn's necklace & round sunnies ~ June&Julia x AnazSiantar's boots bought from Elen Ang's booth at infare

Ayee Matessss!!
Wasup?? How's your life goin?? Good?? I sure hope so~ I'm like counting down to national exams here, its going to be less than a month!! around 2 more weeks!! it seems so crazy how time flies really fast! I feel like I just started high school yesterday and now I'm about to finish my high school years~ WOWWW~ kinda feel weird facing all of these reality, I feel like not ready to leave high school, the friends, the weird teachers (:p) and everything. but obviously the show must go on~ so I feel like I need quite a lot of preparation to face my college years eh?

"Do you wander around after finishing work?
I hate a boring and tedious everyday life so much,
Stop prettying yourself up, enjoy your life
The world is bright, be in love and have fun
Go crazy all night, tonight, let’s all party tonight
What are you worrying about?
Everything will be okay, everything will be okay
Lighten up, smile brightly, I love that, like old dirt on your skin, stained with stress
Break free from your everyday life, sad people who are tired of life
Come here, everyone gather around
We gon’ rock it kill it, That’s how we do it"
-4Minute-Whatcha Doin'

that lyrics are some parts from 4Minute's comeback single called whatcha doin'. I feel like those lyrics kinda match my situation at the moment. I hate my (at the moment) boring life because all of days spent with tryouts, exams, exams and more exams preps for the national exams. I used to be very stressful over national exams but now... nahhh~ I don't even care about it. because I'm optimist that I'll graduate high school~ #Hwaitingggg ^^9 What I need at the moment are some times for rest and just have fun with my friends and family. I know maybe some of you may think that I'm such a weirdo. dork. crazy person for being so careless about national exams but my motto will always be "Don't take life too hard because life has always been hard, it always depend on us how we would face it." 

with my lovely photographer for today post~ ♥

-cheer, michelle

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March's Haul: Beauty Items

Ayee Matessss~

I did quite a lot of shopping lately here in the month of March and I just want to share it with you guys. I did shop quite a lot of fashion items but its kinda hard to take the picture of it, so I decided not to post fashion items. so beauty items only, btw review will be done in separate post :)
sorry for the not-so-good quality pictures. its because I took the photos with my ipod instead :c
*disclaimer: I bought all of these items with my money or my parents bought it for me

  1. Oriflame's Charmed Hand & Nail Cream
  2. Oriflame's Nail Polish in Clover Haze
  3. Oriflame's Lipstick in Soft Coral
  4. Oriflame's Powder Brush
Soft Coral Swatch

Clover Haze on my fingers, disappointed with the color :c

  1. ZA's True White Metavoltage Exfoliator
  2. ZA's True White Emulsion (sample size)
  3. ZA's Pimple Clear Gel

Masks bought from China via My Junior :)
  1. The Face Shop's Eyeshadow Stick in #02 (pink)
  2. Ponds' Pimple Concealer Care Pen
  3. Ponds' Oil Control Cleansing Wipe
The Face Shop's Eye Shadow Stick Swatch

Maybelline's rocket volum mascara & gel eyeline in brown

Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I finally got the Maybelline's rocket volum mascara that everyone on youtube has been loving this product like so much. for all of the oriflame products, I bought it via my teacher and when I first saw the catalog, I was confused why the price is relative cheap compare to other brand. I thought 'is it safe to be use on your face? does it contain harmful or toxic chemical?' but all of these thoughts disappeared when I finally got them. all of the products really worth every single penny spent. by far the product that kinda disappointing is the nail polish, but not because of the quality, but I regret buying warm tone color. it does need a long time to blend the color on to your nails, so I suggest if you want to buy oriflame's nail polish, I suggest to buy it in dark colors. for the masks if you are wondering 'is it safe to use on?' I'm not even sure about it, I bought because of -hands down- the packaging. I really am a sucker for cute packagingggg~~ OMOOO~ 
anyway I still have exams tomorrow, so better end this post quickly and I will gratefully do a review for some of these products in the future and if you guys have any question just drop it in the comment box below or contact me via all of my social media (links down below) :D 

cheer, michelle

Friday, March 14, 2014



vintage from my aunt's dress ~ converse's white hi-top ~ forever21's varsity jacket

Ayee Mates!!
I'm facing my school exams at the moment. 1 month to national exams! looking forward to it, I just can't wait for the freedom, not going to school, waking up in the morning, reading all those textbooks and blah blah blah. but one thing I know I will miss is the time spent with my friends. all of us are going to different university so we won't be together anymore (only one friend of mine that will go to the same uni like me and luckily he took the same major like mine, so relieve at least on the first day of orientation I don't have to be scared of new people). I just miss all those crazy stuffs we did, random conversations and even chatting and gossiping during lesson :')
I love this dress like so much! maybe some people would think its a nightgown or what Indonesian would say daster (:p) but for me its not, I think long dress is very comfy to use without worrying skin exposure or stuffs. this dress's material is too nice and its perfect for Indonesia's weather. I also love to tie my hair like this because it makes my face looks slimmer and the hair won't go on my face that will cause pimple.
btw, I took all of these pictures with my ipod, so the quality won't be as great as usual but its still okay tho~ I just don't have the time to do photoshoot with my camera, I took these pictures during my additional class on Saturday.

picture with the photographer Clairine Kalalo, love her jumpsuit, it looks cute don't u think? ;;)

-cheer, michelle

*#currentfavesongs: A-Pink's NoNoNo, GOT7's Girls Girls Girls, Idina Menzel / Hyorin Sistar / Ailee's Let It Go

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Girls' Power!

" Boy don’t say, “I’ll take care of you, I’ll cherish you” no no
Boy don’t play, If you’re not gonna come with a serious mind
I can live well without a man
So if you’re not confident, don’t come to me
I don’t sell myself easily because
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man"
-Miss-A-I Don't Need A Man

Ayee Mates!!
Going monochromatic from head to knees for today look. well I would say this look was totally inspired by the famous Mr. Charlie Chaplin. I did this photoshoot 2 days ago (if I'm not mistaken) for they #STYYLI30DaysPhotoChallenge (you can still join the event just check out their instagram here!) and that day the challenge is formal, I don't even know why I opted this look but I would say its formal enough thoo~

  For the quote up there is for all ladies out there (including me!) I quoted that from Miss-A's song I don't need a man, which I think is perfect for girls' power song, because they're like telling us that men are not necessarily needed these days since we can do everything by ourselves. well its not that I'm saying we have to make a boys and girls' war, no no no, what I mean is that we shouldn't feel like sad or depress because of we don't have boyfriend at the moment and make us think 'why I don't have any boyfriend? what's wrong with me?' WAKE UP! a true man will accept us just the way we are including our bad sides. don't worries I'm not writing this because of I hate boys, I do love boys and I do have crush and as well as guy friends (not boyfriend) and don't let them (boys) take over you or rules your life (like telling you to do this and that and blah blah blah) because we don't need anyone to tell us what to do! :D 

-Bonus Photos!! (found two balloons floating, so why don't include them as well? sorry if its bad because I don't have anyone to take the pictures so I'm depending on my tripod a lot)

-cheer, michelle

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Still Alive

 Baleno's plaid shirt ~ Rubi's shoes ~ Converse's backpack ~ Forever21's bracelets

Ayee Matesss!
Long time no see and I'm starting March by making a blogspot. I know on the month of February I was like missing or gone without reason but I do have reason, its because on the month of February I had tryouts and last practical exam and the misery didn't end here because next week I'll still be having tryouts and my school exams and of course the long awaited.... National Exams!! :' I feel like so tired of studying and reading those books make me sick already. I'm so scared and anxious somehow for my national exams. oh well the perks of being a 12 grader in Indonesia. Now every Saturday I have to go to school for additional lesson! like how fun is that? no? I know. no more waking -deep sigh- may all of these hardworks will worth every single thing for the exams. anyway this is the outfit that I wore for today class earlier. the pictures are taken by my friend, Clairine.

 Victoria's Secret's PINK's pineapple iphone5 case by @Blink2_Shop (instagram)

*P.S. what do you think of my new header? I made it myself so its not going to be perfect and not very professional and I'm no longer GHETTO but I'm The Swaggie Unicorn now! why? because I'm not normal and unicorn is a magical creature, so its not a normal animal. simple as that :)

-cheer, michelle