Wednesday, June 19, 2013



last week I got a free ticket to watch GDRAGON's (!) One Of A Kind Tour Live In Jakarta!! well actually when I heard that GDragon is coming to Jakarta like couple months ago, I'm not that excited because I knew that I won't be going since I got no money to buy the ticket as well as my aunty who is actually the true VIP. my sister bought the ticket already 'cause she's going with her friends.
and exactly last week I was told by my uncle that he bought the tickets for us to accompany my sister since she's quite young to watch a concert by herself and YESSSSS!! I'm like jumping up and down that time since I'm so happy like I'm not that fond of bigbang but OMGGGGG!!! words can't describe my happiness that time :')

Online shop's tank top & pants ~ xAuthenticityx's spikes cap ~ converse shoes

tbh, this outfit was actually my outfit plan for the concert but I changed the pants last minute since the weather is too freakin hot and I don't want to make the pants dirty by sitting on the floor while waiting :s

okayy... so here are the photos that I took during the concert so so sorry for the crappy quality since my seat's section was quite far with the stage and I took it with my camera phone only :s

the stage

GDRAGON with his glass-bat mobile d:

choi seunghyum a.k.a TOP as the guest star!!!


for me the most memorable songs are Michigo (since it was the opening song), One Of A Kind, that xx, Crayon remix with fantastic baby (very party-ishhh), without you, today and of course HIGH HIGH!! x3
well all of the songs are amazingly cool and the thing that capture my eyes are actually his clothing hahaha he's so fashionable like WOWWW!! and his voice OMG SO SEXYYYY -le die- xD
and no wonder that the price of the tickets are quite expensive well the concert itself really worth the price like all the lightning, stage, band and stuffs like that are well managed.

so yeah that is all for today post and so sorry for quiet a long post since I'm too excited for the concert and sharing it with you guys :D
-cheer, michelle

Monday, June 10, 2013

little adventurer


its been such a long time since my last post eh?? its because I'm so busy with final exams and I'm just done with the exams... OMG!! the exams are very tiring-confusing-heptic -_- and I'm so glad that I'm done with it. anyway here's my outfit post inspired from adventurer :p

Laconick's shirt ~ Rubi's wedges ~ Chanel's bag ~ unbranded shorts, socks and bowler hat

any plan guys??
well for me hmmm... just traveling around Jakarta I guess :p meet up with some bloggers and friends I guess and probably going to Bandung and I got a surprise which I'll be telling more of it on my next post ;;) and I have a major crazy plan for this summer, I'm going to dip-dye my hair in a very crazy color, do you guys think I should go for it?? I'm so confuse :s :s

-cheer, michelle