Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Always Hustlin

Tailor Made Dress ~ Adidas Kicks ~ Gifted Bag

Ayee Mates!! 
Long time no see and I really miss writing or blogging. My life is all over the places so that's why I got no time for my blog and even youtube. To kick off my list first I'm back in college (fifth semester.. oooohhhh), second I broke up with my boyfie so to distract all my messed up minds (well, we decided to be just friend is the best for us) I go on and watched a loads of youtube videos and korean reality shows, third I'm back on becoming a kpop freaks (I even went to ICE BSD last Saturday hoping to see Taeyang but oh well) and that's why I'm always on instagram stalking my babes, fourth I need to find company for my internship on the sixth semester which is so stressful, finding a proper decent job right now is so hard -deepsigh-, lastly I spent loads of my time with my family and friends. Which I'm so grateful for. I couldn't be more happier if I could spent most of my times with people who know the good and bad in me and they still around. What I learn from my experienced were to always be grateful in every situation, appreciate people around you while you could still meet and interact with them, before you act or do something always be ready for the consequences or think before you do something, keep yourself busy and always hustlin' (?). Well I guess that's about it for today post. I need to run and do my homework so till then I'll see you soon! 

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-cheer, michelle
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