Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 how y'all doin so far?? great? I sure hope so! WOWW just realize that today is the last day on July and August will be here like tomorrow! July went by so fast, I'm not joking thoo~ 
 last sunday I'm wearing my yogi bear jumper to church since its been so cold lately, well not as cold as foreign country but it was quite chilly unlike normal weather which is so hot. beanie is my fave thing for the chilly weather like this :D

Zara's jumper ~ stradivarius' jeans ~ xAuthenticityx (instagram & twitter)'s beanie ~ louis vuitton's backpack ~ converse's starry pairs ~ the little things she needs' socks

my #AugustWishes are to study harder, be more active for my blog and of course everything good (I sounded so greedy) :D
if you ask me what is my life quotes at this moment, I will definitely say "YOLO!! or You Only Live Once" ^^/ why?? because its the fact dont waste your life by doing things that you dont want to do. just do what you want and things that makes you happy because when you dant have the chance to do it, I bet you'll regret it soon or later. so just live the life you want thoooo~ You Only Live Once!! YOLOOOO!! ^^

-cheer, michelle

Thursday, July 25, 2013

BIG 1 and 7


first of all I'm so sorry for the very long absent here. its because I'm back to school on 16 of July or 15 I guess? :s and school turns me into a lazy-ass-person, because I have to wake up at 4:50 from Monday to Friday and I get back from school around 3ish. when I'm home I usually study or doing my homework or chilling for a while. I never have the time to do a photoshoot x-x 

On last 2 weeks I'm also busy preparing all stuffs for my 17 birthday dinner. the theme for my birthday dinner was black and white chic and stylish. but my grandparents at first they said that its not good to celebrate your birthday with black and white color but yeah I kinda rebeled a bit. so for today post I decided to just do a 'photo diary' of my birthday dinner last Sunday so I hope you guys don't mind and here it goes..

my oh-so-sparkly dress and mary jane wedges from new look :)

my louboutin black and white cake

friends from Petra Alpha School :D

friends from St. John Meruya :D

my beloved cousin~sister ♥

my grandparents who have take a good care of me for 17 years :')

my parents and lil' bro :D

Sanjaya big family :D hmm too bad my uncle was looking at the other way and one of my uncle took this pic ._.

cousins! ♥


well it was the best night of my life and I will never forget it. too bad I can't show all the pictures :"(
As I'm not a teen anymore (well thats what my grandma said) I hope I will be more mature and I could be more wiser and be a better person that willing to help others/not selfish or (you name it :))
So I guess thats everything for this post and I hope everyone are doing just fine :D

-cheer, michelle

Saturday, July 6, 2013



so sorry for the long absent :( I know I should've blog post more since its holiday but I just dont have the time for that and I'm so sorry -bow-
and I did cut my hair short already so yeah all the pictures below are actually old pictures I took before I cut my hair. more about my short hair on the next post ;;)

just a little information about me that I love black and white so much and my style do change quiet a lot from girly to boyish. this cap is actually from xAuthenticityx, my online store. but they were sold out :c

xAuthentictyx's DOPE cap ~ the little things she needs' bag ~ Adidas' shoes ~ unbranded top ~ vintage vest

oh! I heard that google reader was closed? and I heard everyone is using bloglovin now? you can follow me through bloglovin here :) well to be honest I don't understand how to operate bloglovin D:
Ahhhh -deep sigh- I wish google could read or listen to my complaint and they decided not to close down google reader (yeah right -_-)

so yeah how's your holiday guys?? mine was awesome but too bad it'll end up in just 9 days :c
but I'm super excited for school but its just too stressful by just thinking the national exam I'll be facing. just why there have to be national exams here in Indonesia? 

-cheer, michelle