Friday, October 26, 2012

i ♥ Jakarta Bazaar


today i went to Grand Indonesia with my family and when i reached there i found a brochure about i ♥ Jakarta Bazaar. 
i ♥ Jakarta Bazaar is an event or a bazaar and the products that being sell there were all made by Indonesian!! 100% authentic Indonesian :) cool!! so proud with this event cause it shows that a lot of young, creative and talented Indonesian designers out there that is still worth to compete against the foreign brands. all the products that being sell there are so cute, cool, adorable and amazing. i don't buy anything there cause i don't bring my money with me (i know how stupid i am -_-) and it is so crowded that i couldn't see  a lot of things and i wish i could go there again if i have the time, the bazaar starts from 25-28 October btw ) 

sorry if all the pictures is a little blurry cause i snap the pictures with my phone camera and also i take the pictures really fast cause a lot of people stares at me all the time -_-

Outfit Of The Day ♥ :D

zara blazer // new look shorts // rubi flats // mulberry alexa bag // unbranded necklace & top

don't forget to visit i ♥ Jakarta Bazaar!! :D trust me you won't regret it.

Happy Eid Adha day for all of you who celebrated it and deep condolences to all the goats and cows that being sacrificed today o:) LOL!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

black and white


 unbranded dress // converse shoes // mulberry bag

my hair is ruined here -.-
i went to kui ling cemetery today for my tio kong is buried there. i've got my hair perfectly perfect for the outfit shoot, but since everybody is busy i couldn't take the picture in the morning and i have to wait. but the trip to kui ling took almost 3 hours and i slept in the bus and when i reach there we directly have our holy mass, the weather is freaking hot and i've sweat! so yeah there it goes my hair is ruined because it is so hot!

there's a new teacher at my school his name is Sir Simon (remind me of Simon from Dalmatian xP) and how he teach is a lot more funner than the old teacher, he's very funny and he always teach with slideshow which i found very cool and good at the same time.
i hoe he could teach for a long period of time and he enjoyed working in Petra, Welcome aboard sir Simon :)

xoxo, michelle

Thursday, October 4, 2012

mad for british


as you can see im madly in love with anything london or england or union jack and everything!! and i just got a replica of union jack (well i got it around a month ago but just made the photoshoot with it) !! YAY!!  i don't know why but there's just something fun and cool in union jack :D

i love London and really want to go to London so badly!! i love the street style and the people everyone is nice and the british accent!! hahaha well i love everything :p

new look's tank top & shorts // ugg boots replica

trying to look cool with my 'rock&roll' style but i guess i failed .-.

outer from cotton on

 my aunt just went to London last month and she bought a lot of british stuffs and it is so cool!! everything!! :D

its an english breakfast tea


well i won't be able to blog for awhile cause mid term exam is coming next week and better study cause this mark will go 30% to my final report card .-.
so till then! take care~ :D