Saturday, June 20, 2015

One Last Time

Zara's Turtleneck ~ LovitaHilman's Netty Skirt ~ Youniq's Necklace ~ Forever21's Hat ~ New Look's Shoes ~ Cotton On's Clutch

Ayee Mates!
Here's another shots that I got from my photoshoot with my bae kak Sonya from A Little Color. We intentionally planned to wear our Lovita Hilman's netty skirt together because we think it'll look so cute to wear matching stuffs eh? So personally I love the quality of this skirt it was perfectly designed and tailored but turns out I'm not the skirt type of girl because I think skirt is so girly? :') I look so chubby and fat here, I'm not sure why or maybe that time I gained so much weight because I was dealing with some problems that I had a disorder in eating I said. I'm trying to lose weight here, so please kindly give me some advices in losing weight but I don't need to hit the gym #lazyass #gymistoopricey :')

Btw, I just finished my first day of final last Thursday and it was insane mates!! My brain was like so fresh and cool when I started my exam and after 2 hours inside that exam room I came out so dull and my brain felt like its about to explode. I'm going to continue my finals this Monday till next Wednesday, still a long way to go, pray for me mates so I'll do just fine -amennnn- :D

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-cheer, michelle
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Sunday, June 7, 2015


SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Tee-Dress ~ Stradivarius' Shorts ~ Forever21's Hat ~ New Look's Slides ~ Cotton On's Clutch ~ Jacket borrowed from kak Onya

Ayee Mates!
Back with another collab post or photoshoot with my bae, kak Onya from A Little Color. This is a true coincidence we wore monochrome outfits that day and it made us look like a total yinyang eh?
Tbh, out of all the photoshoots we did that day, this is my fave! why? Because we look so synchronized together like a pure yinyang lol I just love the shots as well. Even tough I look like those chinese ghost that wear all white. I just love the slit on the sides it really complemented and enhanced my legs which I think is my best feature. Next is the slides that I borrowed from my grandma's closet without her knowing because she might go wild if she knows I wore her fave and (always) cleans sandals lol :D
Btw, I uploaded a lot of new and preloved stuffs on my online shop instagram's pageso go and check that out please at swaggieunicorn_closet thanks :)

Anyway, I watched Pitch Perfect 2 last Thursday with my friends and I think its amazing!! OMGGG~ I haven't watch the first one but I have a feeling that its going to be epic! Well, I personally enjoy the music and stage performances so much and any movies with singing and dancing and stuffs like that I'm down, for the story it was great but maybe because I haven't watch the first one I was quite confused, so yeah please do understand me. The soundtrack of pitch perfect 2, flashlight is my fave thoo. Not just because Jessie J sang it but overall I don't know why I can't stop listening to it, I'm addicted #cheesy #butitsreal :') Oh and btw, starting next Thursday, I'll be having my finals till early of July and on the 2nd of July till the 4th I'll be out of town for my church retreat, so I probably won't be active here and also on youtube because I need to focus (but I'll probably update you guys on the weekend) or maybe you guys can snapchat me at booitsmichelle and and instagram me at michellesanjaya lol I'm tired with my 2nd semester in college #randomnag #imsorry

All photos were taken by my bae kak Onya from A Little Color :3

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#booitsmichelle: #lookbook: 5 "Lazy Day" Outfits

Ayee Mates!
New vid is up on my channel or click HERE for direct link. This vid was inspired by my daily routine or activities at campus. lately I'm not in the mood to dress up well to the campus because I'm too lazy and I just don't want to waste that 'good outfit day' on insignificant day. SO that's why I came up with an idea to create this lookbook, we can still effortlessly look cool without trying too hard :"D
Here are the looks that I created, tell me which one is your fave out of all and leave me a video request down in the comment box and feel free to ask me or challenge me anything down there or you can do that on my because I'm planning to do a Q&A vid for celebrating my 100 subscribers :))

 1. Move Like Jagger

New Look's Tee ~ @SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Jogger Pants ~ New Balance Shoes ~ @Blackbook_Jkt's Canvas Bag ~ HM's Cardigan

2. Woke Up Looking Like Dis

Cotton On's Chain Necklace & Tanktop ~ HM's Pants ~ Promod's Jacket

3. Sleepyhead

Old Navy's Denim Jacket ~ HM's Tee-dress ~ Airwalk's Backpack ~ New Look's Platform Sandals

4. Monochrome Bae

HM's Jumper ~ @SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Jogger Pants ~ Airwalk's Backpack ~ New Look's Shoes ~ @Youniq_'s Necklace ~ Forever21's Hat

5. Bad Hair Day

@SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Beanie & Legging ~ Dorothy Perkins' Jumper ~ Airwalk's Backpack ~ Dr Martens 1460W Black

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