Friday, May 17, 2013

earth tone


H&M's tank top // vincci's flats // TLTSN's bracelet // Louis Vuitton's backpack

for today look I'm sporting the earth tone color. when it comes to the word 'earth' the first color that pop on my mind was brown because it reflected the sandy dirt I guess. I love hi-lo skirt so much but everyone kept on saying the same stuff that I look to much but, hey, its who I am and yes maybe it looks a little too much for going to the mall but still I love it so much! :3

how's your final exam going guys?? mine starts on Tuesday, 28 May 2013. its kinda weird because its starts on Tuesday instead of Monday :s my oral exam is on Friday, 24 May 2013. OMG OMG I'm so nervous because its like the last battle! wish me luck for the exams guyssss ;;) and to everyone who's going to have their exams, GOOD LUCK!! don't forget to pray before you do the test and study hard! FIGHTINGGG~ ^^

-cheer, michelle
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Thursday, May 2, 2013



long time no see!! wait... I can't see you but I know you're reading this now :p
so yeah I'm so sorry for posting very least at the month of April, I just posted 1 look its because my face is under medication. I went to the doctor and I don't know what he did but the result is that my face became all red for couple of weeks. I can't post any outfit look with my red face or I'll look like boiled crab :p
so enough of babbling and here's my outfit pictures.....

Princess's Pants ~ Distro in Bandung's tee ~ Newlook's Creepers ~ Bugis Night Market (Singapore)'s Arale Cap ~ Bangkok's Vintage American Flag Backpack

my miss match socks!! HAHAHA~

this outfit was inspired by GDRAGON's new MV "Michigo", I know maybe it don't look much like it but I felt like this is what GD would wear on daily basis..

btw you guys should listen and watch GDragon's new MV "Michigo"!! the song is epic!! and its very party-ish and very upbeat, highly recommended!! -thumbs up- c:
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-cheer, michelle