Thursday, October 29, 2015

Not Your Average Babe

Forever21's Tee ~ HM's Jeans, Sneakers, Card Holder ~ Jacket Bought via Carousell ~ Airwalk's Backpack

Ayee Mates!!
If you ask me what's my true style or what look or outfit that makes me feel confident or screams out me or #TheSwaggieUnicorn, I present you this look. Yap, I ain't that typical average babe or gurl who loves to wear flats/heels, flowy skirt, typical "cici badai" outfit, I personally loves to see those look on other people but not on me, many times I wore them out or some places, I feel okay and when I look at myself on the mirror I will say "wow you look so girl-ish" but my inner thoughts would say "this is so not you." and even tough I got tons of compliments I'm not confident in that outfit. There's even some times when I went out with a guy and I was wearing snapback and he told me "why do you wear snapback? don't wear it again next time please" and I was like "wtf?" at first stupidly I listened to him I even changed my style into more girlier until one day I realized why would I want to change for someone that doesn't even accept me for what I am #ohnoyoudidntgurl #beast, I know I really want to be in a relationship so bad tho at the moment (I'm tired of college #typical) but at the same time I just want to be with someone who can make me feels like I'm myself, makes me comfortable when I'm around him and most importantly accept me for what I am (including my swaggie world). Okay I'm so sorry if this is getting out of fashion or ootd topic but I just want to share a little story of mine here, hope you don't mind :)


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#ChellesReview: CC Hair Extensions

Ayee Mates!!
Ever heard of clip in hair extensions? Yes? No? Then you should click HERE to watch or see what is clip in hair extensions or the tutorial. I love to cut my hair short but after once it was all cut out I regret ever cutting my hair short like all the time. So the solution for it is definitely clip in hair extensions, not just it will make your hair longer, it will def. volumize the texture of your hair and def. make it look thicker, cool huh? Recently I found a online store website that sells clip in hair extensions called CC Hair Extensions.

CC Hair Extensions is online human hair extensions shop. They sell various hair extensions with high quality but low price across the world. All their hair extensions are made of 100% Human Hair without synthetic. CC Hair Extensions have provided thousands of customers with superior quality hair and meet their request about long thick hair. Offering customers 100% Indian remy human hair extensions with high quality on reasonable prices.
If you love to do experiment with your hair you can use this hair clip extensions with some notes,  use a flat iron or curling iron on your extensions once the hair is dry. Use a small dab of styling wax to tame any flyaway hairs. Coat your hands with the wax and scrunch your hands into both your real hair and the hair extensions to carefully distribute the product (quoted from the website). It comes in various lengths and colors, I personally love the 12 inch hair weave and 14 inch hair weave one :D

The examples of 12 inch hair weave one..

and here's the 14 inch hair weave one..

So don't forget to go and check CC Hair Extensions if you're interested in purchasing any of this clip in hair extensions, thankyou for reading mates! :))

-cheer, michelle

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Carousell's Campus Party Batch #1

Ayee Mates!! 
I know this is a super duper late post but I just got the time to post this since all this time I left a lot of photos piling up on my file and I forgot to post this one like OMGGG I feel so bad and here's the late report of the party :')
Anyway if you have been following me for quite a while you probably know that I'm one of the Carousell's Campus Ambassador for Binus University batch #1 and it was so much fun expanding new knowledge, making new friends and organizing a lot of stuffs. Especially working for one of my fave shopping app evur Carousell! You can download it on both android and IOS, it's totally free and you can even check my page there @booitsmichelle, I'm selling a lot of new and preloved items there so go and check it out please :))
So about the party, it's called Carousell's Campus Party, we can invite some friends for lunch, funs (games + photobooth) and introduction to Carousell from the Carousell's team. I invited my campus mates but they were all busy that day. The party was held on Sunday, 24 May 2015 at Bits & Bobs, The Foundry. It's actually my first time meeting the rest of the Carousell's Campus Ambassadors from other campuses. I ended up inviting my fellow bloggers mates and Diras said she could come, I was so excited when she said yes! She even tagged her other blogger friend, Reinaldo and I even ended up being friend with him and at the end we took a lot of #OOTD photos together, it was so much fun :D The theme or dresscode for theparty is back to school so here's my coordinate for the party. Btw, thankyou diras and rei for the photos (I didn't bring my dslr because it was too heavy :c I'm planning to sell my nikon d3100 and replacing it with something lighter thoo)

I'm Wearing:
Forever21's Hat ~ Seventeenstuff's Heart-o chocker ~ Zara's Skort ~ Rubi's Socks ~ New Look's Platform Oxford ~ Airwalk's Backpack

My fellow Carousell's Campus Ambassadors with Tata & Oliv from Carousell

My gurl Diras :)

#selca with Diras and Reinaldo

My fellow Carousell's Campus Ambassador from UMN, Annisa

L-R: Oliv, Tata & Marcus from Carousell

The Crowd!!

Carousell's Campus Ambassadors Batch #1 officially graduated!

I'm seriously going to miss my time being a campus ambassadors. But who knows what might happen in the future eh?

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-cheer, michelle
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Friday, October 9, 2015


Pull&Bear's Tanktop ~ HM Jeans ~ New Look's Platform Sandals ~ @SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Bag & Cardigan 

Ayee Mates!!
This is a super late post, a major throwback to my first time cutting my hair super short and to the era where I first learn makeup. I'm in love with this long cardigan, I think it's just flowy and lightweight and screams out summer to me (even tho it's suppose to be fall or raining season already) but nonetheless I can use it all year around tho~ and it's black, I can pair it with everything :))
Btw I've been obsess with Shawn Mendes lately (well I love him since last year alr but lately he's just keeps on catching my attention). I personally he's a very genuine, humble, sweet and thoughtful person ever (as an artist-singer). For me personally his song "Life of The Party" and "A Little Too Much" and "Never Be Alone" had saved my life tons of times. I can't tell you my story rite now because I'm not ready but I promise to speak out once I'm ready and well prepared for the consequences. Lately I've been missing what is like being "home" because I do live and stay in my house but I don't feel home yet. Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you're at your worst. This is weird for me to say it here because if you know me in real life I may look fine and laugh all the time trying to please the world but when I reach home it's like the girl you know will just disappear instantly and I miss her because even tough I don't feel home I prefer to STAY at my home instead of going out but at the same time I don't want to be home I just want to stay away from it, weird and craycray and confusing eh?


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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Themed Wedding for #TheSwaggieUnicorn

Ayee Mates!!
For this post I might get a little stray away from my usual fashion-beauty post. This time I want to talk bout umm.. wedding inspiration? TheSwaggieUnicorn is getting tired of college and just wanting to get married asap lol but she still going solo.. #awkward :')
Anyway a little information about me~ Fall is my fave weather out of all I must say because it's not too hot nor too cold (well it's still bearable) and it's always a dream of me to visit a country during fall season (since we don't have fall here in Indonesia) and my goal is to have a wedding ceremony under the withering maple leafs~ Aaaa~ I need to save up from now on. Anyway again today I decided to create my fall themed wedding inspiration board, hope you guys find it interesting and helpful :D

1. The Bride's Wedding Dress and Groom's Tuxedo
I find it this is the most crucial for me since especially I love fashion to death! This will be the first top on my wedding-checklist and I want to make my wedding day special since it is def. a once in a lifetime opportunity. For the wedding dress I don't really like something too grand I guess~ I enjoy simple white gown just like what I found from Vera Wang, OMGG~ It's stunning, gorgeous and elegant, perfect! For the shoes can I personally asked for this Charlotte Olympia Cinderella Heels please? While for the groom (call me old-fashion but) I like something simple and classy like this black tux that I found on a website called The Black Tux, the cutting is just perfect and all black makes it even more interesting~ I can imagine my future groom (cameron dallas) wearing this and #ijustcant lol :')

2. Wedding Cakes
Since I still want to make it fall theme~ I pick this one out of all as my fave. Hello! There are 2 owls on the top of wedding cake!! Could this be any cuter? Anyway the design is just simple as what I will always go for any occasions.

3. Wedding Hand Bouquet
Red, orange, brown, yellow tones are the main colors of fall and this is what I would go if I still want to keep it fall theme.

4. Wedding Souvenirs
Well this is a little stray away from the fall theme but I can't help it tho~ I love candles so much and I think it's going to be perfect as souvenirs since everyone can use it from oldies-youngsters. The design of this candle is also very simple, elegant and lovely :)

5. Wedding Venues and Decorations
The first one is def. going to be perfect more the holy matrimony ceremony especially with
the maple tree everywhere. The second one is perfect for the main evening party or dinner. I'm still torn between having wedding party or just casual wedding dinner. Aaa~ still can't decide tho :')

Tell me on the comment box which one is your fave and also tell me how would you describe your perfect or ideal wedding day kay? :))

6. Wedding Tunes (Gonna list some of my fave love songs here):
-Ed Sheeran-Thinking Out Loud
-My Valentine
-Beyonce-Drunk in Love
-Madison Beer-All for Love ft. JackandJack
-Becky G-Lovin' So Hard
-Boys Like Girls-Two is Better Than One ft. Taylor Swift
-The Vamps-Somebody to You
-Shawn Mendes-Never Be Alone
-Cody Simpson-On My Mind
-and the list goes on and on...

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