Sunday, June 29, 2014


H&M's Cardigan & Bandana ~ Bershka's Button Up ~ Norlive's Plaid Pants ~ Cotton On's Clutch ~ Rubi's Oxford

Ayee Mates!!
Last week was so tiring yet fun at the same time!! First, I went to puncak with my family for 4 days 3 night doing absolutely nothing aside from eating (hufff.. I must gain so much weight.. hikss..) and second, I went for outing or outbound with my church and it was insanely crazy and fun!! I can finally conquer my fear of height there because of one activity and it was the best! But the water activity was the best!! But the togetherness feeling was beyond words! :'))
Ohhhh... btw, I reached 100 followers already! and yes you guys are allowed to said I'm cheesy or lebay still I'm grateful that some of you are actually still read my blog. Yes, I'll do a giveaway soonnnn~ I won't break my own promise yeah! Once again thank you so much matessss~ :D
New video will be soon up on my blog! :)

-cheer, michelle

Sunday, June 22, 2014

10 Summer Essentials ~ TheSwaggieUnicorn x

Ayee Mates!!

Summer is finally here!! Well, I'm not really that hype since I'm not an outdoor or summer type of person. I prefer the winter season rather than summer, but I love summer!! Okay, I know I'm weird but summer is just the perfect time to wear crops and short #majorloveee. So in order to survive summer hot weather, here are some of my essentials for the summertime! :))
*photos captured by myself otherwise stated credit*

1. Sunblock & Body Lotion.
 I don't really into that tan skin rave because I think I'll burn if I play under the sun a lot. So the sunscreen is a lifesaver for my skin. I use Thefaceshop's Natural Sun Suncream SPF 50+ for my face which I would sat is my holy grail. During summertime my skin tends to dry a lot so I use lotion before going to sleep.
The Faceshop's Natural Sun Suncream SPF 50+

Victoria's Secret Body Lotion in Pure Daydream

2. Floopy Hat.

My summertime must have accessory! Not just because it covers my whole face but it will look perfect for any occasions :))

3. Sandals.
Aaaa the most comfiest thing on earth #nuffsaid. I love to wear flipflop because its so light and doesn't hurt. I also love platform sandals because it could boost up my height :')
Newlook's Platform Sandals
Ipanema's Flop

4. Shorts.
All time favorite!! I love to wear shorts!! Because I think it gives a silhouette of a longer legs eh? OuO
5. Crops.
Love to wear my crop with hi-waisted pants so it won't be to revealing. Crops is a fun piece to wear during summer because its super light.
6. Sunnies.
I love these because not just because it protect my eyes from the sun ray but it also covers my small eyes #asiansproblem.
7. Summer Dress.
For summertime, I love to wear sleeveless dress that has light material, so I don't have to worry when my sweats breakout. 
H&M's Dress

8. Neon.
This color will look so perfect for tanned people. But I'm still in love with neon colors like so much. Even tough I don't have much neon colors clothing pieces but I own a lot of neon nail polishes and this one is my fave.. 
Beautifulu in Bikini Pink
9. Water.
Its important to keep yourself hydrated during summer! or unless your skin will be super dry and the ion inside our body will lessen? I'm not sure about that but a friend of mine told me that long time ago :')

10. Chevron Pattern.
This pattern is so much funnnnnn~ I'm in love with this pattern since the first time I saw it! :D

That is it for my summer essentials, whats yours?? Tell me~ Leave a comment in the comment box below and maybe you guys could make a blog post like this as well??
And I want to give a little info that is having a campaign called "Closet Swap"! If you guys don't know what that is here I'll explain for you so, they would love to hear our wardrobe transition into summer :) is a website where you can buy gift cards to your favorite brands at discounted price and you can even sell your unused gift cards hereeee. There are Foreve21, Target, Kohls, Claires, Bed bath & beyond, Pacsun and much more!! If you guys aren't sure what to give as presents, I highly recommend gift cards since the receivers could buy stuffs they love without you have to worry whether they like your gift or not. 

btw, Summer TAG is coming soon on my channel, so stay tuneee!! ;;)

-cheer, michelle
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Be Brave

 "Everybody’s been there, Everybody’s been stared down by the enemy
Fallen for the fear and done some disappearing,
Bow down to the mighty
Don’t run, just stop holding your tongue"
-Sara Bareilles-Brave

@Sithastore's Teddybear Jumper ~ H&M's Shirt (worn as inner) ~ Cotton On's Flats ~ Charles Jourdan's Sling Bag

Ayee Matess!!
Sorry for the lack of updates, its because the holiday vibe just turns me into one lazy girl. I stay up late to watch korean dramas and reality show, waking up late, go out to  the mall or etc. Also I got a lot of hate comments lately on my askfm, telling me how my style sucks, my youtube videos bothers them (then why watch? -_-), how ugly I am, etc, it hurts a little and I even have some negative thoughts about myself but at the end I decided to just ignore them. I mean if I keep on replying them with anger it will just makes them happy because they got me, its like they want to test my patient level. I don't care what they're going to say, it don't bother me at all now. But aside from all those hate comments, I received a lot of love comments as well like be patient in facing those haters, ignore them, them haters are wrong, etc. I'm so happy that at least some people are still appreciating my work and what I did, it really made my day :'))
*p.s. watch my recent video on summer lookbook 2014 HERE :D

-cheer, michelle

Monday, June 9, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: Summer Lookbook 2014

Ayee Matess!!

Its finally June, so you know what that means rite? YEP! ITS SUMMER TIMEEE~
Well for me as Indonesian, I can experience summer almost all year around like its super hot here! especially lately I feel the heat is just too hot!! Even I turn on my AC I could still feel the heat! Well, I'm not the type of 'summer' person, I mean I can't stand heat and the sun rays. I'm more the type of 'indoor' person. If I stand under the sun for more than half an hour I would have a headache :'
Tell Me Which One is Your Favorite! ;;)

1. Hipster

 Stradivarius' Shorts ~ Baleno's Flannel ~ Forever21's Necklace ~ H&M's Snapback ~ Dr Martens 1460W Boots

2. Sweetheart
 H&M's Dress ~ Vintage Cardigan ~ The Little Things She Needs'Sandals

 Forever21's Crop Tanktop ~ Surfer Girl's Hi-Lo Skirt ~ Newlook's Wedges ~ H&M's Chain Bracelet


  H&M's Crop Tee ~ Boxsale's Shorts ~ Charles&Keith's Sandals

5. Chill Out
 Forever21's Top ~ Newlook's Jeans ~ Cotton On's look-alike VANS ~ TheSwaggieUnicorn's Beanie

Watch My Video HERE:

-cheer, michelle

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ikkousha's Review + OOTD + I NEED YOUR HELP

Ayee Mates!!
Today I'm going to do a review on a japanese restaurant or ramen shop. If you're a fan of ikkudo ichi (one of the ramen shop in Indonesia) then you have to try ikkousha!! Which in my opinion taste much better than ikkudo tho~ I tried ikkousha in taman anggrek branch but they have other branch such as in PIK, etc. At first when I came by the shop its not that crowded but when its lunch time a.k.a 12PM, a lot of people kept pouring in!

BTW!! I NEED YOUR HELP! First let me tell you my story, I'm in the midst of searching the perfect pair of loafer for me and I never found anything that really catch my eyes, even if it did catch my eyes, it must be very pricey T.T  but!! I found a perfect on this Indonesia online webstore called Zalora.
OH BTW AGAIN, for all of you girls who celebrate Lebaran or Eid Mubarak which is coming round the corner and if you guys are trying to find the perfect clothes to wear, don't worry! Zalora provides a lot of selections of clothing items that are perfect for all of you starting from pashmina and more, you can view the collections HERE :D  

Lets get back to the topic here....
// The Place //

// The Foods //

Gyoza Chicken Shrimp, IDR 36000

Ebi Tempura, each IDR 12000

Mini Chasiu Don Chicken, IDR 18000
Chicken Ramen Special, IDR 55000

For the place, its simple and just a typical ramen shop, nothing special. But I love how they set up the chopsticks, spoons and forks, very organized and also how they set up the sauces, garlics, etc on the table, its convenient so we don't have to ask the waiter or waitress for the complementary. The service was quite satisfying since the waiters and waitresses kept on smiling, I love that! It gives them friendly vibe to the customers. I asked them for a lot of stuffs like extra bowl, plate and etc but they still smile to me instead of giving me annoyed look :')
For the foods, its AMAZEBALL!! Words can't describe how I love them. At first when I tried ikkudo, honestly I enjoyed them but not that much because it gives me nauseated feel after I ate. Then I gave ikkousha a try because my friends said that its much better, and they're right!! I could finish a bowl of ramen all by myself! While in ikkudo, I still left some. Maybe the plating for the tempura and gyouza is too simple and I said they could do much better on it. The chicken ramen is beyond words! I love them tons tons tons!! I'll definitely be back for more :D

// Overall //

Place: 3.5 out of 5
Foods: 4.5 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5
Price: $$$
Will I come back for more? YESSSSS!! :D
Address: ( L1 #113 ) Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 21
West Jakarta - 11470
// OOTD //

Newlook's tanktop & Creepers ~ Vintage Denim Vest ~ TheSwaggieUnicorn's Beanie ~ Mark&Jeanne's Reversible Grunge Bag ~ Colorbox's Short ~ Cotton On's Socks
-cheer, michelle

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: May Favorites!

Ayee Mates!! 
Its the beginning of June so its May Favorites time!! I have quite a lot of things to show you guys in this video since I did a lot of things in the month of May. So sorry for the long video, I tried my best to make it short but I just can't :') 

Items Mentioned:
1. New Balance Shoes. Words can't describe how I'm head-over-heeled in love with this shoes. Not just because its so comfy but the colors are very attractive that I got quite a lot of compliments every time I wore them. Got them from my dad for my 'post-national-exam-thingy' :D
2. Ipanema's Flip-flop. Got them recently on sale! its so comfy! Funny story when I bought this, I wore this heels to the mall but my feet just hate that heels so much that it started to sore, I told my dad that my feet hurts and he laughed! -_- then he bought me this flip-flop! he's so nice! I love him tons!
3. Tongsis + Fish-eye-lens. Got them from an online shop @95shop_ir (ig shop). So proud that I finally can join the hype of tongsis and yes this little baby is very helpful and useful especially when you're going out in a group and you just want to take a selfie of your group together, highly recommended! :D
4. Elianto's Grape Nail Color Remover. Great scent, amazing formula and affordable! 
5. H&M's Chain Bracelet. Simple and I wear them with everything, match my chain necklace and a couple bracelet with Minho from SHINee ;;)
6. Forever21's Rebel Compact Mirror. Great design and I brought it with me everywhere I go.
7. Babylips Color in Berry Crush. Affordable and the color is amazing, very pigmented for an IDR 25000 lipgloss!
8. Notebook that I got from Office1store. The papers are amazing (y)
9. LINE Cony Mug. Got them from Indomaret and its so cute! x3
10. Oreo Bits Sandwiches in Matcha Latte. Not that Sweet but its not available here in local supermarket :(

Favorite Songs:
1. Ellie Goulding-Beating Heart (performance with Zedd):
2. Girls' Generation-Mr Mr:

-cheer, michelle