Monday, December 29, 2014

Roller Coaster

H&M's Tee ~ Stradivarius' Shorts ~ Cotton On's Necklace ~ Forever21's Bracelets ~ New Look's Creepers ~ Gifted Snapback 

Ayee Mates!!
This post will probably be the last one in 2014. So I wanna wish you all early HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! May all the blessings be with you all. 2014 had been a great trip for me. I've been through a lot of ups and also downs, its like I'm riding a roller coaster that never know when to stop. One thing I know is that I'll try my best to keep up with my college, social and blog-youtube life. These are my 2015 resolutions: Get closer to God, Cut back shopping, Be more positive minded, Make my family proud. 

Okay, back to my outfit post. This was what I wore on christmas day, yes, 25th December. I don't know why I'm not in the mood to be all red-green-white-christmas-y theme. But the tee and snapback are the things that I got from my christmas present from my grandma and aunt, so its still christmas-y eh? I swear you guys I wore shorts underneath it. When I wore this to GI people be like stared at me and my aunt told me that they probably wondered whether I wore a shorts or not. LOL. 

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

#ChellesReview: Bless Healthy Glow Foundation

Ayee Mates!!
Last month, Bless Cosmetic contacted me and asked me to review their new product which is Bless Healthy Glow Foundation. I'm not and never really try foundation before so I said yes because I wanted to feel the different on my face. Let's start with the review shall we?:)
*p.s. this may be a sponsored post but all thoughts are based on my experience
*warning: photos overload! :')

// The package arrived safely at my house.. taraaaa //

Very thoughtful of them to put that mini christmas tree for the sake that its December and christmas is coming! -woop woop- They also sent me a few samples for me to try them out. Aww~

// Bless Healthy Glow Foundation //

-What They Said To Me -
On the email, they told me that I don't really need to use moisturizer and sunblock for using this foundation, since its included in the foundation. I would say its kinda simple and practical and easy to apply on our face. It also conceal or blur imperfections on the box.

- How It Feels On My Face -
I don't really like thick or cakey or heavy feeling on my face that is cause by my makeup. So I really love this because first it gave me this matte feel on my face and second its very lightweight that I almost didn't feel wearing makeup at all, whereas a lot people told me that foundation is so heavy and it'll give you a greasy cakey feel. hmm. not this one thoo. I have combination type of skin because somehow I'm not a dry-skin type but I'm also not a oily-skin type, I got both dry and oil on ma face. weird. 
This foundation gave a matte finish on the area where I got my dry skin type and for my most oily skin part on my face it gave me a greasy, sticky, annoying feeling. ughh. but I can't help not wearing them because I love the matte finishing on my dry-skin area.

- The Shades -
I got mine in the shade beige or number 2. I kinda regret picking that one out because its kinda too dark compare to my skin tone. But! Surprisingly! It blends so well on my face. WOW! But still I prefer more lighter shade because one thing I know it'll look much better.
- Coverage -
It has quite decent coverage tho, its not perfect but its okay for me. Because I don't really have too much acne or freckles so it really doesn't matter to me the coverage and its okay tho~ It don't really conceal my panda eyes but yeah what do you expect, its a foundation not a concealer eh?
- The Packaging -
Tbh, I don't really like the packaging. Since the bottle was made out of plastic and its doesn't give me that luxurious or expensive feel and also I'm quite disappointed that the bottle doesn't come in a pump, so its kinda hard for me to measure the quantity I need for my face.

- Ratings - 
4 out of 5
and YES! I might repurchase this in the future :)

For all of you mates who don't really enjoy reading, I made a video specially for reviewing this product which you can watch it HERE:

-cheer, michelle

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: Vlog: Girls Day Out + Last Day of Midterm

Ayee Mates!!
This is my first time making or doing vlog with my friends and yes, its kinda awkward. I didn't really vlog that much since they're still camera shy (lol!) but gotta admit I'm still camera shy as well thoo~ so, please go check my video and tell me what do you think about it, don't forget to give a big thumbs up and comment down below for any suggestions regarding this vlog or video request, thanks mates :)

My Bae, Olip! :*

My other Baes, from L-R: Steffi, Melissa, Benny, Jessy, Airin, Me

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Monday, December 1, 2014


Vintage Tartan Shirt ~ Forever21's Crop Tank Top ~ Stradivarius' Denim Shorts ~ @Rad_Hy's (ig) Chocker ~ New Look's Platform Sandals ~ Vintage Aigner's Backpack

"I'll show you what it feels like
Now I'm on the outside"
-Calvin Harris-Outside ft. Ellie Goulding 

Ayee Matess!
I'm finally back with another blog post -woop wop- I'm finally done with my mid-term last week, I believe. Well, its my first midterm in college and its quite hard no matter how hard I studied. But the results are quite satisfying so far (thank God! :'D), I made a promise to myself that after this midterm, I'll try to study hard, so wish me luck kayy? :')
Anyway, its finally December mates! Christmas is coming! #YASSS but one thing sucks about December in Indonesia, no snow :c I never experience snow before huff and I wanted to experience white christmas one day or someday soon -fingercross- In Indonesia, its suppose to be raining season already but mehhh its still quite hot tho for me #sad.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: #OOTD: Mallin' Chllin' + Vlog! :)

Ayee Mates!!
Just uploaded a new vid on my channel, click HERE. This is kinda a late post because I don't really have the time to manage both my blog and channel because of the midterm (I'm having my midterm from last Thursday till next Tuesday -sigh-), wish me luck for my exams mates! :')

Austin Mahone's The Secret Album #LOVE

HM's Tee ~ Leap of Faith's Snapback ~ Aigner's Backpack ~ New Look's Platform Sandals

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-cheer, michelle