Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lovin' So Hard


Cloth Inc's Peplum Top ~ Supreme's Beanie ~ Cotton On's Chain Necklace ~ H&M's Flannel

Ayee Mates!
I know its been such a while eh? I miss blogging too but lately I don't know why I feel like I'm not in the mood too or maybe its just my laziness that hovers me. I got tons of photos piled up here on my laptop and every time I'm about to post them, faith just don't let me blog them so they ended up piling here #ugghhh #chellethebadblogger #imsorry, anyway I'm quiet busy with my college life which is weird and annoying #udontsay :') This is one of the photoshoot I did with kak onya from A Little Color and more to come soon, for this look I paired up my peplum top that I got from Cloth Inc with jogger pants to make it more swaggie because peplum is always identic to girly sweet feminine looks ;;)

Anyway, have you ever feel like lost? no. lonely? yes that's the word. Especially for all single ladies and gents here, have you ever feel like its time for us to feel what is like having boyfriend or girlfriend? That's what I've been feeling for this past month and maybe the reason I feel that way is because of my college is getting harder day by day and I'm just sick and tired with it. Second, have you ever feel like meeting a soul that totally made you feel so complete? Like this is what you've been looking for all this time when you're around several person? That's also what I've been dealing with atm. So, (a little story of mine) I talked to this guy that I have a crush on and he totally made me feel so weird? Usually around campus me and my friends always love to see hot guys walking around and we will stalk that guy on his social media like crazy perverts? lol but ever since I talk to this guy I don't even have the intention to see other guy (?) which is weird rite? I don't want to say its love because its a very sinful word I guess lol but then something happened (which I'm not going to say what but my besties know this) we stop talking and I feel like my world just completely shattered or down? I don't have the mood to talk or meet new people, I even stop talking to some guy because I don't want to look so fake by pretending to be nice and stuffs like that. Its like he made me as high as the skyscrapers and when he left I felt as low as the city streets? that's deep. I've been feeling so gloomy lately and this is the first time I ever feel like this, call me weird or what but I'm just sharing my story and maybe you guys could give me a piece of advices? thanks a bunch mates :))

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-cheer, michelle
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Mr Mr

with my luv photographer aunty

sour sally

Forever21's Hat ~ Zara's Blazer ~ Bershka's Shirt ~ H&M's Jeans ~ New Look's Shoes ~ Rubi's Socks ~ Pull & Bear's Bag

Ayee Mates!
This is the look the I recreated that was inspired by Girls' Generation song "Mr Mr", I know this is a very late post because Girls' Generation just made a comeback with "Catch Me If You Can" if I'm not mistaken? Correct me if I'm wrong because lately I haven't open allkpop because I'm just not that interested in kpop anymore, especially since Kris, Luhan, Jessica quit SM! I feel like something is off with SM Ent., especially now Tao and Lay were rumored to quit EXO as well!? DAFUKKKK~ I'm sorry for my language but all of my bias aren't there anymore so I'm just pissed tho. That is why now I love YG more than SM. Btw, the real reason why I'm sporting this look is because at my church usually we did as sunday's service, such as being the worship leader, singer, play the musical instruments and so on, that Sunday I was given the responsibility to be the worhip leader and the dresscode is blazer, shirt and pants black and white #classy, that's why I sported this look to church, I feel weird but that's what differentiate me from others rite? :D
Mates, I want to tell you something... 1.. 2.. 3.. I'm tired of college~ there I said it. lol. Anyone? Well, nothing biggy but the reason of my tiredness is because I feel like the major I took isn't related to my passion at all (I'm an accounting major btw), oh I'm also not really good at counting like maths, so that's why I'm so tired of all these works. That's why my only advice for all of you highschoolers who are about to enter college, make sure you're taking the major you like not because you're forced to (that's in my case, I was a little forced) and do a little research on what subjects you're going to study related to the major you're taking. Okay I'm going to make a separate video or blog post related to college advices and such.

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-cheer, michelle
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Lunar Alien

Forever21's Hat ~ Gaudi's Cardigan ~ H&M's Tee ~ New Look's Oxford ~ Rubi's Socks ~ @Blackbook_Jkt's HOPE Tote Bag ~ @Seventeenstuff's Chockers

Ayee Mates!
I'm done with  my midterm~ its been a very tough 3 weeks for me, it made me think that I chose the wrong major. I've been thinking about switching major into IBM (International Business Management) because I think its more fun than accounting. I'm so confuse and feel so weird, its like I don't know what to do and I don't even know what I want. I feel lost ._.

Anyway, for this #OOTD post, I took it while wandering around IKEA (my fave #OOTD spot) after class. What I hate the most about IKEA is that the lighting is so decent. I'm very into grunge-y tumblr-ish look lately because it makes me look a little bit cooler or tougher (?)

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I don't even know what I want to say anymore you mates. Like this is weird I wanted to say a lot of things but at the same time I can't. Urrghhh.. this is annoying~ I feel weird.

I'll probably talk more on my next post because I'm currently in a rush. So see ya later mates~ :)

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-cheer, michelle
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