Sunday, July 26, 2015


Apparel After Dark's Tee ~ HM's Snapback ~ SwaggieUnicorn_Closet (Instagram)'s Chockers Set ~ New Look's Creepers ~ Cotton On's Socks

Ayee Mates!!
I know its been such a while since my last post, its not that I don't miss blogging or busy with life, its just that umm I guess I'm having an identity crisis (inspired from my blogger friend ce Mei) lol yes mates TheSwaggieUnicorn is currently stuck and lost in her deep thoughts. I wish I could tell you everything but if I did one thing I know people will bash me, even tough I don't really care what people think but I just don't want to deal with it. So to sums up everything, what I've been trying to say is that blogging world is just for plastics (this is my own term so don't directly pull a conclusion, its not a bad thing). Also for me fashion is not all about brand. Some people or bloggers themselves, I noticed that they pulled out a statement "Fashion is all about brand, if you don't wear brand then you're not fashionistas" or "As long as you're pretty you don't have to care what you're wearing, because people will still like you no matter what" or "You need to be skinny to be a bloggers or wear something cute" or "How many followers do you have on blog or other social media?" or "Bloggers must go to fashion school", these statements just gave me pet-peeves for some reasons (especially the last one since I'm studying accounting major in college, like so what?). I blog for my own joy and a form of stress relief and how I enjoy my relaxing free time. I'm very grateful for my followers on blog for still following me because I wouldn't even thought I will have followers during my first era blogging. I am beyond grateful that some people still read my post not just scrolling for the photos, that means a lot to me because it also means you guys enjoy reading my blog? I guess. Well, I can't tell or spills my honest thought rite now because I can't think of words to describe it, all I know is that I am currently lost in blogging world. there. So I guess I will made a separate post and video on my channel to spills my honest thoughts about everything (sounded like a coming out vid), see you then for now thanks for reading, I love you mates for reading till the end *smoochies* :))
*ps. I'm not trying to offend anyone its just my honest deep thoughts, not all people will agree with me but yeah I just want to shared these because I want to. If you feel offended or you said that I unintentionally offend you then I'm sorry but again its my own personal thoughts. thankyou :)
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-cheer, michelle
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hat Snapback Beanies Collection 2015

Ayee Mates!!
I made a video of my hat beanies and snapback collection because I'm a hat-wear collector. I've been collecting these since the longest time ever. Some of them were gifted but most of the time I bought it with my own money. If you can't tell but most of my collection are dominated by black color because I just love black too much and I'm a monochrome unicorn. Plus black goes with everything. Watch my vid HERE

1. Forever21's Black Fedora

2. Uniqlo's Floppy Hat

3. Loonystore's Bucket Hat

4. Thrifted Reversible Bucket Hat

5. Supreme's Beanie

6. SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Customized Beanie

7. SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's "SWAG" Beanie

8. Supreme's Beanie with Pompom

9. Bugis Night Market's Arale Cap

10. DOPE's Floral Snapback

11. Bugis Night Market's Obey Snapback

12. EXO "WOLF" Inspired

13. Forever21's Acrylic "HOT" Snapback

14. H&M's Graphic Snapback

15. Gifted Acrylic "OBEY" Snapback

16. H&M's Reversible Snapback

17. Leap of Faith's "Believe" Snapback

18.GDragon Inspired "Get Out" Snapback

19. Unbranded Black Snapback

20. DOPE Snapback

21. GDragon Inspired "Bad Girl Good Girl" Snapback

22. Gifted NY Leather Snapback

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Thanks for watching and reading my post. Leave me a comment which one is your fave out of all. Proper fashion post is coming soon on #TheSwaggieUnicorn :)

-cheer, michelle
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Monday, July 6, 2015

One Fine Day

Gifted Jumper ~ HM's Pants ~ @Seventeenstuff's Chocker ~ Vans Look Alike Shoes

Ayee Mates!
I just finished with my finals last Wednesday and on Thursday I went for a retreat with my church at Puncak so I can't directly update my blog, but now I'm officially on my summer break till the beginning of September I'm going to post more on my blog and upload more vids on my channel *pinky promise*
This is the outfit that I wore to class before finals so yeah its a late post. I randomly asked my friend to take a photo of my #ootd and turns out I love the result so I decided to post it on my blog. This is one of my fave look evur. why? because first of all its all black and white, monochrome unicorn duh. Second, the jumper has the initial letter of my name, I got it from my grandma, she got a good taste. Third, the chocker looks weird if what my friends said, but for me its hella RAD because its one of a kind and not all people's kind of necklace, so yeah.... Fourth, its very comfortable and look effortlessly cool. Fifth, it looks so grunge-ish (do I need to explain how I love grunge look?) Oh btw meet my friend Andin, she's so cool and very tumblr-ish, her style is very chill and laid back but very cool at the same time, love her! :D Oh and yes she's my friend that appeared in my One Fine Day video.

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-cheer, michelle
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