Sunday, January 27, 2013

JKT Street Style Interview


if you guys follow me on my twitter, you guys probably know that I got interviewed by JKT Street Style. yayyy!! and the interview was up on their blog yesterday and you can check it out here :)
check check check....

sorry that's the only picture i can show here because i don't know how to screen capture the page from laptop .-.
and btw new video is coming on my channel!! its an Outfit of The Day (OOTD)'s video, i'm not in the mood to do an outfit picture today so i just recorded it and i hope you guys like it ;)

i'll be having my monthly examination next week and i won't be here very often so wish me luck guysss and i'll see you guys soon byebyeee~ :)
xoxo, michelle

Sunday, January 20, 2013

safe and sound


Jakarta is kinda colder now isn't it?? the perfect time for using my knit sweater. every time I want to wear this sweater to go somewhere and  when I look out the window its bright, sunny, hot and not the perfect time to wear it or else I'll be sweating so much :s

so anyway here is the outfit pictures..

"Just close your eyes, the sun is going down,
you'll be alright"
-Taylor Swift, Safe and Sound 

-sweater: mark and spencer
-inner denim top: iceberg
-jeans: forever21
-flats: the little thing she needs
-bag: unbranded

 and I finally made a youtube account and first video is up already, yay!! -proud- ahahaha so do you guys mind to check it out here ?? thanks a lot and subscribe please I promise more videos coming soon and leave a comment down below of what do you guys think about it and also leave a request of what kind of video you guys want me to do thanks!! :D

and going back to school tomorrow after 4 days of holiday and yeah I'll see you guys soon and I'm addicted to making youtube videos OMG! so please please check it out? thanks thanks thanks ^^

xoxo, michelle

Friday, January 18, 2013



its been a while huh? i'm not going to the school today due to the heavy rain. i went to central park today with my grandma, aunty, grandpa and chloe. this side ponytail reminds me of the little kid eh? i remember my hair used to be up on a ponytail when i was little ahaha. 
anyway here is the outfit c:

i'm madly in love with the sweater because there's the union jack print on it and u should know how crazy i am over union jack ^^

look at my back and you found..

yepsie its my domo kun!! hahaha i know i'm a weird childish girl, i'm 16 and yet i'm still wearing that kind of bag xD but i just can't help it, i love that bag so much!! :3

oh and btw i'll be having my first giveaway if i reach the 100 followers! yeah its a challenge for myself to gain that much followers. i'll promise to be a better blogger in the future c;
spread the word about this to others!! ahahah JK JK ^^

and another pictures from today that i'm in love with...

Chloe!! I love you!! xx
lol~ ema looks like she's so bored xx

btw i made and edited the video for my youtube channel already and it will be up tomorrow, can't wait to share it with u guys ^^

xoxo, michelle

Saturday, January 5, 2013



 I just got nominated for the liebster award by dear blogger The Undercover Giraffe , thank you so much really for this award. I really am grateful for this and thanks once again c: 

what is a liebster award?? + award rules
Bloggers award other up and coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) with the award. If you receive the liebster, you must: tell 11 things about yourself. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger asked you. Nominate 11 new bloggers. Make sure you notify the blogs you nominate. 

11 Facts
  1. I love to read novels 
  2. I love milk but allergic to it
  3. I'm obsess over union jack
  4. Flats are so not my friend
  5.  I love to write
  6. Hate to waking up in the morning
  7. can't survive without my laptop
  8. Studs/spikes are the best    
  9. can't stand to wait in the heat for such a long time
  10. I'm a shy person
  11. can't sleep without my bolster & blanket

     Questions from The Undercover Giraffe
1. Where are you from?  
ans: I'm from Indonesia.

2. What are your hobbies? 
ans: blogging, reading, watching, hang out.

3. What's your favorite season? 
ans: since her in Indonesia we only have 2 seasons (summer & rainy) I prefer summer.

 4. What are your wardrobe staples? 
ans: black & white top, crop-tee, skirts, dresses, sweaters.

5. What's your favorite song at the moment? 
ans: okay this may sounds weird to some of you, its lee hi 1, 2, 3, 4. I'm a k-pop-er so I love k-pop songs at the moment & u really have to check out lee hi' songs, she's like adele  in korea.
6.  Where do you live?
ans: Indonesia, Jakarta.
7. Where would you like to travel to?
ans: London!! korea! paris!
8. Do you believe in God?
ans: YES OF COURSE! ;)
9. Do you play an instrument?
ans: I used to play guitar but not anymore now I guess.
10. What are your talents?
 ans: reading eh? is that a talent?? I'm not sure about my talents yet c:
11. Do you like your teeth?
ans: NO!! 

Questions for my nominees:
1. What motivates you to do blogging?
2.   Where are you from?
3. How do you describe your personal style?
4. Where do you usually go for shopping?
5. What color that describe your personality? why?
6. Who's your favorite designers?
7.  What is your life quote?
8. Favorite movie at the moment?
9. What are your hobbies?
10. What's your favorite makeup items?
11. What or who influence your personal look/style?

Blogs I Nominated:

thank you so much The Undercover Giraffe for nominating me ♥ :)
xoxo, michelle

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

baby steps

Happy New Year 2013 btw dear readers!!
may all of u had a wonderful & blast year ahead ;) 
who's ready for school? mine starts next week (7 Jan 2013), my school is generous enough to give us quite long holiday. some school have to go back to school on tomorrow! so in this case i'm thanking my school for the holiday.
i'm in love with this baby collar top, it just look so adorable! c;

baby collar top: bershka ~ shorts: stradivarius ~ bag: chanel ~ flats: H&M

i didn't spent my holiday by going out from jakarta, no -_- since traffic jam is everywhere. so only spending my holiday by going from mall to mall, today i went to grand indonesia and omo! forever21 is on sale up to 70%!! but everything i like is not on sale .-. i'm in love with a red knit jumper with anchor on it so cute! and i've been obsess with anchor lately and here's some pictures i got from today c:

this girl is adorable yet hyper too! and something funny happen today between me and her, when we (me + my aunt + my grandma) bought her a bread, i took a bite just a bite and she shout at me and she stare at me like as if i did something sinful toward her xD ahahaha!

so i'll see you guys in my next post and till then take care byebyee~ ^^
xoxo, michelle