Friday, October 9, 2015


Pull&Bear's Tanktop ~ HM Jeans ~ New Look's Platform Sandals ~ @SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Bag & Cardigan 

Ayee Mates!!
This is a super late post, a major throwback to my first time cutting my hair super short and to the era where I first learn makeup. I'm in love with this long cardigan, I think it's just flowy and lightweight and screams out summer to me (even tho it's suppose to be fall or raining season already) but nonetheless I can use it all year around tho~ and it's black, I can pair it with everything :))
Btw I've been obsess with Shawn Mendes lately (well I love him since last year alr but lately he's just keeps on catching my attention). I personally he's a very genuine, humble, sweet and thoughtful person ever (as an artist-singer). For me personally his song "Life of The Party" and "A Little Too Much" and "Never Be Alone" had saved my life tons of times. I can't tell you my story rite now because I'm not ready but I promise to speak out once I'm ready and well prepared for the consequences. Lately I've been missing what is like being "home" because I do live and stay in my house but I don't feel home yet. Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you're at your worst. This is weird for me to say it here because if you know me in real life I may look fine and laugh all the time trying to please the world but when I reach home it's like the girl you know will just disappear instantly and I miss her because even tough I don't feel home I prefer to STAY at my home instead of going out but at the same time I don't want to be home I just want to stay away from it, weird and craycray and confusing eh?


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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Themed Wedding for #TheSwaggieUnicorn

Ayee Mates!!
For this post I might get a little stray away from my usual fashion-beauty post. This time I want to talk bout umm.. wedding inspiration? TheSwaggieUnicorn is getting tired of college and just wanting to get married asap lol but she still going solo.. #awkward :')
Anyway a little information about me~ Fall is my fave weather out of all I must say because it's not too hot nor too cold (well it's still bearable) and it's always a dream of me to visit a country during fall season (since we don't have fall here in Indonesia) and my goal is to have a wedding ceremony under the withering maple leafs~ Aaaa~ I need to save up from now on. Anyway again today I decided to create my fall themed wedding inspiration board, hope you guys find it interesting and helpful :D

1. The Bride's Wedding Dress and Groom's Tuxedo
I find it this is the most crucial for me since especially I love fashion to death! This will be the first top on my wedding-checklist and I want to make my wedding day special since it is def. a once in a lifetime opportunity. For the wedding dress I don't really like something too grand I guess~ I enjoy simple white gown just like what I found from Vera Wang, OMGG~ It's stunning, gorgeous and elegant, perfect! For the shoes can I personally asked for this Charlotte Olympia Cinderella Heels please? While for the groom (call me old-fashion but) I like something simple and classy like this black tux that I found on a website called The Black Tux, the cutting is just perfect and all black makes it even more interesting~ I can imagine my future groom (cameron dallas) wearing this and #ijustcant lol :')

2. Wedding Cakes
Since I still want to make it fall theme~ I pick this one out of all as my fave. Hello! There are 2 owls on the top of wedding cake!! Could this be any cuter? Anyway the design is just simple as what I will always go for any occasions.

3. Wedding Hand Bouquet
Red, orange, brown, yellow tones are the main colors of fall and this is what I would go if I still want to keep it fall theme.

4. Wedding Souvenirs
Well this is a little stray away from the fall theme but I can't help it tho~ I love candles so much and I think it's going to be perfect as souvenirs since everyone can use it from oldies-youngsters. The design of this candle is also very simple, elegant and lovely :)

5. Wedding Venues and Decorations
The first one is def. going to be perfect more the holy matrimony ceremony especially with
the maple tree everywhere. The second one is perfect for the main evening party or dinner. I'm still torn between having wedding party or just casual wedding dinner. Aaa~ still can't decide tho :')

Tell me on the comment box which one is your fave and also tell me how would you describe your perfect or ideal wedding day kay? :))

6. Wedding Tunes (Gonna list some of my fave love songs here):
-Ed Sheeran-Thinking Out Loud
-My Valentine
-Beyonce-Drunk in Love
-Madison Beer-All for Love ft. JackandJack
-Becky G-Lovin' So Hard
-Boys Like Girls-Two is Better Than One ft. Taylor Swift
-The Vamps-Somebody to You
-Shawn Mendes-Never Be Alone
-Cody Simpson-On My Mind
-and the list goes on and on...

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First Day Back to Class-Campus #OOTD & #Vlog

Fifth Sun's Tanktop ~ Boy London's Denim Shirt ~ @SwaggieUnicorn_Closet' (ig) Jogger Pants ~ HM Slip On ~ Mark & Jeanne's Backpack

Ayee Mates!!
How's your first day back to school or campus or class? Mine was okay tho~ mine starts last week btw. I'm not saying it's bad but I'm not saying it's amazing, well it's kinda like a love and hate relationship here. What I hate the most of going back to class-school-campus are the waking up in the morning and the never ending assignment and the too-fast-teaching lecturer. While for what I'm so pumped up over back to class-school-campus are reuniting with my friends and the pocket money hohoho #typicalkids, my first day starts with super boring lecturer he made the vibe feels so lazy and I needed to keep my eyes wide awake or else I'll probably fall asleep. Btw I'm on my 2nd year of college a.k.a sophomore year, super excited and I'm finger-crossing the subjects won't be as hard as the previous smesters. So I made a #OOTD & #Vlog video for my first day back to class on my youtube channel or click HERE to watch it directly. Give it a huge thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe if you enjoy it. Btw tell me how's your first day back to class-school-campus been :))

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Cookie of Life

Zara's Tee ~ Promod's Jacket ~ @SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Jogger ~ Chanel's Bag ~ New Look's Platform Sandals

Ayee Mates!
Accidentally wore matching stripes monochrome outfit with my bae a.k.a my bby sissy, bigel when we went to church couple of weeks ago. When we wore matching items nowadays it we always laugh remembering the good ol' times when we have a lot of matching items, tshirt, dresses, hair-clip and much more. We don't really wear matching outfit again now because we both have very different styles even tough our fashion pieces will never go out from jumper, pants, sneakers and sling bag. I love my bby sis a lot even tough she's just a cousin but I shared a lot of memories with her. We usually have sleepover at my house and love to play together. I remember when I used to have nintendo ds for the first time I will never let her play it when she really wanted to play #meansissy. Anyway in my cookie of life my sister will always be the chocolate chip (my fave!) :D
Anyway I just uploaded me and my sissy do the BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE on my youtube channel #booitsmichelle or click HERE. Leave us a comment on what do you think of the vid and also leave us some dares or challenges for us or questions for us.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Lets Go

Forever21's Tanktop ~ Norlive's Pants ~ New Look's Sandals ~ Rubi's Bag ~ Cotton On's Sunnies

Ayee Mates!!
Today is my first day back to class/college. Excited and anxious because more new friends and so far so good but OMGGG~ I'm not used to waking up in the morning like I'm so sleepy inside the class. Finger cross the lecturers and subjects won't be as tough as I expect them to be #fingercrossed 
As for my outfit nothing special but I really love to dress like this lately because first, it's so hot here in Jakarta and second, I love this tanktop so much because it's a basic piece that I can style or pair with every single things in my closet. As for the sandals they belong to my aunt but I stole it again from hers because I like it....
Today I want to talk about Authority and Power in Our Words. Inspired by ps. Tim Hall's sermon. Sometimes we don't use our words or mouth to talk positively while God (if I would say in my religion) give us the authority and power in everything we speak. So for example if we use our words for good cause like praying or healing others who are wounded, there's a power that it will def. healed because God gives us the power to heal for good cause but if we use our words negatively like bad-mouthing others (well I must admit this one is def. the hardest for me) we won't have a favor in God's eyes because He wants us to use our words wisely and for good cause :))

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

What Do You Mean?

HM Crop Tee ~ Rubi's Bag ~ Payless' Sandals ~ Online Shop's Culottes

Ayee Mates!!
I'm madly in love with my new culottes! Before I bought it my aunt said the pants will make us look like "tukang sate" / satay seller. But nonetheless I step out of my comfort zone and decided to purchase it anyway and now I can't stop wearing it. This pants goes with everything and I can dress it up or down and it'll make my outfit effortlessly cool at some point #scored! 
Anyway, let's talk a bit about Justin Bieber's new song "What Do You Mean?" OMGGG~ that song is def. on my most played and repeat lol I'm a die-hard belieber since Justin dropped his first song "One Time" I fell in love with all his songs and "hair" basically his physical features but as he grow up I don't really fancy him anymore but I do still enjoy his music. Recently when his new song was released I listened it to it for the first time and indefinitely I fall in love afterward I watched the music video and it got me like "whatt?" but he's extremely sexy eh? Even tough I don't really fancy his new hair. It looks good on him but I don't know why it reminds me of GDragon bigbang? Or is it just me who feels that way?

Anyway Back to School Supplies Haul 2015 is finally up on my channel or click HERE! I always love back to school supplies haul every time it's back to school season hohoho

// Bonus Photos from ME :) //

Emoji Casing #tearsofjoy

Never Again....

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