Saturday, March 7, 2020

As Beautiful As Posy Beauty

Aye Mates!
How are you? Hope all is well. Hari ini aku mau mereview salah satu brand local Indonesia yaitu Posy Beauty!! Aku dapat products dari Posy Beauty (@posybeautyid) ini juga sebagai project bareng Clozette Indonesia (@clozetteid). So terus baca ke bawah untuk more infos tentang Posy Beauty dan review aku setelah pemakaian produknya pada diri aku sendiri.

Pertama aku mau sedikit info tentang Posy Beauty itself. Posy Beauty didirikan oleh 2 perempuan Indonesia, Diandra dan Amanda pada tahun 2017 di website mereka. No worries karena Posy Beauty lip matte aman, they’re halal, vegan, cruelty free, dan lipstick mereka sendiri mengandung Vitamin E sehingga tidak membuat bibir kering, menutrisi bibir, meregenerasi sel kulit bibir dan sangat pigmented (I tested it out myself!! Aku sendiri udah coba kok!!).

// Gluttony //

Aku excited banget jujur untuk mencoba Posy Beauty ini karena aku sendiri jarang banget menemukan vegan lipstick matte local, lipstick halal dan tahan lama. Dari membaca brief infos tentang Posy Beauty aja udah excites me karena to be very honest aku tuh kalau bisa membeli products locally, aku lebih setuju! Karena pertama I’m very proud bisa membeli matte lipstick Indonesia, as an Indonesian I’m so proud of my fellow Indonesian friends especially girls support girls, so happy for Diandra and Amanda. Kedua, dengan banyaknya beauty brands keluaran Indonesia, it proofs kalo Indonesia juga tidak kalah innovative dengan negara luar sana. Ketiga, dengan adanya local brands it could contributes to perekonomian Indonesia. Jadi yuk terus lanjut baca untuk review aku setelah pemakaian.

// Lust //

Aku waktu dapet liquid lipstick Posy Beauty jujur aku skeptical. Aku takut kalo liquid lipstick itu bakal sangat mengeringkan bibir aku dan susah untuk diaplikasikan ke bibir. Waktu aku ngeliat warnanya jujur cantik banget donggg! Aku dapet 3 warna. Pertama “Pride” lebih ke maroon brick red gtu, kedua “gluttony” lebih ke baby pink and ketiga “lust” lebih ke magenta pink keunguan. Gluttony sendiri merupakan warna dari Posy Beauty yang diluncurkan pada 14 February 2019 di hari Valentine sesuai dengan suasana dan temanya. 

// Pride //

Dari 3 warna yang paling aku suka Pride karena menurutku red brick itu warna yang safe dan masuk ke semuanya. Aku jujur warna pink bukan warna aku banget Karena pink colors make my skin paler atau pucat. Tapi surprisingly waktu aku pake Gluttony suka banget! Aku berasa susah banget menemukan shade of pink yang cocok di aku dan aku berasa ini cocok banget banget. Lipstick ini mungkin pas awal pakai aku berasa agak menggumpal dan susah diaplikasikan tapi setelah beberapa kali pakai enak banget dipake dan brush lipsticknya soft. Finishing dari lipstick ini juga soft-matte dan yang terpenting itu tidak bikin kering sama sekali terus selama lipsticknya stays di bibir itu bibirku berasa enteng kayak tidak pakai lipstick gitu~ Karena lipstick ini mengandung Vitamin E obviously bisa merawat juga menutrisi bibir dan membantu meregenerasi sel kulit bibir, dapat mengembalikan warna bibir menjadi natural seperti semula dan dapat mengurangi garis-garis halus di bibir. Menurutku Posy Beauty merupakan salah satu lipstick matte brand local terbaik. Aku definitely bakal nyobain yang nude colorsnya soon sih, apalagi yang Wrath warnanya cantik banget can imagine it on my lips.

Lipstick Posy Beauty ini juga quite affordable dengan harga IDR 149,900 dan dapat dibeli melalui website Posy Beauty ( atau official online store seperti Sociolla, Shopee,, Tokopedia, Line Shopping, dan Lazada, komplit banget kan? Tapi jika kalian mau liat dulu warnanya in real life baru nentuin mau beli yang mana juga bisa banget langsung ke Lakon Store (Kelapa Gading), Lunadorii Store (Pacific Place, MOI, Mall Ciputra) untuk yang di Jakarta yah. Di Bandung, Semarang, Medan, Pontianak, dan lainnya juga ada kok bisa langsung check website dan Instagram Posy Beauty langsung yah.

To sum up my experience:

(+) Me Likey
-       Sleek packaging, stunning kelihatan expensive
-       Sizing lipsticknya juga okay cukup buat di tas kecil
-       Ga bikin bibir kering, meskipun dipakai seharian
-       Tahan meskipun di wipe out pake tissue

(-) Need Improvement

-       Lipsticknya sedikit menggumpal di wand pas awal dibuka

Reach Posy Beauty on  Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Website

-Cheers, Michelle
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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Leaps of Worries

Aye Mates!
To kick-off 2020, wishing you all HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR 2020 and may this year be fill with blessings, joys, prosperity and health all year around #AMEN. I can't believe that 2020 is already here and 2019 passed just like that in a blink of an eyes. To be very frank and honest with y'all, I am so not ready for 2020. To start I'm not ready to part ways with my friends (while typing this I did part ways with them already), did my grand-dialogue (something like thesis defence in my company as I'm MT), socialising as I'm going to be relationship manager which requires me to meet new people as potential client and collaborate with other people from different department, and my list of worries goes on and on and on.

Well worries are something that will stick very close to us even though we've tried to shake it off multiple times, it seems like we succeed but little did we know it's always there ready to haunts us like a hungry wolf. People always told me to not keep everything to ourselves it's better to share it with someone else but I'm just afraid I guess. Afraid to be judge, afraid to be left, afraid to let anyone know. Recently I did shared my worries with a friend of mine and at first I never have the intention to share everything but everything just flows out from my lips that I wish I could shut myself up. Well that person just shook and asked me "why?" when I don't even knows the answer myself. That person did encouraged me and saying everything will be fine that I don't have to worry, instead when I do have to worry it's okay for me to share it, it's better than keeping everything to myself. I'm thankful but at the same time I still worried for everything. Which I don't understand why, but please do let me know how do you overcome your worries below and if you would like to share you stories with me also feel free I'm here to listen :)

-Cheers, Michelle
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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

As A Robinson Crusoe

Aye Mates!

How are you? I hope all is well.

As for myself, lots of things happened ever since my last post or in other words "after 23".

First, I resigned from my last job and company and move to other company (still a bank doe #banker lol.. nope). 25th October was my last day and marked my 1 year 5 months working in the previous bank. To be very honest, I don't know how to feel. I'm excited for the new adventure and challenges but at the same I'm quite heavy-hearted leaving the bank, it's been like my comfort zone (even though the job desc is quite risky lol but the people has always been like a family for me). This mixed feelings are just so weird and hard to digest especially I just started my new job (by the time I'm writing this, I'm on my 2nd day btw), can't help but feeling somehow homesick? Yes, you may laugh at me for saying homesick right after resigning. It taught me loads of stuff theoretically and emotionally. Felt like it shaped me to the person I am now (?) woww~ can't believe I said that. 

Second, I started working at other bank. I joined their MT (Management Trainee) Program to become a RM (Relationship Manager). Inspired by the peoples from the previous bank, trying to challenge myself to becoming a RM as well. I'm currently on my 2nd day of training or working and had loads of doubts already HAHAHAHAAA I adore you dear RM and every single soul in my previous bank for doing this as your daily job #lebaychelle but tbh I'm still struggling and trying to comprehend every single things given, like it's really challenging because it's something out of my comfort zone but nope, not trying to give up but I'll try to give my best and let God do the rest and He placed me here and I believe He has His plan for me here #AMEN

Third, can't you believe it but I've been less Bucin (Budak Cinta = Love Slave) for Kpop lately HAHAHAHAAA. I don't know how to feel tbh. It's been such a while since the last time I stalk BTS, Kang Daniel, DPR, Gray, etc on Instagram and Twitter. I don't know why, this is weird like this is so not Michelle Sanjaya the Bucin. I used to be very update on what's been going around my bias' life but not anymore like I rarely know what's up these days. Maybe I've been living under the rock lately?

Fourth, I go private on my Instagram! Yes, you read it correctly "Private" no longer business profile "Blogger" for @michellesanjaya. Why? Even my family asked me this, so let me explain here. For me having the title "Blogger", I feel pressured I guess? Like having these 3/3 photos that matched on the feeds, the filter to match the whole mood or feeds, the pressure on how I look or present myself in the photos, my mom too like to brag to her friends "ey my daughter is a blogger leh". Well actually no one pressure me directly but my own thoughts indirectly pressure my own self? I don't know how to put this into words. Also when I had my business profile, I knew how many people visited my profile but WHY YOU DON'T FOLLOW ME LAH? HAHAHAAA no lah, just kidding, just feel like for the first time I want to go private with my life because of this words that I stumbled upon Dean's Instagram MV:
"These days knowing more makes you more miserable"
"Posting these photos but no one knows my hidden feelings behind it"
"Sometimes I feel alone even when I'm with lots of people, like Robinson Crusoe"
Dean, it's very deep and just hit so right. It's so true, especially when I posted all of my photos stock where I'm on hip places looking cool and enjoying my life but in reality I'm just in my office. working overtime. procrastinating. lol. Almost none of my stories were also real time these days because I'm trying to live the moment and just spend quality time with the loved ones or purely enjoying myself instead of thinking the filters, editing, caption for it right that time. Even tough some are also real time due to certain events. One thing I want to inform you is don't judge people from their Instagram because you don't know the what happened behind a photo. Don't let the internet rush you because everything looks perfect on Instagram because no one is posting their failure on Instagram.

I should stop here. I could go on until dawn probably. Yes. I wrote too much. But I'm open to comments, let me know what'd you think, let's exchange thoughts? I would love to hear from your point of view. Surprise me and let's be friend~

Thank you and have a great day

-Cheers, Michelle
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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Before 23

Aye Mates!
How are you? I really am a bad blogger for not posting here in such a while and my last posts are mostly endorsed and PR gifts. Which I personally felt bad because for not being the person who used to, talk about certain topics and random stuffs, feel like not being genuine to you and even to myself. I'm to be honest very disappointed with myself. I'm typing this on my blog because I'm turning 23 tomorrow and today I felt lots of thoughts just runs through my mind (almost like self-reflection) and now I just want to pour it all out here.

Time flies so fast without you even realizing it. A minute you're awake, starts your day, do your routine (school, working, living) and close your eyes to sleep. 24 hours is a very short amount of time without you even knowing and realizing it. The last year of being 22 has been like this for me:
- 6.12 AM: Wake up
- 7 AM: En route to office
- 7. 38 AM: Arrived
- 8 AM: Starts my work
- 12 PM: Lunch
- 5 PM: Suppose to be finishing my job but I work overtime
- 8 PM: The earliest for my overtime
- 9-10 PM: Finished my work
- 10.40 PM: Arrived back at home
- 11.30 PM: Go to sleep
Yes, the minutes could be exact, feels like a robot being under certain program.

I spent more than half of my day working and sometimes I feel lonely because every time my friends asked me to go out or hang with them my reply will be "I'm working overtime today". When my grandma and parents gave me a call throughout the day I will usually replied them fast "I'm working talk to you guys later.. Yes I'll go home late". Due to going home late everyday actually my health has been dropping too. Don't get me wrong, I love my job I really do that's why I wouldn't mind working overtime or maybe because I feel a huge responsibilities toward my job that's why that has become my priority. It even makes me dream about it when I go to sleep at night. I'm the type of person that will do overthinking even the slightest thing and most of the times are negative thoughts that tries to consume and eats me. That's why being busy makes me so happy sometimes because it gives me zero chance to think other than my job. Yes call me whatever you want. This is the first time writing and telling public about this. I'm known to be very positive-happy-go-lucky-girl when sometimes I can't be like that instead when the door is shut and it's just me and my thoughts. It's completely opposite. But due to my work all I can think is that job and makes me forgot that I have something that I treasures so much, my family, my friends, blogging and making youtube videos.

Maybe last month was the point when I came to realization that "You Can Work But You Need To Live For Yourself Too". As what Amy Lee from Vagabond Youth said, "There are far more nourishing currencies in life beyond money and attention and the only luxuries we truly have is time. Time with our loved ones, time to heal, time to ourselves. For no amount of money, power or status can buy any human more. We are often take for granted those who we think we'll have a lifetime with but the biggest mistake we can make is not expressing the love we have while we have it". This really hits me especially I felt that because I've been so tired from 5 days of working and so over the weekend I usually have zero energy to talk and do anything with my family. I felt really bad toward my grandma, she's been there since I was born and for 22 years of my life and I always have the thoughts she'll be with me forever. But after what Amy said hits me and makes me realized that she's not getting any younger and all that's left, I supposed to be the one in return makes her happy and makes her feels proud of me but with me working and having zero energy for anything, I don't think I'm near to makes her happy.

Right now, my ultimate goal after turning 23 is to just live for myself. I want to be happy and content with my life and my surrounding. I don't want to feel insecure. I want to make more memories with my loved ones. I just want to be genuinely positive and happy with myself. My target is to have the work life balance lives. Not going back home as late as usual (8 max), not going to overthink about stuffs (especially for work related), not going to say yes to everything.

From my experience, I want to tell you, it's okay to put yourself first before all things. You deserve to be happy. After all, you went through a lot. You have live this long, you made it, you should be proud but don't forget give thank to the one who gave you permission to live, God. Pray daily, ask everything in the name of Jesus and trust me all is well. The key to my happiness and all the above is God's blessings. I managed to live for 22 years is only by God's grace, I'm not saying it's because of how well I am. So for turning 23 in less than 24 hours all is because of God's grace and I pray through my life being 23 may God bless me as well and walk with me throughout every chapters of my life. Amen. Don't forget to be happy, live for yourself, speak yourself and love yourself. As what BTS said "I'm learning how to love myself", well you should too. Whatever you're going through right now, all the best for you and stay strong, you'll get it through.

Thank you for reading this far :)

-Cheers, Michelle
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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hello Sun(C)hine Skin!

Aye Mates!

How are ya? I’ve been so busy being a “corporate slave” HAHAHAHAA but yeah I have real-office-job on daily basis so that’s why I’ve been so inactive lately. But anyway that’s another stories save for another post. Anyway hari ini aku mau memperkenalkan kepada kalian sebuah product skincare yang membantu brightening atau mencerahkan wajah. As y’all know yah aku sering banget complaint akhir-akhir ini kulitku sedang battling bekas jerawat yang hitam-hitam jadi bikin kulitku kusam. Akhirnya aku menemukan product yang bisa ku beli over the counter di Erha Skin, Hair & Laser Expert tanpa resep dokter! How cool is that? 

Kita kan tau yah Erha sudah punya counter di mana-mana dan biasa kita menyebut store atau counter mereka sebagai Erha Apotechary, kita bisa konsultasi semua masalah kulit kita and even masalah rambut loh dengan dermatologist yang ada di Erha Apotechary. Berikut adalah contoh Erha Apotechary and Erha Clinic yang dapat dijangkau.

Aku mau review product yang I’m so excited to try, which is serum yang dapat mencerahkan wajah yaitu TRUWHITE ACTIVATOR C SERUM. Serum ini disebut sebagai brightening serum. Serum ini mengandung 10% vitamin c dan targeted whitening system, yang berfungsi menghambat pembentukan melanin, merangsang produksi collagen, menghambat efek buruk radikal bebasm melembapkan dan mencerahkan kulit, nah komplit banget kan? Aku tuh sering kali dengar dari my fellow skincare blogger friend, Grace, Vitamin C bagus buat memudarkan bekas jerawat and she recommend to use serum that contains Vitamin C untuk my bekas acne scars. Aku jujur bingung banget waktu nyari produk serum Vitamin C, so waktu aku dengar Erha ada produk ini, I’M SO HAPPY!! Karena Erha itu affordable and mudah dicari dan tidak ribet dibelinya.

I have good first impression sama serum ini karena it comes in pump! I’m sold for all product yang pake pump since it’s more hygienic and mudah di aplikasikan ke muka. The texture of this product tuh kentel but still a lil bit gooey and runny gtuuu, mucho love deh. Serum ini juga mencerahkan wajah setelah satu minggu loh, mukaku yg a lil bit kusam & bekas jerawat yg rada gelap juga jadi lebih cerah.

Produk kedua yaitu TRUWHITE ACTIVATOR DAY CREAM. Ini merupakan pelembap yang diperkaya dengan 4 whitening agent, one of em is Arbutin (it’s from Bearberry) berfungsi sebagai zat pencerah sehingga efektif mencerahkan dan melembapkan kulit, mengurangi bitnik-bintik (hipermipmentation #MYPROBLEM) serta menghambat pembentukan melanin pada kulit dan tabir surya (prevent UVA & UVB). FYI, kombinasi pemakaian TRUWHITE ACTIVATOR DAY CREAM dan night cream akan memberikan 24 hrs re-brightening system, silahkan dicoba if you’re curious! Product ini juga aman loh digunakan untuk ibu hamil dan menyusui.

Again this product comes with pump jadi I’m sold. Texturenya sendiri cream putih gtu yah tapi dia ga bikin kulit kita jadi kayak pake topeng gtu kok ehehehee. It comes with SPF 25PA++ jadi udah berfungsi sebagai sunscreen juga, 2 in 1 gitu dehh. If only it comes with bigger SPF, but nonetheless it's still a great product and really worth to try buat kalian apalagi yang berasa pake 2 products, moisturiser and sunscreen itu ribet hehehee.

Last product on this review, SKIN BARRIER FACIAL WASH. Sabun pembersih wajah ini tidak mengandung SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) dan paraben, diformulasikan khusus dengan busa lembut dan bahan non-iritant. Tidak hanya membersihkan, tetapi juga menjaga kelembapan dan mempertahankan fungsi barrier kulit. Sehingga sesuai untuk kulit kering, sensitif dan atopi. Mengandung aquaxyl, PHA (Gluconolactone), zinc PCA dan D-Panthenol sebagai moisturizing agent. Dilengkapi aloe vera extract dan dipotassium glycyrrhizinate sebagai anti inflamasi. Barrier kulit merupakan lapisan terluar kulit yang terdiri dari sel-sel kulit (corneocytes) yang saling terikat dengan adanya lapisan lipid. Lapisan barrier ini bersifat impermeable sehingga mencegah hilangnya air/ kelembapan dari dalam kulit dan mecegah masuknya mikroorganisme atau iritan yang merusak kulit. Rusaknya barrier kulit menyebabkan kulit menjadi kering, bersisik, gatal, teriritasi atau sensitif.

To be honest, when I first heard this product, aku ragu untuk mencoba. Karena my skin is combination gravitating toward oily. Aku takut because I use this product kulitku malah jadi berminyak banget kayak bungkus gorengan. But this product is so gentle on my skin and kulitku jadi lembut banget and my skin feels so soft afterward. To my surprise bagian kulitku yang kering di daerah hidung juga jadi lebih hydrated and looks healthier than ever.

Jadi ketiga produk yang aku review ini dapat dibeli di Erha Apotechary langsung over the counter tanpa konsultasi dan tanpa resep dokter juga. But kalau kalian mau konsultasi terlebih dahulu mengenai skin problem yang kalian hadapain juga boleh banget loh apalagi biar bisa lebih di rekomendasikan produk yang lebih sesuai dengan kulit kalian. I’m a firm believer dengan kulit yang sehat it matters more than millions worth of makeup. For more informations regarding Erha kindly visit their website and Instagram

Btw mates, Erha lagi ada promo nih, setiap pembelian Skin Barrier Facial Wash bisa dapat free eternalips dengan mengisi form pada link berikut ini: Kapan lagi promo lohhhh!! Ayo diserbu hehehee apalagi mumpung abis gajian nihh!! :3

So thank you so much guys for reading my post till the end. Jangan lupa to try out these products especially the skin barrier facial wash karena lagi ada promo HAHAHAA. See you soon on my future posts! :)

-Cheers, Michelle

Friday, December 14, 2018

Postcards from Bali #ChelleinBali

Aye Mates!!
How are y'all? Hope y'all are well. Today I want to share some snaps that me and my friends took while I'm on Bali last month. I went to Bali for corporate outing with my colleagues. It was ah-mazing that we want more and as for me I really left my heart in Bali and need to come back ASAP. The last time I went to Bali was almost 10 years ago, so loads (really loads) of things change. 

On the first day, we landed quite late so we went straight to dinner at Warung Eropa. I ordered Nasi Bali. It tastes so good and the portion is huge doe for me. Will definitely be back for more. Afterward we went straight to hotel. We stayed at Seminyak area, Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak Resort. Since the night is still young in Bali (even tough it's past midnight), we headed out, at first we wanted to go to La Favela but it's too packed and the queue is just crazy so we went to the bar across from it (I forgot the name of it), we ordered vanilla milkshake and it was so so so good (I know, don't judge me). It's great to just hang and chat with my friends feeling the chill vibe. I noticed that loads of aesthetic looking shops around Seminyak and really want to pay a visit but too bad I don't have any free time to visit, next time maybe.

Second day, we had fun activity schedule, which is ATV rides. We were given choice ATV, rafting, cycling. Wanted to do cycling at first but all my friends chose ATV so I just tag along. My final thought on ATV ride: AH-MAZING!! It's an experience you need to try at least once, it's very adventurous going through the deep forest and passing the natures. In the afternoon, we just went to the gala dinner at Finns VIP Beach Club. Palm trees everywhere and I wish I could just live here forever lol. Playing at the beach catching sunset is just so fun and relaxing. OMG can't lie that I really love the chill vibe here in Bali, it just made me feel so alive and be able to breath. Oh and I also won a Kindle from this outing (and I sold it to my friends huahaha and now I'm regretting it). At night we went to La Favela and just had the time of our lives lol.

-Cheers, Michelle
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