Sunday, November 16, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: #OOTD: Mallin' Chllin' + Vlog! :)

Ayee Mates!!
Just uploaded a new vid on my channel, click HERE. This is kinda a late post because I don't really have the time to manage both my blog and channel because of the midterm (I'm having my midterm from last Thursday till next Tuesday -sigh-), wish me luck for my exams mates! :')

Austin Mahone's The Secret Album #LOVE

HM's Tee ~ Leap of Faith's Snapback ~ Aigner's Backpack ~ New Look's Platform Sandals

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-cheer, michelle

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Turn Up The Love

Promod's Biker Jacket ~ Pull & Bear's Tank Top ~ Stradivarius' Boyfie Jeans ~ @Youniq_'s Necklace ~ H&M's Slip On ~ Cotton On's Clutch ~ @potatoo1's Temporary 'PEACE' Tattoo

Ayee Mates!!
How's life so far?? Good? Great! Mine has been super hectic like cray cray. Well, not really but mid-term weeks are coming soon in less day 4 days!! Its my first ever exam in college that's why I kinda stress and confused in preparing for these exams. I don't know from where I should study huff. Tiring and stressing. Perfect. Huff. Wish me luck guys for this mid-term because my dad promised to buy me a newlook's kimono and forever21's cardigan that I've been eye-ing for the longest time ever if I passed and I don't get bad grades -finger crossing- -praying- :')

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#DesignersLuv: Edeline Lee Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Ayee Mates!!
I must admit that I'm not the type that really following trends and I rarely watch designer's shows, because I don't really know where to watch them hehee and I'm just too busy with my college life lately (huff.. really.. its too tiring..), I'll make a video about college talk soon on my blog ;;)

Today, I'm going to be reviewing about a collection from Edeline Lee, a London based Korean-Canadian designer #asianpower, her Spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection is just so eye catching with the hint of bright and clean hues. The clothing items are perfect for daily use and easy to mix-and-match based on your fashion style. It has a preppy, girly yet clean look from this collection. Love them tons!! These are some of my favorites, tell me which one is yours! ;;)

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-cheer, michelle
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lost. Faith. Hope.

@Castor_manfashion's Tartan Parka ~ Newlook's Tanktop & Creepers ~ Stradivarius' Denim Shorts ~ @SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Beanie

Ayee Mates!!
This is what I wore to localfest last month or couple of weeks ago. I am deeply in love with my tartan parka that I got last month. Its super big, very loose and not that thick. Perf! Tbh, I'm very disappointed with the localfest this time. why? First, you need to pay IDR 10k for the entrance fee. Hey? We're there to shop and enjoy -huff- Second, the place. It was held at grand indonesia mall 5th floor parking area and I kid you not! It was insanely hot!! I even sweat quite a bit when I was there. When I'm feeling hot everything seems to be just not right -huff- So yeah I really hope that next time localfest would improve their system. I would give this event 3.5 out of 5 thoo ;;)
Moving on to the title of this post. Sounds weird eh? Basically its just words that perfectly describe how I feel now. Lost. Faith. Hope. I started my college last 2 months ago and sometimes I feel I got left behind with all of the subjects, they're much more harder than what I expect. I feel like I can keep up with my social life with friends because somehow I feel different? I don't even know my feelings are, it feels numb. I pay too much attention to my surrounding that I feel that I almost got sucks out from who I am. That makes me feel think twice who I really am? Because I feel comfortable when I'm not doing what I normally did but at the same time I miss being normal. But yeah, I don't even know what I'm talking about. I did a lot of 'what ifs' and it seriously make me think twice of who I am. Gosh! It feels so weird. Well, I found a words said "Have faith and hope and everything will be alright" I really I wish I could be alright but in fact, I'm not fine at all..

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-cheer, michelle

What's on MichelleSanjaya's Instagram this September 2014

Ayee Mates! 
Its October already, so its time for another recap of what had happened in the month of September through my Instagram's posts :))

2 September 2014
Girls Day Out with my chicas :)
GIRLIES ������
   3 September 2014
#blogged: baywalk on #theswaggieunicorn ��
5 September 2014
Went to Gogirl's Expo last month and met these bloggers :)
I had fun earlier at gogirl's expo and met these bloggers so yeah.. taken at @ootdindo's booth ���� come and visit gogirl's expo at senayan city *ps tomorrow is the last day! ����
6 September 2014
Reppin' my fave jumper (ATM) from @castor_manfashion :D
If it makes you happy then it is worth it! ���� | reppin' my givenchy's inspired jumper that I got from @castor_manfashion �� {soon on my blog}
   8 September 2014
Chloe's first #OOTD :)
Chloe's #OOTD ����
   9 September 2014
Typical lazy-day-for-college #OOTD :')
#OOTD for class today~ ⬜️⬛️ {tap tap for details} ����
 10 September 2014
#1 Happy birthday to my fave guy in the world :)
Happy birthday to the bestest friend, brother, dad! ���� God bless ya dad and woof yaa~ ���� #imnotthatgoodmakingupwords.
 #2 Met up with my kece sis :D
had a chitty chat time today with my yin (I'm the yang) lol! ������ @sonyathaniya ����
12 September 2014  
#1 20 facts about me :)
#2 STYYLI x JKT Euphoria Project Wall of Fame :')
STYYLI Wall of Fame ���� #STYYLIEuphoria @styyli_app @euphoriaproject ����
14 September 2014
#blogged: don't stop on #TheSwaggieUnicorn ����
16 September 2014
#uploaded: Back to School Outfit Ideas on my channel #BooItsMichelle ����
17 September 2014
'Good Hair Day' day with my cabe olip :p
Good Hair Day! ���������� #célfie
18 September 2014
Me love!!
"A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life." �������� #tbt #throwbckthursday
 19 September 2014

Girls Day Out (again) with them chicas and trying out sumoboo for the first and doing the nutella bomb challenge by Jess! :)
#nutellabombchallenge ��������
  20 September 2014
Reppin' this tartan parka from @castor_manfashion to localfest last month :P
teaser photo for next post (maybe?) on ft. @castor_manfashion's tartan parka, love it tons! ���� #theswaggieunicorn
  21 September 2014
"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen." -Revelation 22:21 #OOTD ���� {tap tap for details!}
22 September 2014
Happy birthday to my dearest wicked biatchhhhh!! :*
23 September 2014
I'm the oldest yet the smallest~ ������ #deepsigh
24 September 2014
spaghetti carbonara and chicken katsu from food hall's kitchen ���� #fave
25 September 2014
#tbt euphoria project with them~ ���� #throwbackthursday #throwback
26 September 2014
Featured in Looks Magazine last month :)
Got featured in @looksmagazine's September issue! Thanks @looksmagazine! ���� it seriously made my day~ #woop ����
27 September 2014
too bored to listen so this is what we basically did.. #WeFie ������
   28 September 2014
#blogged: chelle's review: Alice Lovely by S.H.E's soft lens on #theswaggieunicorn ����
 29 September 2014
But first let us take a #selfie more like a #WeFie ����������
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-cheer, michelle
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