Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Uniqlo's Floopy Hat ~ Newlook's Platform Sandals ~ Vintage Jacket ~ Scoop's Bag ~ Tailor Made Dress

Ayee Matess!!
Nothing special happen regarding the title of this post but for inspirit (read: infinite's fans) ∞ you will surely understand what I meant ehh?? Yeppp!! Its Infinite's comebackkkkkk~ the title of the track is "Back" and the MV was released as well, watch it HERE! All of them are so cool!! Well its so hard for me to pick my fave bias since all of them are my fave but if I was forced to choose, I'll choose Myungsoo or L!! ♥ The concet is cool but why just why that random people have to beat our infinite~ the song is really worth to listen its very catchy!! Show some love for Infinite's comeback nee? c:

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 I'm going back to school or my first year in college this september but I have to attend the orientation things at the beginning of august, wish me luckkk :))

-cheer, michelle

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Break Free

 "This is the part when I say I don’t want it
I'm stronger than I've been before
This is the part when I break free
Cause I can't resist it no more"
-Ariana Grande-Break Free

Muzcastore 's Tee ~ Forever21's Spikes Bracelets ~ H&M's Chain Bracelet ~ Cotton On's Sling Bag ~ New Balance Shoes

Ayee Mates!!
The title of this blog post refer to Ariana Grande's new single that was produced and featuring my fave DJ ever, ZEDD!! ♥ I personally love this song so much. Well aside from the catchy rhythm, the lyrics are pretty cathy too! My most fave part is of course the reff or the one I mentioned above (scroll..scroll..) Well, its my fave part because I'm tired to always listening to people's order, like they judged me and tell me how I should dress up myself, but yeah every people have right to freedom eh?
Aaaa~ lately my activities and holiday has been so un-productive. why? I kept on watching k-dramas and k-show, OMGGGGG~ I'M ADDICTED~ HIKSSS~ What should I do? I can't resist the tempation to watch them. I wanted to try something new while I'm still on my holiday, hmmm.. any suggestions mates? 
*p.s. anyone going to watch DWP14? I've been thinking to go but I'm still in dilemma :')

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: #OOTW: Early July

Ayee Mates!!
New video is up on my channel and be sure to check them out and tell me which one is your fave :))

Tuesday, 1 July 2014
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cotton On's Top & Hairtie (worn as bracelet) ~ Newlook's Platform Sandals ~ Charles Jourdan's Sling Bag

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Forever21's Top ~ Cotton On's Chain Necklace & Sling Bag ~ H&M's Cardigan ~ Docmart's 1460W ~ TheSwaggieUnicorn's Beanie

Friday, 4 July 2014

Bershka's Button up ~ Forever21's Necklace ~ TLTSN's Flats

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Newlook's Top ~ Cotton On's Clutch & Shoes

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-cheer, michelle 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ooh Ooh Laa Laa + KDrama and Kshow Info

Vintage Chanel's Top~Purse~Shoes ~ Uniqlo's Floopy Hat ~ Lovitahilman's Flare Netty Skirt

Ayee Matesss!!
 I wore this outfit to ID Creative Week months ago in Gandaria City, well I think that's the name of the event but I'm not sure thoo. Tbh, this look is one of my fave outfit ever, that's why I took a lot of photos but the quality was not that good. why?? because I never felt so girly feminine girl before and when I put on this skirt and heels, I felt so weird at first but when I looked at myself in the mirror I feel so comfy because I could be girly without trying too hard I guess (?) I personally love the skirt so much because the length is not that short and not that long, its just perf! and the netty detailing is amazeball! So its not too revealing or exposing some skins. When I wore this hat out to public, they were like smirking, whispering and gave a me a 'what the hell' look, it kinda feels intimidated at first but as I walked around with it, I feel happy because that made me different from them. Well, being normal is boring yass? So that's why instead of being normal just be yourself! You may get some death stares at first but as long as you feel great or comfy just be confident mates!! :D

Btw, I'm still on my super long holiday here, I'll enter my college at the beginning of August, still (almost) another month to go. I've been watching a lot of K-Dramas and K-Variety Show a lot here!! So I want to recommend you some here and here's the link to watch kdrama and kvarietyshow with eng subtitle:
1. Drama:
-School 2013, old drama, starring kim woo bin, lee jong suk, jang nara, choi daniel, etc.
-Hotel King, New and still ongoing, starring lee dong wook (♥)
-King of HighSchool, New and still ongoing, starring Seo In Guk, Lee So Hyuk, etc.
-Doctor Stranger, New, starring Lee Jong Suk, Kang Sora, etc. I haven't watch this one yet but I heard its good.
-God's Gift 14 Days, I watched it halfway and it was great!
-Twenty Years Old, starring Gikwang (beast), Aaaaaa~ the story is so sweet :3

2. Variety Show:
-Running Man, do you guys still need explanation for this? :')
-Roommate, funny, real, great, I just love how different type of people were put in the same house and they have to live together as family, there's park bom, chanyeol (exo), lee dong wook and nana (after school).
-We Got Married, my fave couple atm: Hong Jonghyun and Yura (girls' day).
-Let Me In, some girls who were quite unfortunate with their physical appearance were given free plastic surgery and beauty treatment.

Well, I hope you guys find it useful and the link to watch it with english subtitle were mentioned above :)
and if you guys have any recommendations of kdrama and kvarietyshow please leave them in the comment box cause I want to watch more of them during my holiday and for those of you who never watch kdrama and kvarietyshow, do watch it! you'll love it like me :')

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-cheer, michelle
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: Haul: Fashion & Beauty

Ayee Mates!!

I just uploaded haul video on my channel. Disclaimer I did purchased some of the stuffs by myself and I really am grateful for all of these. This is my first time doing haul video and I hope you guys like it. Oh and yes sorry if the video duration is quite long, I promise I'll try to make shorter video in the future :)

Watch my video HERE

-cheer, michelle

Sunday, June 29, 2014


H&M's Cardigan & Bandana ~ Bershka's Button Up ~ Norlive's Plaid Pants ~ Cotton On's Clutch ~ Rubi's Oxford

Ayee Mates!!
Last week was so tiring yet fun at the same time!! First, I went to puncak with my family for 4 days 3 night doing absolutely nothing aside from eating (hufff.. I must gain so much weight.. hikss..) and second, I went for outing or outbound with my church and it was insanely crazy and fun!! I can finally conquer my fear of height there because of one activity and it was the best! But the water activity was the best!! But the togetherness feeling was beyond words! :'))
Ohhhh... btw, I reached 100 followers already! and yes you guys are allowed to said I'm cheesy or lebay still I'm grateful that some of you are actually still read my blog. Yes, I'll do a giveaway soonnnn~ I won't break my own promise yeah! Once again thank you so much matessss~ :D
New video will be soon up on my blog! :)

-cheer, michelle

Sunday, June 22, 2014

10 Summer Essentials ~ TheSwaggieUnicorn x Raise.com

Ayee Mates!!

Summer is finally here!! Well, I'm not really that hype since I'm not an outdoor or summer type of person. I prefer the winter season rather than summer, but I love summer!! Okay, I know I'm weird but summer is just the perfect time to wear crops and short #majorloveee. So in order to survive summer hot weather, here are some of my essentials for the summertime! :))
*photos captured by myself otherwise stated credit*

1. Sunblock & Body Lotion.
 I don't really into that tan skin rave because I think I'll burn if I play under the sun a lot. So the sunscreen is a lifesaver for my skin. I use Thefaceshop's Natural Sun Suncream SPF 50+ for my face which I would sat is my holy grail. During summertime my skin tends to dry a lot so I use lotion before going to sleep.
The Faceshop's Natural Sun Suncream SPF 50+

Victoria's Secret Body Lotion in Pure Daydream

2. Floopy Hat.

My summertime must have accessory! Not just because it covers my whole face but it will look perfect for any occasions :))

3. Sandals.
Aaaa the most comfiest thing on earth #nuffsaid. I love to wear flipflop because its so light and doesn't hurt. I also love platform sandals because it could boost up my height :')
Newlook's Platform Sandals
Ipanema's Flop

4. Shorts.
All time favorite!! I love to wear shorts!! Because I think it gives a silhouette of a longer legs eh? OuO
5. Crops.
Love to wear my crop with hi-waisted pants so it won't be to revealing. Crops is a fun piece to wear during summer because its super light.
6. Sunnies.
I love these because not just because it protect my eyes from the sun ray but it also covers my small eyes #asiansproblem.
7. Summer Dress.
For summertime, I love to wear sleeveless dress that has light material, so I don't have to worry when my sweats breakout. 
H&M's Dress

8. Neon.
This color will look so perfect for tanned people. But I'm still in love with neon colors like so much. Even tough I don't have much neon colors clothing pieces but I own a lot of neon nail polishes and this one is my fave.. 
Beautifulu in Bikini Pink
9. Water.
Its important to keep yourself hydrated during summer! or unless your skin will be super dry and the ion inside our body will lessen? I'm not sure about that but a friend of mine told me that long time ago :')

10. Chevron Pattern.
This pattern is so much funnnnnn~ I'm in love with this pattern since the first time I saw it! :D

That is it for my summer essentials, whats yours?? Tell me~ Leave a comment in the comment box below and maybe you guys could make a blog post like this as well??
And I want to give a little info that raise.com is having a campaign called "Closet Swap"! If you guys don't know what that is here I'll explain for you so, they would love to hear our wardrobe transition into summer :)

Raise.com is a website where you can buy gift cards to your favorite brands at discounted price and you can even sell your unused gift cards hereeee. There are Foreve21, Target, Kohls, Claires, Bed bath & beyond, Pacsun and much more!! If you guys aren't sure what to give as presents, I highly recommend gift cards since the receivers could buy stuffs they love without you have to worry whether they like your gift or not. 

btw, Summer TAG is coming soon on my channel, so stay tuneee!! ;;)

-cheer, michelle
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