Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweet Little Touch

Ayee Mates!!
One little fact of me is that I'm a huge fans of phone casings! I collected tons of them. Everywhere I go, I'll definitely purchase at least one. Almost half of my phone casing were purchased online, because its much cheaper compare to buying them in the mall. For me, phone casings are consider as one of the fashion accessories because it could give the whole look a feel that people can notice. Maybe some of you might think how just a little phone casing can change up the whole look. So I discovered this website EZ Buys Direct that sells cute and affordable casing for our gadgets and I'm going to show you how I would style them up and down.

This is personally what I would wear for my daily style. Since you all know I'm a little bit tomboy and I just can't live without beanie. This cutie bear casing gives a little cute, childish and girly feels from this look that makes it perfect and just how I love it :)

Well this is perfect for going out to a formal events like wedding, birthday party or dinner, etc. This would look perfect for my girly babes out there. The sparkly phone case is just perfect and would definitely stands out from the whole outfit. 

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-cheer, michelle

Thursday, October 16, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: Haul & OOTW: First Week of College

Ayee Mates!!

I uploaded 2 vids for these past 3 weeks and the first one was a haul vid which you can watch it HERE and the second one was an OOTW vid for my first week of college which you can watch it HERE. Hope you mates like them and tell me what vid you want to see from me and my channel and tell me which one is your fave outfit from the OOTW vid ;))

#1 Haul: Fashion & Miscellaneous Stuffs + GIVEAWAY Hint:

#2 #OOTW: First Week of College

-cheer, michelle

Monday, October 6, 2014

Gold Skies

Topshop's Dress ~ Charles & Keith's Bag ~ Rubi's Flats ~ Lolitattoo's Temporary Believe Tattoo

Ayee Mates!!
Okay, this is kinda a random post, because I took these photos a long time ago even before I dyed my hair to brown. I did this random photoshoot when I attended my relative's birthday party and I just admired her house lawn like so so much, because it looks like one of those typical classic american house to me and I always adore that kind of house. So without giving a second thought I asked my sis to take my OOTD photos and lets just say I love the result like hella so muchh, thanks siss! :*
Also just a little update from me that I've been super busy with college's assignments and uni organizations. I got a lot of homeworks and group works, its not easy. Like even during class its hard for me to keep up with the lecturer's words. Well, welcome to college's life michelle. Maybe its not as good as what I imagine before but I'm still trying to keep up with everything and wish me luck guys for my college's life :')
Btw, I've been obsess with Martin Garrix's Songs so much lately, do check them out HERE. Its EDM genre btw, so if you don't really like loud music, I'm pretty sure you won't be liking it. but yeah :)

Watch my latest Haul Video HERE:

-cheer, michelle

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Forever21's Graphic Tank & Necklace ~ Baleno's Flannel ~ H&M's Jeans ~ Converse's Shoes

Ayee Mates!!
Around 2 weeks ago, I met up and did a photoshoot with my bae kak Sonya from A Little Color :) We had fun time gossiping and laughing and eating puyo! I invaded her camera for this photoshoot because her camera's lens is just too damn good!! Thanks kak onya for letting me taking photos with your camera hehehe I seriously going to save money and getting a nicer lens in the future -finger crossed- :')
The tank said "I Love Rock & Roll" and I must admit that rock is -hands down- my second fave music genre after EDM. I love Boys Like Girls, Greenday, Paramore and of course.. 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!! -wooppppp- any 5SOS fans here? My fave member is Luke Hemimings a.k.a my future boyfie (#iwish), I bought their album and I love all of the tracks! This outfit was also inspired by some rock stars, flannels, skinny jeans and converse are like their main fashion points. Like this..

Luke Hemmings from 5SOS

5SOS (L-R): Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood

// Photos with My Bae //

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-cheer, michelle

Friday, September 26, 2014

Chelle's Review: Alice Lovely by S.H.E's Soft-Lens

Ayee Matess!
First of all, let me tell you that this is not a sponsored post. Let me tell you as well that I never even once wore a soft-lens before because I never have the guts to try, but a lot of people telling me to try them because I always said my eyes are super small and they recommended me to try out soft-lens. I did once tried it before but it was a major fail. So this time I'm giving it another try and I almost give up in trying yesterday but by the help of my girls I finally can wear soft-lens #proudmoment. Since I love the result like so so much, I decided to make a review and hoping that this post could help some of you who are about to try soft-lens as well, so here you go.. *p.s. I also did attached a before after of me with and without softlens :)

// The Photo + Facts //

First photo: The package arrived securely wrapped in a paper envelope. This is the front side and it came with the soft-lens storage, which is a good thing because I haven't own any soft-lens storage before so this is an emergency storage and its PINK! The box packaging looks super adorable as well :3

Second photo:  The back side, I kid you not, seriously this is the most adorable packaging I've ever seen for soft-lens. I bought them in Brown color.

Third photo: The side view which is just a simple code. 

Fourth photo: Here's what came from inside the box, the soft-lens! The sealing is super tight so don't worry about the sterile safety. The diameter is 14.5 btw :)

  // The Review //

Well, maybe because its the first time for me to use soft-lens, I still feel quite uncomfortable with it. It made my eyes dried too fast, so I need to apply eye-drop thingy to my eyes. It sticks quite great to my eyes thoo~ I meant its easy to wear them despite its my first time wearing them. So, I bought this soft-lens for IDR 40k only (exclude shipping fee), the online shop is having a promotion IDR 120k for 3 pairs of soft-lens and my friend bought the other 2 pairs. This soft-lens also come in the gray color, which I'll try them soon :)
Btw, for all of you beginners out there who wanted to try out using soft-lens, I recommend to have a friend who's an expert in soft-lens thingy watching you while you're using the soft-lens because seriously it helps a lot! Like 3 friends of mine help me while using them and it doesn't take me hours to waste like I did when I tried them myself, it just like around half an hour and I can finally wear soft-lens. Like at first, I was hesitant when I was about to put them in my eyes but my friend, jess she pushed my finger and the soft-lens just went straight in so yeah, thanks a lot girls :* :*

// The Results //


// Before and After //

// The Ratings //

Price: 4.5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Comfort level: 3.5 out of 5
Sterile Safety: 4.5 out of 5
Will I purchase them again? Yappp! :)

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Btw, I need ur help like so so much, can you please vote for my photo for the galeries la fayette's fashion is you contest? You can click this link -> you can simply click the 'vote' button~ thanks mates, it really means a lot to me :)

-cheer, michelle
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's on MichelleSanjaya's Instagram this August 2014!

Ayee Mates!! 
So starting from the month of August, I'll be doing a some kind of a 'recap' of what had happened on my life through my instagram's photos. Well, let me tell u something, instagam is like my -hands down- fave social media ever. I just love photography and I think a picture really worth thousands of meanings. I'm starting on August because I'm bored and September haven't end yet, so why not start from August rite? So here ya goooo~ don't forget to follow me on ig @michellesanjaya :)

My current Instagram's profile display

1 August 2014
"#blogged: too good on #TheSwaggieUnicorn ��"

 2 August 2014
"da best milkshake evaa @johnnyrocketsid~ ����"

5 August 2014
"thankies @abigailnic_abby & @gabrielsanjayas for these! �������� #latepost well better late than never ehh?" - One of the best present that I got for  my bday :)

6 August 2014
"today with the chicas ������ #YASSSS" - My freshmen enrichment program, yap I'm a college student now! :)

7 August 2014
"#blogged: Gangsta Rap on #theswaggieunicorn �� | ft. mesh top from @lovitahilman & snapback from @lofjkt ��"

10 August 2014
"doneee! Thanks BC and Buddies! ���� #FEP #binusian2018 #BAS07 ����" - my freshmen enrichment program his finally over and I had tons of fun with all of my friends :)

11 August 2014
"hipstaaaa!! {vintage moschino's vest from my grandma, tap for details} ����" #OOTD (TheSwaggieUnicorn's Beanie, Forever21's Tee & Jeans, Vintage Moschino's Denim Vest, HnM's Slip On

13 August 2014
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINS! ������ I may not be the best sis in the world, we don't really talk that much, we're 100% completely and totally different, but no matter what you're still the best brotha cause you always gave everything up to full fill my selfishness (except for watching movie, you always win that!) ANYWAY LOVE YA TO THE MOON AND BACK BABY BROOO~ ����" 

15 August 2014
"fridates ����" - girls day out with le princesses

16 August 2014
"#words. �� {btw, ask me anything on} ��"

18 August 2014
""to live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong" -Joseph Chilhon Pearce ����"

20 August 2014
"peek-a-BOO! ���� Found this cutie at @dobudon SMS! ����" - Its a doughnut! :3

21 August 2014
"#blogged: empty on #theswaggieunicorn ��"

23 August 2014
"#uploaded: weekend vlog + OOTD on #BooItsMichelle ��"

26 August 2014
"I need ur help mates for this fashion is you contest held by galleries Lafayette~ please vote for my photo by click this link and click vote and you're done �� please please please vote thanks a bunch :))" - Vote for me by click the link here: and click 'VOTE!' thanks! :)

28 August 2014
"don't stop doin' what you're doin' ����" - Nu Hair

29 August 2014
"yesterday's impulsive shopping #ijustcant ����������" - HAHAHA any 5SOS' fan here? btw, Luke Hemmings is MINE :p

31 August 2014
"OFFICIALY BINUSIAN 2018! Thanks BAS07's BC and Buddies! ���������� #binusian2018 #bas07" - yes I'm a binusian :')

So a lot of things happened on the month of August. Especially my freshmen enrichment program. I'm super excited and nervous for college but so far so good thoo~ The friends are great and for the lesson well its still a little hard for me to keep up with the lecturers and taking note in class. Oh and yeah I've been loving this rock band from ausie called 5SOS (in case you don't know) and they're amazing!! Tbh, I love rock and EDM type of songs so yeah its not surprising that I love 5SOS despite their derpiness and good looking. I also posted a lot of OOTD there so yeah follow me on instagram for more photos and just reached me there if you have anything to say or ask to me because I'll always be on my instagram (almost!) 24/7, yes I'm just that crazy :')

-cheer, michelle
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