Wednesday, August 28, 2013


ayee mate!

yes by the title you'd be thinking that I'm a 22 years old girl but I'm not. I just turned 17 on July and the 22 here I mean is Taylor Swift's song '22' :D
I just love that song so so much because f the lyrics and the beat! its so fun and catchy to my ear ;
especially this part:
"You don't know bout me but I bet you want to" 
that's a little something for all of my haters out there, who pretend not to know I'm exist and just judge me like they know everything. just tell me tho if you're curious and want to know bout me and maybe tell me how a fan you are to me (bahahahaha!! JKAYYYY)

so last Saturday I met up with my friend that I met from blog as well her name is Dittha from . she's so sweet and funny and a very nice girl, I had so much fun last Saturday just talking, laughing and did a little photoshoot. so here are the pictures: 

me and dittha! it was nice meeting you girl! :D
st michael's skort ~ cotton on's chain necklace ~ unbranded tee & oxford shoes

btw I'm so so sorry for not being here a lot >.<
its because I'm so busy with school and I'm also trying to manage my online shop in more professional way, well I set up an online store on instagram under the name xAuthenticityx and I'm trying to do the products shoot in more professional as well but its so hard to manage my school life and blog/youtube and also my online shop. like especially I'm in grade 12 social and I just need to kick my butt of in learning in order to graduate from high school -sigh- I really am going to miss high school a lot :')

-cheer, michelle

Thursday, August 15, 2013

the name is Michelle

dress: polo ralph lauren ~ bag: the little things she needs ~ creepers: new look ~ socks: my aunt's ~ cap: my baby cap (yes Im wearing my baby cap :p)

hows holiday guys?? mine was quite awful since I'm sick (and yes I'm typing this while holding up the pain on my head and tummy) its just feel weird to be sick during holiday. since its the time for like having fun, but well its better rather than I'm sick on school day ._.

Ahhhhhhhh just wanna share a bit of my inspirit's feeling did ya guys know infinite is coming to jakarta??? Ahhhhh I really want to go but yeah let me check my wallet -empty- hahahah :') I really want to see all of them in person and listen to their songs directly but there is no hope and Girls' generation is also coming to Jakarta!!!! the ticket fee is so expensive! its even much more expensive than bigbang :s :s is there anyone out there who would be generous enough to buy me the tickets for both concert? tee-heee :p

-cheer, michelle
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