Sunday, September 29, 2013



OMGGGG~ the weather is so hot lately and I'm in a wrong costume here -_- 
I'm wearing my (quite) thick jumper to layer it with the dress because its quite cold in the church but afterward I regret wearing this jumper, its not the best idea ever.
even though there are some wind blowing but the vibe is still so hot.

my super weird hair -_-
united color of benetton's jumper (vintage collection) ~ tailor made dress (worn underneath the jumper) ~ Mulberry Alexa bag ~ rubi's shoes ~ forever21's necklace ~ xAuthenticityx's ring

I love my purple benetton's jumper that I got hand-me-down from my grandma so much! x3
First, its because of the quality. It is so thick and perfect for the cold season (well its not even a little bit cool today -_-). even though my grandma has own this since she was young, the jumper doesn't even has any hole or anything, it still as perfect as new.
Second, purple = BIEBER!! 
get that beliebers?? ;;) if you don't, Justin Bieber's favorite color is Purple and there's just something when you have a thing that match your idol's fave color :')
I love Justin Bieber like so so much, yes I know I always talked about kpop here but there's a secret that I love Justin Bieber so much -hands down-
I love all of his songs. especially from the new album BELIEVE. his voice is so sexyyyyy~ can't believe that he used to sand one time, one less lonely girl, baby, etc. back then his voice is just so sweet and puberty his voice became so sexyyyyyy -fangirl moment-

so yeahhhhh, that is all for today post like I'm sorry for the fangirling moment. 
FYI, I'm going to share more random stuffs here in my blog. so its not just going to be fashion but also about beauty. I have youtube channel that mainly do fashion-beauty-haul video but its so hard to film a video rather than taking picture. so today I claim my blog as Fashion & Beauty Blog :D

-cheer, michelle

Sunday, September 15, 2013

made in the USA

Ayee Mates!

sorry for not being here much since I'm so busy with my personal life (a.k.a school), I've started my PM (pendalaman materi or additional lessons for National Exams Subjects) like 2 weeks ago and I'm so tired because of that (plus not to forget tons of HWs). so yeah that's like why I've gone for quite a long time (I know I'm a bad blogger but I'm trying to fix that). 

gifted crop tee ~ Skylarstore (instagram's shop)'s circle skirt ~ Vincci's flats ~ cotton on's chain necklace ~ charles jourdan's bag

I'm loving Demi Lovato's song Made in the USA like so so much! the melody, beat, lyrics, etc just feel perfect to me. Demi Lovato is so cool, I love her like so so much (well I used to loved Selena Gomez so much but I guess Demi is my fave now :p)

"No matter how far we go, I want the whole world to know
I want you bad, and I wont have it any other way
No matter what the people say,
I know that we'll never break"
-Demi Lovato-Made in the USA

 -cheer, michelle