Sunday, November 25, 2012



Happy Sunday Folks!!
confession time! I'm not a big fan of jeans precisely long jeans, I feel weird if I wore long jeans but for every Sunday or Tuesday (the day I go to the church) I have to use long jeans so its appropriate. and today I wore my unbranded jeans but it is so comfortable.

bershka union jack shawl ~ vincci flats ~ charles & keith bag


its cold in my church so I'm wearing the shawl to keep my neck warm and I think its still related to fall/winter look rite??

obsessed with this flats lately, so comfy!
okay maybe its going to be my last post for this month cause on Thursday I'll be having my final exam until Monday, 10 December 2012 then I'll be having my ret-ret (like camping but not outside) with my school YAY! looking forward to it. and wish me luck for the final exam guys! x3
 and so till then SEE YA!! c:


Saturday, November 24, 2012

fall/wintery? ~ HBD Ema Sunter


fall (or is it winter already?), the first thing that pop up on my mind are sweaters, hoodie, knit, oversized and so on. today is raining (as you can see in the picture) + the weather is kinda cool, so I decided to do the fall/wintery look today :)

stradivarius knit cardigan ~  new look tnaktop ~ vincci flats

the knit cardigan is so comfy and so warm. the cardigan is actually not mine but it belongs to my grandma and I'm just borrowing it from her :)

today I went to sunter for my grandma's (in sunter, I got 2 grandmas from my dad) birthday party. we had tumpeng and just chitty chatty things but not for me, I'm watching almost all 2ne1's MV on MTV Asia d:

Happy birthday ema sunter!! :)
Wish u all the best & God Bless u!!  ♥ 
*p.s its her 80 birthday

super kawaii girl!! x3

so anyway Final Exam starting next Thursday!! OMG!! Aaaaa!! I'm panicking here, don't know why I feel so nervous cause the score goes 50% to the final report card x_x wish me luck guys I really need that 
-finger crossed- :)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012



I love my statement crop sweater with the word "RACY" written on it. its just that a lot of people being so racy and i guess it is so not important to care about other people race, I mean people just need to mind their own business because in God's eyes we're all equal and the same :)

me personally,  because of my chinese look. but I'm gonna admit that my eyes is too small rite?? yes I used to hate it (well till now still but not that much) but I felt that's my uniqueness (?) there's still tons of people with (even) small eyes than me and just be Proud of Yourself!! :D you're beautiful and you're worth it ♥ 

unbranded sweater & shorts // rubi canvas shoes

 Stop Racism Now!! xD
Spread Peace & Love c;

so anyway last week I've had a dinner at Gowagyu steak near my house, recommendation from my cousin, he said it is very delicious, me, my aunt and my grandma was like curious about it so we went there for dinner and the price of the foods & beverages is still reasonable for all people and also for students. me ordered spaghetti carbonara for myself and my aunt & grandma ordered the gowagyu steak, I tried it and yes it is very delicous c: the meat is very tender, Must Try!! x3

a very cute design of the interior, with wood everywhere d:
so you can reach gowagyu here:

Jl. Pesanggrahan 28 E Kembangan, Puri
Jakarta Barat (dekat Ranch Market) |
Telp. 021 - 5820527 & 021 - 5820528

and I'll be having holiday for the next 4 days -woot woot- but too bad next week is like misery week for me cause we got a lot of tests and also assignments and projects -sobs- wish me a lot of luck!! I need that like seriously -peace- ^^


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

crop and hi-waist


ripcurl crop top // new look shorts // charles jourdan postman bag // the little thing she need strappy sandals

well I know its so not autumn/fall look, its more to summer look but this pic is taken a month ago where Jakarta is still so hot x_x and now Jakarta is having it rainy day and I'm so going to make an outfit post to match the weather soon!! ;)

I miss blogging :(
but lately I couldn't control my time and I got confuse easily and also there's a lot of distraction. Well mostly when I about to study there always must be distraction, my phone and android is the biggest distraction for me. Especially when I open instagram and doing some window online shopping, I just can't stop!! Now I made a schedule I hope I could manage my time and I could do everything properly -amen- :D

My so Random Pose x3
hahaha!! my aunt asked me to move around but its hard for me to move and since my camera is just phone camera d: I couldn't take an amazing photos (?) D: 

OMG!! mandarin!! why??
it is so Hard!! x_x especially when u have to read the tone for every word its just so hard .-. and tomorrow I have my mandarin for my first and second period, great!! have to keep my eyes open or else.. :>

ahahaha see u guys tomorrow, maybe? I have to go, do my e-conversation & akun hw, print economy and sociology hw and study mandarin -_-
byeee ♥


Saturday, November 3, 2012



its been a while since my last post. I've been very busy (and lazy!) lately that i keep on forgot to post something on my blog and i wanted to post something earlier but i got a very bad headache, so i hibernate for today d: and this post was taken a couple of weeks ago.

i wore an oversized sweater which is very comfortable and cozy at the same time. i love to wear oversized sweater and if you're not feeling well or cold, oversized sweater is going to be your new bestfriend seriously x3 well for me it is d: oversized sweaters were always gonna be my bestfriends. i used it all the time especially its rainy season already here in Indonesia (YAY!!) ♥

sweater a gift from my grandma // rubi flats

the detail of my sweater, i love stripes and also the pocket there x3

wear the sweaters like how they did :)
*p.s. I'm a fan of kpop so if you don't mind all the pictures are all kpop stars d:

i love how they look cool without trying hard (?) :D or how fashion blogger ci elle used it click here :) i adore her cute look x3 very kawaii~