Sunday, January 31, 2016

Good for You

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Ayee Mates!!
Just done with my first week of finals and one more week to go. I'm tired of studying and I don't feels like this shits gonna help me in the future (I know I'll regret it in the future) but I just don't see myself being an accountant or auditor in a company or bank. I want to do related to fashion or okay maybe it's okay being an accountant or auditor as long as I'm working in a fashion or beauty industry/company. Taking accounting as my major field in college wasn't really my first (and never once) my choice. I took it because my parents were against my idea of taking fashion business as my major, ever since my choice got rejected I told them that I don't care anymore because whatever I did they will go against it, so here I am dreading my life in accounting life. The only good thing that I could see from my POV in accounting are my friends. That's it. Not even the subjects. I'm not surprise. I know it since I was still in primary that I'm not good at doing maths and counting but yet my major involves me to do heavy counting #thankyou. I can say that my grades were okay they weren't bad but it's not perfect either. My parents said that I need to improve when I was still on my first semester. I did improved. But they said it wasn't good enough when they saw my semester2's grades. The conclusion is that I will never be good enough for them and they don't even think how hard it is for me to get here with my adequate counting skills. They don't realize the pressure they gave me put me into a situation where I just want to give up on life at some point. I just want to hear the word "I'm/we're proud of you" for once. Isn't that too much? 
*sorry for the long blabbering post*

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Asian Dolce Latte, My New Found Love in Starbucks!!

Baked Rice from SushiNaru, Gading Serpong, Tangerang

20k-ish Sushi from SushiNaru, Gading Serpong, Tangerang
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finals OMG

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Ayee Mates!!
A quick #OOTD post for this week because I can't promise you I'll be active here on all my internet's life. My finals starts next week and OMGGGG!! Can't believe 3rd semester just goes by like that, it's been great, the friends, the vibes and the schedule, not the lecturers thoo lol #sorry. Anyway, this is the outfit that I wore on my grandma's birthday, we went to church in the morning and lunch afterward, I made a whole video about it which you can watch right HERE :)) Anyway, a lot of people said that I look like a kid with this look, they said everything makes me look like a junior high school student. I don't know whether should be happy or no hahaha on the good side that means I have a baby face eh? HAHAHAA. Don't forget to watch my latest video and have an amazing week, God bless and tell me how's your week and how you've been doing lately, I'm just curious ;;)

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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Ayee Mates!
Today I want to talk about one clothing piece that always reminds me of my childhood and it's still one of the "IT" thing in fashion industry, it is a Jumpsuits or Playsuits or Dungaree or Pinafore which I always called them. I personally love jumpsuit which is the pants one or dungaree because it is so comfy and effortlessly cool but one thing I hate about this thing it always bothers me every time I'm about to pee at public because I have to stripped down lol, so that's why they invented a playsuit or a pinafore which is the skirt one, I prefer this one so much better because it's comfy, it doesn't bother me every time I have to go to the toilet and it makes me look a little bit girlier and I always look like a kid every time I wear a jumpsuit or playsuit. 
I found a couple of jumpsuits and playsuits that I think looks so cute yet affordable from Zalora. I prefer shopping at Zalora because they take COD (Cash on Delivery) which I can pay once I received my package, cool huh? Here are my picks from that website :))

1. Black Romper - I could pair this with a statement jacket or wear it just like that and it's in black color. You can never go wrong with black eh?

2. Denim Dungaree - Classic piece that will never go out of style :))

3. White Romper - Yup, my explanation about this romper will be not much different with the black one lol since I'm a monochrome babe. 

4. Cold Shoulder Romper - I once heard that shoulders are one of the body part that doesn't gain fats? (correct me if I'm wrong), Shoulder is one of my best physical feature so that's why I love something like sabrina top so much and it'll make me look a little bit girlier :')

Btw, I got featured in @CosmoGirl_Ind Magazine's January issue! OMGG THANKYOU SO MUCH COSMOGIRL!! and thankyou so much oliv for telling me about it :))

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Thursday, January 7, 2016


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Ayee Mates!!
How's your day? Btw I haven't wish you all happy new year 2016 may all the blessings and prosperity be with you all throughout this year #AMEN, someone told me that I cannot not have a resolution for every year, he told me that resolution is important so it could guide us throughout the year, well I have to agree on this one, SO my resolution for this year is "Stay Positive" both in actions and words. Well I hope this blog and me youtube channel could be a starting platform for me to spread out positive impacts for everyone :)) 

"R U OK?"

YOU are too important for no one to ask you this. It's a simple question but never underestimate how much it could mean to someone if you ask them. There are a lot of people waiting for someone to ask them this. This question could open their eyes and see how much they are valuable, appreciated and cared for. Reach out to people, I'm one of the person who have the tendency to be ignorant with my surrounding until I realized how much I wanted someone to ask me this question when I was down at the lowest point of my life. So please open your eyes and take a look around if any of your friends seems to be down, reach them out and ask "R U OK?" , Oohh and also I'm very happy and glad to help you all out if you have any story and burden that you would like to tell but you're afraid to share it with anyone? Just email me and line me if that's necessary, my contacts are available 24/7 if you guys want to tell me anything or "curhat", I promise I won't tell anyone, it's going to be secret between you and me *winkwink*, this is my first step of action to be more positive and being a helping hand if some of you happens need my help :D
Oohh and BTW I'm not saying I'm the most positive person evur, I made mistake a lot and I break down on my knees crying thinking all these problems that happen will never end and one way to end all this pain is suicide but NO! it doesn't end the chances of life getting worse, suicide eliminates the possibility of if getting better, this too shall pass!
"Don't be afraid, for I am with you! Don't be frightened, for I am your God! I strengthen you -yes, I help you -yes, I uphold you with my saving right hand" -Isaiah 41:10
"He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wound." -Psalms 147:3 
If you happen couldn't tell your story to anyone pray to God, He always listening and He'll help you get through it, I promise because I told you before, when I was at the lowest point of my life, no one's there for me (because I cannot tell my story to anyone, I was too embarrassed) I prayed to God for help and He did help! But of course have Faith! :))

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