Thursday, October 4, 2012

mad for british


as you can see im madly in love with anything london or england or union jack and everything!! and i just got a replica of union jack (well i got it around a month ago but just made the photoshoot with it) !! YAY!!  i don't know why but there's just something fun and cool in union jack :D

i love London and really want to go to London so badly!! i love the street style and the people everyone is nice and the british accent!! hahaha well i love everything :p

new look's tank top & shorts // ugg boots replica

trying to look cool with my 'rock&roll' style but i guess i failed .-.

outer from cotton on

 my aunt just went to London last month and she bought a lot of british stuffs and it is so cool!! everything!! :D

its an english breakfast tea


well i won't be able to blog for awhile cause mid term exam is coming next week and better study cause this mark will go 30% to my final report card .-.
so till then! take care~ :D



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  3. cute! i love the union jack as well!
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    1. me too :3
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  4. union jack! cool *_*

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  5. i love british too!
    great phos