Wednesday, November 7, 2012

crop and hi-waist


ripcurl crop top // new look shorts // charles jourdan postman bag // the little thing she need strappy sandals

well I know its so not autumn/fall look, its more to summer look but this pic is taken a month ago where Jakarta is still so hot x_x and now Jakarta is having it rainy day and I'm so going to make an outfit post to match the weather soon!! ;)

I miss blogging :(
but lately I couldn't control my time and I got confuse easily and also there's a lot of distraction. Well mostly when I about to study there always must be distraction, my phone and android is the biggest distraction for me. Especially when I open instagram and doing some window online shopping, I just can't stop!! Now I made a schedule I hope I could manage my time and I could do everything properly -amen- :D

My so Random Pose x3
hahaha!! my aunt asked me to move around but its hard for me to move and since my camera is just phone camera d: I couldn't take an amazing photos (?) D: 

OMG!! mandarin!! why??
it is so Hard!! x_x especially when u have to read the tone for every word its just so hard .-. and tomorrow I have my mandarin for my first and second period, great!! have to keep my eyes open or else.. :>

ahahaha see u guys tomorrow, maybe? I have to go, do my e-conversation & akun hw, print economy and sociology hw and study mandarin -_-
byeee ♥



  1. nice blog. :)
    do you like to follow each other? let me know, it would be nice.
    thank you :)

    1. thankies!! x3
      and yes followed dear :) folback please??

      xoxo, michelle

  2. hahahaha so many stuffs you must done yaaa :D
    anyway you look adorable! ♥
    good luck with your stuffs :))

    1. yes hahaha and thank u so much :)
      what a cute blog u have there x3 mind to folback me?? that will be nice ♥

      xoxo, michelle