Saturday, October 5, 2013

review: Mustache Me Cafe

ayee mates!!
this is my first time doing a review here on my blog and I'm sorry if the review is not that good. since I'm still learning how to review stuffs. so yesterday I went to citra six to eat at Ninotcha but it was way too crowded and there's no more empty table left. so I decided to went to the Mustache me cafe since the name and the decor attracts me. so sorry for the bad quality picture, I took all of the pictures with my phone camera since I dont bring my DSLR with me :)

their logo! isn't it cute?? :3

// The Foods //

fettucine carbonara (4 out of 5, definitely will back for more) IDR 24000

chicken steik in black peper sauce (3 out 5, too spicy) IDR 32000

chicken gordon bleu (4 out of 5, delishhhh) IDR 35000

cookies and scream shake (4 out of 5, refreshing) IDR 24000

lava cake (4 out of 5, if only the ice creams were vanilla) IDR 20000
sweet ice tea (5 out of 5, free refill plus you got a mustache ;;)) IDR 5000

 I honestly say that the food was delicious and affordable. but the chicken steik was too spicy for me since I'm not a fan of spicy stuffs. the decorations were great but I don't like the lightning there. it was too dark. the service was quite awkward (well 'm not sure why) but if you ask me will I be back, I will definitely say YES because of the fettucine and cookies and cream shake.

foods: 4 out of 5
service: 3.5 out of 5
decorations: 3.5 out of 5

sixth avenue, citra 6 blok J5a/25
west jakarta
021-290 30019 

I hope you guys enjoyed it and if t you guys have any question or more information about the place, dont hesitate to leave it down in the comment box or tweet me @BooItsMichelle :)

-cheer, michelle
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