Sunday, January 12, 2014

review: The Body Shop's Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

Ayee Mates!!

I come up with a new section called 'review', I believe by the title itself is so self-explanatory rite? in this sections I'll be doing a review about a lot of things, fashion or beauty products, places (restaurant, etc.), websites and much more. the reason why I want to make this section is because of my love for beauty and yes I'm turning into a makeup junkie nowadays and our family culinary love. for this section I'm giving my personal or honest opinion. so without further ado, lets get started! ;)

For the first post I'm going to review about a face cleanser from the body shop and this one is from their seaweed line that is suitable for oily-combination skin. I heard this product for the first time from Christy or known as VerbalClouds on youtube and she's using the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, she said that it works well in one of her video, so since how she described her skin type match mine as well so I decided to get one as well but I got the face cleanser first since its not expensive as the mask.

Just a quick FYI, that my face is oily-combination and yet sensitive type. I got quite a few dots of fats or oil on my face, well I'm not also sure but a lady in the beauty counter said that the fats or oil make my skin oily, so that's why I choose The Body Shop's Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash. I once read in a book that if you want to try out new product leave it for 2 weeks and see the changes on your face. here I don't take any pictures of my face but I asked my aunt to judge how my face has change.

This cleanser has gel consistency and the hole where the liquid will come has small size but it'll come so fast from the hole, so I suggest to be careful when you open the cap or a big amount of liquid will come. when you apply this on to your face, your skin would feel this cool-minty feel to your face. massage it to all over your face and even to your neck then rinse it with water.

On the first day my aunt said that my has less dots of fats-oil but after 2 weeks of using this product, instead of lessen my fats-oil, there's more of it and additional of some pimples! -_- I stop using it directly.

Well maybe this product is actually a good one because I saw a lot of good reviews and its even included in of their best-sellers. or maybe it just doesn't work or suit my face skin type :')
// Pictures //

the front part of the bottle

the back part of the bottle

open the lid and this is what you see

gel consistency but very liquid-ish

the price IDR 89000 /US$7.41
// Overall //

-score: 2 out of 5
-price: $$
-will I be re-purchase it again: no

So that's the end of this review and I hope it'll be helpful for some of you. sorry if there are some lack of information since I'm not use to it before. help me and correct me if I'm wrong :)

-cheer, michelle
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  1. OMG! I have tried this one and ya I'm totally agree with you! :)

  2. Nice review, thanks for sharing dear :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. I've never seen this product before! I usually don't like cleansers with a gel formula anyways though.

  4. thank you for the review, i actually like reading reviews. helps with what to try. and same here as the above commenter, dont really like gel formulas as well, they seem to dry out your face faster.

  5. I must say that I am a body shop freak! cause all of my products (well lets say 90% not to exaggerate) are from body shop, but seaweed from them does not suit my skin. great review!

  6. I've tried other body shop products and have had similar experiences where it starts to work and seems great but in the long run doesn't help at all. Maybe it was just the placebo effect. I don't have oily skin so this would probably really irritate me, but I guess it might not even work well even if I did have that kind of skin. o_o

    Christine from Invisible Blush

  7. Thanks for sharing... I am glad this product wasent amazing because the body shop now DO test on animals but have kept that very quite. That was previously one of their biggest marketing points so I think its very sneaky that they changed their policies but kept it very quite. Thanks for sharing <3

  8. thanks for the information so we don't get misled by false advertising! haha