Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fashion Heaven? GRAND INDONESIA!

Ayee Mates!!

Holiday means meeting up with people, staying up and waking up late, lazying around and the most important thing is doing stuff you love!! for me it'll be reading novels, watching youtube, making more youtube videos, dressing up and of course SHOPPING!!! *p.s I'm a shopaholic, I admit that, don't judge me.

In case many of you are wondering where to shop here in Jakarta since I know some of my readers came from outside Jakarta and even abroad. They might be curious what cool place to visit when they're here in J-Town rite? since Jakarta are mostly inhabit by malls, there are hundreds of them I believe, I recommend you guys to go to mall (since the weather in Jakarta is freakingly hot! the only cool place with AC would be mall). "but you said there are hundreds of them? its such a waste of time to visit each mall one by one michelle!" < that's what you probably think eh? No worries lemme start giving you guys a brief into about my favorite mall, Grand Indonesia! :D

Located on the Central Jakarta, making this place to be very popular and easy to reach by a lot of people. Plus this mall is huge, they're divided into 2 parts, the East Mall and West Mall. The interior of this mall is very luxurious and unique at the same time, the first 3 floors may seems to be luxurious but when you go up, there's like a theme for some area! there are china town, broadway, and more. You'll never regret taking pictures here. Most Indonesian think that this Grand Indonesia Mall is too high-class because a lot of high-end brands but there are a lot of retail store as well like Forever21, Pull&Bear, H&M, Topshop, much more. The department store here in Grand Indonesia is Seibu, they offer VAT refund here (that's a bonus!).

I personally love shopping at Grand Indonesia, especially visiting the Forever21 and H&M here. Since its the largest branch here in Indonesia. Recently I went crazy shopping there to release my stress cause by the exams~ hahaha FASHION HEAVEN :") 
 Grand Indonesia also like to do bazaar sometimes. Like Market&Museum? which I find it very interesting! :D

Here's a picture of the mall:

Trust me guys, come to Grand Indonesia Mall if you happen to be in J-Town! You'll love it. You have a lot of options to shop here ;;)

-cheer, michelle