Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweet Little Touch

Ayee Mates!!
One little fact of me is that I'm a huge fans of phone casings! I collected tons of them. Everywhere I go, I'll definitely purchase at least one. Almost half of my phone casing were purchased online, because its much cheaper compare to buying them in the mall. For me, phone casings are consider as one of the fashion accessories because it could give the whole look a feel that people can notice. Maybe some of you might think how just a little phone casing can change up the whole look. So I discovered this website EZ Buys Direct that sells cute and affordable casing for our gadgets and I'm going to show you how I would style them up and down.

This is personally what I would wear for my daily style. Since you all know I'm a little bit tomboy and I just can't live without beanie. This cutie bear casing gives a little cute, childish and girly feels from this look that makes it perfect and just how I love it :)

Well this is perfect for going out to a formal events like wedding, birthday party or dinner, etc. This would look perfect for my girly babes out there. The sparkly phone case is just perfect and would definitely stands out from the whole outfit. 

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-cheer, michelle

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