Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hat Snapback Beanies Collection 2015

Ayee Mates!!
I made a video of my hat beanies and snapback collection because I'm a hat-wear collector. I've been collecting these since the longest time ever. Some of them were gifted but most of the time I bought it with my own money. If you can't tell but most of my collection are dominated by black color because I just love black too much and I'm a monochrome unicorn. Plus black goes with everything. Watch my vid HERE

1. Forever21's Black Fedora

2. Uniqlo's Floppy Hat

3. Loonystore's Bucket Hat

4. Thrifted Reversible Bucket Hat

5. Supreme's Beanie

6. SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Customized Beanie

7. SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's "SWAG" Beanie

8. Supreme's Beanie with Pompom

9. Bugis Night Market's Arale Cap

10. DOPE's Floral Snapback

11. Bugis Night Market's Obey Snapback

12. EXO "WOLF" Inspired

13. Forever21's Acrylic "HOT" Snapback

14. H&M's Graphic Snapback

15. Gifted Acrylic "OBEY" Snapback

16. H&M's Reversible Snapback

17. Leap of Faith's "Believe" Snapback

18.GDragon Inspired "Get Out" Snapback

19. Unbranded Black Snapback

20. DOPE Snapback

21. GDragon Inspired "Bad Girl Good Girl" Snapback

22. Gifted NY Leather Snapback

// Watch My Latest Vid HERE //

Thanks for watching and reading my post. Leave me a comment which one is your fave out of all. Proper fashion post is coming soon on #TheSwaggieUnicorn :)

-cheer, michelle
snapchat: booitsmichelle


  1. falling in love with your collection, and your fedora is my favourite! :)

  2. i love wolf and get out cap 'cause i love exo and GD xoxo :)

  3. I love all of these hats so much! <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. wow amazing collection!!

  5. omg love your hat collection ! im such a fan of hat too !!!
    it is like an essential items for fashion blogger like us !

    mind to follow each other?