Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Themed Wedding for #TheSwaggieUnicorn

Ayee Mates!!
For this post I might get a little stray away from my usual fashion-beauty post. This time I want to talk bout umm.. wedding inspiration? TheSwaggieUnicorn is getting tired of college and just wanting to get married asap lol but she still going solo.. #awkward :')
Anyway a little information about me~ Fall is my fave weather out of all I must say because it's not too hot nor too cold (well it's still bearable) and it's always a dream of me to visit a country during fall season (since we don't have fall here in Indonesia) and my goal is to have a wedding ceremony under the withering maple leafs~ Aaaa~ I need to save up from now on. Anyway again today I decided to create my fall themed wedding inspiration board, hope you guys find it interesting and helpful :D

1. The Bride's Wedding Dress and Groom's Tuxedo
I find it this is the most crucial for me since especially I love fashion to death! This will be the first top on my wedding-checklist and I want to make my wedding day special since it is def. a once in a lifetime opportunity. For the wedding dress I don't really like something too grand I guess~ I enjoy simple white gown just like what I found from Vera Wang, OMGG~ It's stunning, gorgeous and elegant, perfect! For the shoes can I personally asked for this Charlotte Olympia Cinderella Heels please? While for the groom (call me old-fashion but) I like something simple and classy like this black tux that I found on a website called The Black Tux, the cutting is just perfect and all black makes it even more interesting~ I can imagine my future groom (cameron dallas) wearing this and #ijustcant lol :')

2. Wedding Cakes
Since I still want to make it fall theme~ I pick this one out of all as my fave. Hello! There are 2 owls on the top of wedding cake!! Could this be any cuter? Anyway the design is just simple as what I will always go for any occasions.

3. Wedding Hand Bouquet
Red, orange, brown, yellow tones are the main colors of fall and this is what I would go if I still want to keep it fall theme.

4. Wedding Souvenirs
Well this is a little stray away from the fall theme but I can't help it tho~ I love candles so much and I think it's going to be perfect as souvenirs since everyone can use it from oldies-youngsters. The design of this candle is also very simple, elegant and lovely :)

5. Wedding Venues and Decorations
The first one is def. going to be perfect more the holy matrimony ceremony especially with
the maple tree everywhere. The second one is perfect for the main evening party or dinner. I'm still torn between having wedding party or just casual wedding dinner. Aaa~ still can't decide tho :')

Tell me on the comment box which one is your fave and also tell me how would you describe your perfect or ideal wedding day kay? :))

6. Wedding Tunes (Gonna list some of my fave love songs here):
-Ed Sheeran-Thinking Out Loud
-My Valentine
-Beyonce-Drunk in Love
-Madison Beer-All for Love ft. JackandJack
-Becky G-Lovin' So Hard
-Boys Like Girls-Two is Better Than One ft. Taylor Swift
-The Vamps-Somebody to You
-Shawn Mendes-Never Be Alone
-Cody Simpson-On My Mind
-and the list goes on and on...

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-cheer, michelle
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  1. That cake is the best wedding cake I have ever seen :)

  2. Gosh that heels!! <3

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  3. best best bestt themeddd for weeding!

  4. Chelleeee you want to get married asap? omg!! lol jangan lupa undangan nya :P

    lovee ^^

    1. YASSS!! tired of college -sigh- x'D
      yes" i won't -winkwink- <33

      -cheer, michelle

  5. Replies
    1. thanks dear, hope you enjoy reading it :))

      -cheer, michelle

  6. such a pretty pair of translucent heels <33


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