Sunday, January 17, 2016


Ayee Mates!
Today I want to talk about one clothing piece that always reminds me of my childhood and it's still one of the "IT" thing in fashion industry, it is a Jumpsuits or Playsuits or Dungaree or Pinafore which I always called them. I personally love jumpsuit which is the pants one or dungaree because it is so comfy and effortlessly cool but one thing I hate about this thing it always bothers me every time I'm about to pee at public because I have to stripped down lol, so that's why they invented a playsuit or a pinafore which is the skirt one, I prefer this one so much better because it's comfy, it doesn't bother me every time I have to go to the toilet and it makes me look a little bit girlier and I always look like a kid every time I wear a jumpsuit or playsuit. 
I found a couple of jumpsuits and playsuits that I think looks so cute yet affordable from Zalora. I prefer shopping at Zalora because they take COD (Cash on Delivery) which I can pay once I received my package, cool huh? Here are my picks from that website :))

1. Black Romper - I could pair this with a statement jacket or wear it just like that and it's in black color. You can never go wrong with black eh?

2. Denim Dungaree - Classic piece that will never go out of style :))

3. White Romper - Yup, my explanation about this romper will be not much different with the black one lol since I'm a monochrome babe. 

4. Cold Shoulder Romper - I once heard that shoulders are one of the body part that doesn't gain fats? (correct me if I'm wrong), Shoulder is one of my best physical feature so that's why I love something like sabrina top so much and it'll make me look a little bit girlier :')

Btw, I got featured in @CosmoGirl_Ind Magazine's January issue! OMGG THANKYOU SO MUCH COSMOGIRL!! and thankyou so much oliv for telling me about it :))

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-cheer, michelle
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