Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Can't Feel My Face

HM's Leather Jacket & Slip-On ~ Forever21's Tanktop ~ @SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Bracelets & Chokers ~ @Clutchtheclutch's Initial Clutch

Ayee Mates!!
I uploaded a quick #OOTD video of this look on my youtube channel Booitsmichelle or click HERE to watch it and please do like, comment and subscribe thanks a heaps. This is my far fave #OOTD I've ever worn. When I'm rocking this look I feel comfortable and feel good enuff (?), usually I'll feel insecure in wearing some outfits but in this outfit I just feel "ME" or "#TheSwaggieUnicorn". I love ripped jeans, slip-on and all monochrome pieces. I'm rocking monochrome not because that's what people mostly wear or because it's currently trending, I love it because it's simple yet mysterious like how I would describe myself lol. I took this #OOTD shots at my campus and yes I wear leather jacket to my campus and some people might find that I'm weird and odd enuff to wear them to class :') Anyway, I got this super cool clutch with my initial engraved to it from Clutchtheclutch, really love it ever since I got and saw it for the first time :))
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-cheer, michelle
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  1. Ke kampus keren amat dek. hahaha
    Aku dulu ke kampus cuma kaos-celana-converse-ransel. titik :"D
    I'm kind of...menyesal lol ;p

    Big Dreamer

  2. Lovely outfit :) The view in the background is amazing!

  3. nice blog, if u wanna follow each other, let me know on my blog

  4. I really like this look !

  5. never get tired of your casual style michelle <3 and ripped jeans fit you so well!

  6. Love the black ripped jeans! x

  7. Thank you for leaving a comment!!
    Monochrome is soooo trending these days. I don't know if it looks this good when paired with leopard pattern shoes. What a matching outfit. Good job ciciii xxx

    I am a new follower xxx

    Check out my blog! Amortentia

    1. Aaaa~ thankyou febbyyyyy *smoochies* <33

      -cheer, michelle

  8. Hi, just find out about your blog and it's awesome !
    you look rock for your college outfit , i wish i can go back to my college life ..
    and wear more dope looks !

    anyway love your ripped jeans !
    and want to follow each other on social media?
    salam kenal haha im from indonesia too :)

    1. awww thankyou~ yours too! <33
      nice to know you too! :D

      -cheer, michelle

  9. greatoutfit! I adore that bag of your! SUPER PRETTY! Great OOTD !!

  10. Chelleeee! kereeenn banget sih ini look nyaa!
    really loveee your pants and slip on :) let's meet up soon! :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    A Little Color
    Kindly read my fashion tips here :

    Thankyou ^o^

    1. aaa thanks nya!! sure lets meet up soon :D

      -cheer, michelle

  11. I love the outfit combo! I especially love the black and white along with your leopard print shoes! :)


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  13. i'm like youre shoes :*

    follow me :))