Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Promod's Jacket ~ HM's Tee ~ Cotton On's Bag ~ Adidas' Kicks ~ @Seventeenstuff's Choker

Ayee Mates!!
LONG TIME NO SEE!! GOSHHH!! I MISS BLOGGINGGGG~ But college has been sucks lately. Projects pilling up. The class schedule are kinda messed up. My Saturday are filled with class schedule. Been meeting up with this one particular guy every week, SO YEAHHH~ I've been very inactive here lately, please forgive meeee!! :''')
For today I'm bringing you outfits that I would wear as my business attire. The key to my outfit attire is comfortable~ why?? Well, since I'm an accounting major student one thing that will def. I be when I'm doing an internship is be an accountant and being an accountant involves sitting in a dull office counting someone's money #notevenmine #sadtruth, sooo some comfortable clothing pieces that will be my essentials are sneakers, black pencil skirt, cool outerwear, smart yet stylish looking pants, blazers, assorted shirts and etc. I found a website that could provide everything I wish for, it's called Betabrand. They got a lot of cool (yet comfortable) looking yoga pants that will still looks professional as office attire. So even tough my job may be boring but at least not my outfit, I will always commit to be stylish everyday lol

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-cheer, michelle
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  1. Very stylish outfit! A good choice! Good luck in your work. ;)

    My blog "Demilla." Welcome!

  2. the jacket is so cute!!!!:O
    AAhh semangat yaaa internshipnya!! x


  3. Love your jacket and good luck in your internship :D

    Big Dreamer

  4. hello, your style and outfit so simple and i follow youre instagram cause u give me inspiration about youre simple outfit :))

  5. i love this mix of casual and classy!
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  6. Thanks a lot, my dear :D

    You look amazing. Love this floral bomber jacket :D

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  7. great outfit! i love this place, they sold many unique food
    have a great day

  8. Pretty outfit for a very pretty woman! I love your style!
    Greetings and more inspiration from Romania!

  9. so stylish! love the jacket, incredible!

    we can follow each others if you like, dear. visit mine anytime ;)


  10. Cute look as always Michelle...

  11. You are so cute! I love this look and your jacket is my favorite!

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  12. cute jacket chel

    love, angel.

  13. You look gorgeous xxx
    Kafenya lucu sekaliii T_T

  14. Love the outfit! That cafe is cute too. :)

    -Eva M.

  15. Like always your simple and beautiful!
    Please take a look on my blog