Friday, July 15, 2016

Treat You Better

Bershka's Semi-Bomber Jacket ~ HM's Bandana & Tee & Slip-On ~ Airwalk's Backpack

Ayee Mates!! 
How's your life mates? Mine was pretty decent. Got up - Work - Eat - Sleep. Repeat for the past three days and I have this weird feeling stuck inside me that I can't express it with words nor anything. I really want to talk about it but at the same time I feel it's useless to say something that it's hard for people to understand. Yeah I'm weird just like that. Any whooooo~ Have you guys heard Shawn Mendes new song "Treat You Better"? If you haven't where have you been gurl or guy?! It is so cool and all of Shawn's song just feels so real as if he sang it to us lol #baper but really doe I feel so happy and safe and motivated every time I listen to Shawn's music, he's the best and I just love him so much #icaneven #ijustcant. Btw I uploaded new Vlog on my youtube channel #Booitsmichelle about my last day of finals please check it out which you can click right HERE, give it a huge thumbs up, leave me a comment what are your summer plans and subscribe to join the family and my clan and you'll have more fun on your subscriptions, thankyou! :)

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-cheer, michelle
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  1. Thanks a lot, my dear :D

    you look great. I'm in love with your bag :D

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  2. Wow cool style!

    Kindly see and leave a comment at Thankyou! :)

  3. Oh very cute style sweetie!
    Now I am following you in GFC #168
    I hope your follow me back

  4. I love the bandana! I've always want to sport one, but my ears are weird, so it can never be positioned on my head the way I want it to :( Super adorable outfit!

  5. I'm seeing a lot of dark blue lately!:D Time to search it in thrift shop haha^^ Love your bandana! It's so cool:^) especially with buns:^) AHHH you're so cool!


  6. Such a fun style!! +loving the photo when you were touching your toe :)

    Isle of View

  7. lucu chelle<3


  8. You look amazing! gemes sama bandana nya<3


  9. I remember drooling over that bomber jakcet from Bershka, it looks really good on you!

    Selene Addicted

  10. I loke your simple and casual outfit! Is nice your attitude!
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