Saturday, November 4, 2017

Kill 'Em with Kindness

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Ayee Mates!

Yesterday I witness a simple act of kindness that really touches my heart. Here goes the story.

I rode gojek in the morning and during the red light, a man tap my gojek driver and said “please tell that lady at the front that her money is popping out from the pocket and it’s dangerous.” So my go
jek driver told her about it and that lady said thank you. I don’t know why, call me weird, but that simple act of kindness really warms my heart. Like I thought to myself “not all people are bad I guess.”

We live in a world full of hatred and crimes everywhere. I always thought there is no more love and peace left in this world, people are getting mean and selfish day by day. But turns out there’s still hope, if people or us wants to be a change, we can! Stop and look at your surroundings, pay attention maybe there’s someone that need helps with carrying their stuff or crossing the road or doing something. Help them. Maybe your friends or colleagues need help with their homework or projects. Help them. As long as one person has the intention to be nice or kind to others I believe it will infect others as well. Maybe the people you help will help their friends or others and so on. We could build a chain of kindness to others. How cool is that? Always train your mind to see the good in everything. With just ordinary acts of kindness and bravery we could encourage one person to stand up for another. Kindness is contagious.

-Cheer, Michelle
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  1. such a wonderful post, really touches my heart <3
    I agree with you, we must see the good in everything :)
    Hope you have a good day!

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    1. i'm honored and thank you <3
      have a good day to you too :)

      -Cheer, Michelle

  2. It's a lovely dress, also the positive mind. Xo <3

    - belial's child

  3. love that green background and beautiful dress too :)

  4. Thanks a lot :D

    adorable combo my friend :d loved it!

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