Tuesday, April 24, 2012

beauty tips: Ariana Grande :]


victorious star Ariana Grande have 3 beauty tricks that she uses everyday and shw want to share it with all of us!
  • Drink Water. Ariana swears by drinking lots of water it keeps her skin hydrated.
  • Rosebud Salve. She uses rosebud salve to keeps her lips looking perfect every time.
  • DIY exfoliate. she makes her own exfoliate!!
DIY!! >  Lip Exfoliate :]  

what you need: 1 tablespoon sugar & 1 tablespoon honey.

what to do: mix sugar and honey together. apply to lips and rub lips together, like putting on a lipstick! do this for 20 seconds. wash off with warm water and soap.

its simple and not hard to try #worthtotry!!
photo credit: Just Jared.
xoxo, michelle


  1. Deffinatley gotta try this! I love Ari and her style.

  2. you should hehehe this is highly recommended especially for people with dry lips :)