Saturday, September 29, 2012

if its meant to be then it will be


metro dress // wedges from rubi

went to a family's wedding this evening and i think this is my first time going to a wedding party that looks like a club?
fist, the music were like all party songs and second, there's a sexy dancers!! i mean come on man its a wedding not a club? i thought wedding was supposed to be romantic ahahaa.

and yay!! i scored a million in temple run!! :D
yes, im very proud 'cause i never got a million before 

should be sleeping right now, must wake up early for church and im very anxious for tomorrow cause i'll be the preacher for tomorrow! .-.
wish me luck!!
some random picture i take earlier d:

"if its meant to be, then it will be"
-kourtney kardashian

xoxo, michelle

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