Sunday, September 30, 2012

love your life~ :)


bershka's top // stradivarius short // vincci's flats

wearing this look the last time i visit puncak :p

 "Love Your life and Life will Love You Back"
-Arthur Rubinstein.

and today's preach didn't work well i froze up there for like 11 minutes .-. i don't know what to say anymore and i've said a lot of "umm and.." OMG!! 
well im still learning tough and there's still next time :)

school tomorrow and next week is mid term exam!! OMG!! i feel that we just have our monthly test and now mid term?? :s :s

wish me a lot of lucks guys xx
xoxo, michelle


  1. cele anda cantik sekali disiniiii ;;) ini mpe loh! hahahhaa