Friday, January 18, 2013



its been a while huh? i'm not going to the school today due to the heavy rain. i went to central park today with my grandma, aunty, grandpa and chloe. this side ponytail reminds me of the little kid eh? i remember my hair used to be up on a ponytail when i was little ahaha. 
anyway here is the outfit c:

i'm madly in love with the sweater because there's the union jack print on it and u should know how crazy i am over union jack ^^

look at my back and you found..

yepsie its my domo kun!! hahaha i know i'm a weird childish girl, i'm 16 and yet i'm still wearing that kind of bag xD but i just can't help it, i love that bag so much!! :3

oh and btw i'll be having my first giveaway if i reach the 100 followers! yeah its a challenge for myself to gain that much followers. i'll promise to be a better blogger in the future c;
spread the word about this to others!! ahahah JK JK ^^

and another pictures from today that i'm in love with...

Chloe!! I love you!! xx
lol~ ema looks like she's so bored xx

btw i made and edited the video for my youtube channel already and it will be up tomorrow, can't wait to share it with u guys ^^

xoxo, michelle


  1. wahhh :D
    you are too cute and adorable michelle! >.<
    much love ❤ :*

    can't wait for your giveaway and your youtube video :D

    1. wahh thank u cee :* ehehehe

      xoxo, michelle

  2. love your sweater and your domo :3❤

    I just followed your blog
    mind to check out mine?

    1. thanks and thanksss! :) will do ;)

      xoxo, michelle

  3. everyone loves union jack! hahah :)