Thursday, December 12, 2013

Michelle'sFave: Skirts

Ayee Mates!
I came up with this new section called Michelle's Fave :)
so basically this section is where i'm going to show some items that are either my fave items or on my wishlist. this post could be a my honest opinion or sponsored post.

For today post i'm going to talk about skirt!
I'm a girly ~ tomboy kinda girl and I just can't live without skirt, I have tons of them! my most fave type of skirt is probably skater skirt, i love the flare and its comfortable to wear them. i'm more into skirt and shorts, 'cause it kinda expose my leg, which i think is my best feature (?) OuO
Skirt also kinda just define who i am, my style and bring my inner girl or feminine side of me :)

I found this website called ARK :D
this website surely has the best skater skirt's collection, love them tons and i seriously wish i could own them. here are some items that i'm eye-ing on from their website ;;)

tartan/plaid/stripes are my fave pattern for everything, from clothing items to all items i own. especially this tartan is so british (?) i found this pattern a lot on UK's clothing brand or english bloggers (i'm a sucker for everything UK)

the pattern for this skirt is just so colorful and playful, it'll look very nice for party and daily wear

In my opinion, velvet material always look very rich and mysterious at the same time, which is somehow i love it so much. not to forget how soft the material is :3

i love the slit in this skirt, i'm not a very span/bodycon skirt girl since my family think i'll look very old, but this is just an exceptional. the slit looks amazing!

do i still need to tell you about my love for plaid/tartan? :D

the material seems to be very comfy and the length is just PERF! 
not that short so doesn't give that 'sexy' image for me :)

okayyy~ now i'm craving to shop for more skirts here D':
skirt is just a basic statement item in your closet for girls, all of us need to own one skirt that'll make us looks very feminine or girly, it'll always depend on us how we would style it. maybe you're a skater skirt type of girl or maybe a pencil skirt type or long length skirt type? :D
hope this post helps you guys a bit in giving idea about the kind of skirts you like ^^

-cheer, michelle


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  2. In love with tartan pencil skirt dear :D