Monday, December 23, 2013


vintage hand-me-down from dad's denim varsity jacket ~ gifted dress from aus ~ xAuthenticityx's necklace ~ rubi's shoes

Ayee Mates!!

I would say this is my everyday go-to look. i'm like a chameleon, i change my style almost every other, today i would be very girly and the next day i would be very tomboy. to combine both my fave girly-tomboy look, here's the look that i would go with. the dress makes me feel so girly but yet judging from the shoes. jacket and varsity umm.. not so girly.
this denim varsity jacket is my fave vintage steal from my dad, aunty and uncles. they wore this jacket when they were young and believe me the jacket still looks so good until now! not to mention how light-weight it is but yet its very warmy perfect for jakarta's weather. i wear it to school all the time as well. 
for the shoes, i'm not sure what kind of shoes is this but i would say its a sneaker, correct me if i'm wrong. the shoes reminds me of new balance. since it has a little platform and definitely makes me look a little taller. i love the color black mix with the leopard pattern, wilddddd :D
the necklace and snapback are actually an item i got for my inner fangirl :')
lets just say i'm a snapback, beanie and hat-wear collector. i love everything that related to hat-wear especially beanies & snapback. i got this snapback from my mom, she knows about my love for kpop and i kept on sing their song wolf "naega wolf~ naega wolf~ awoooo (trans: i'm a wolf~ i'm a wolf~ awoooo~) hahahaha i know i'm just so obsess with EXO. so she got me this and i love it like to the moon and back. wolf is a statement tho for me, its like an animal who's very bold and fearless, not to mention how pretty their eyes are. EXO won best album of the year for this year MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award) within a year of debut! how cool is that?? :)
the necklace is just an infinite sign, but if you look very closely there's a letter that says "directioner". i'm a kpop addict but i might as well a fan for one direction, justin bieber, ariana grande, austin mahone, the wanted, selena gomez, zedd, much more. its very simple and i love the infinite sign, never end. no to mention how i love the kpop band infinite :")

Christmas' Eve's Dinner tomorrow, looking forward for it since we'll be exchanging presents, i'm a very happ-go-lucky-child when it comes to christmas' presents. 
christmas is in 2 days left, what's your plan for the christmas dayyy?? c:

-cheer, michelle


  1. love your shoes so bad!xx

  2. wow such a lovely post! great job x

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  3. Great blog!!! Merry christmas!
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  4. love ur styleee!!!

  5. cool shoes and jacket dear, my favorite outfit from you :)


  6. so much love for your shoes!

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  7. really love your shoes!

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  8. Love your varsity jacket! Super cool<33

    Happy holiday,

  9. Oh cool jacket!
    Happy Holidays~

  10. wow I'm in love with ur varsity jacket. fabs!
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    happy holiday, xx

  11. Your shoes!!♥___♥
    Merry Christmas xx

  12. Loved the trucker hat!

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  13. so cute! Would you like to follow each other on gfc?

  14. you pull of this style very well! definitely need that hat!

  15. Those hats seem to be very popular! They have a certain great appeal to them


  16. I love your shoes. That's nice! :))

  17. Love your shoes!! nice look
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