Thursday, March 20, 2014

March's Haul: Beauty Items

Ayee Matessss~

I did quite a lot of shopping lately here in the month of March and I just want to share it with you guys. I did shop quite a lot of fashion items but its kinda hard to take the picture of it, so I decided not to post fashion items. so beauty items only, btw review will be done in separate post :)
sorry for the not-so-good quality pictures. its because I took the photos with my ipod instead :c
*disclaimer: I bought all of these items with my money or my parents bought it for me

  1. Oriflame's Charmed Hand & Nail Cream
  2. Oriflame's Nail Polish in Clover Haze
  3. Oriflame's Lipstick in Soft Coral
  4. Oriflame's Powder Brush
Soft Coral Swatch

Clover Haze on my fingers, disappointed with the color :c

  1. ZA's True White Metavoltage Exfoliator
  2. ZA's True White Emulsion (sample size)
  3. ZA's Pimple Clear Gel

Masks bought from China via My Junior :)
  1. The Face Shop's Eyeshadow Stick in #02 (pink)
  2. Ponds' Pimple Concealer Care Pen
  3. Ponds' Oil Control Cleansing Wipe
The Face Shop's Eye Shadow Stick Swatch

Maybelline's rocket volum mascara & gel eyeline in brown

Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I finally got the Maybelline's rocket volum mascara that everyone on youtube has been loving this product like so much. for all of the oriflame products, I bought it via my teacher and when I first saw the catalog, I was confused why the price is relative cheap compare to other brand. I thought 'is it safe to be use on your face? does it contain harmful or toxic chemical?' but all of these thoughts disappeared when I finally got them. all of the products really worth every single penny spent. by far the product that kinda disappointing is the nail polish, but not because of the quality, but I regret buying warm tone color. it does need a long time to blend the color on to your nails, so I suggest if you want to buy oriflame's nail polish, I suggest to buy it in dark colors. for the masks if you are wondering 'is it safe to use on?' I'm not even sure about it, I bought because of -hands down- the packaging. I really am a sucker for cute packagingggg~~ OMOOO~ 
anyway I still have exams tomorrow, so better end this post quickly and I will gratefully do a review for some of these products in the future and if you guys have any question just drop it in the comment box below or contact me via all of my social media (links down below) :D 

cheer, michelle


  1. I saw those Pond's cleansing wipes & concealer while shopping at Carrefour awhile ago, but hesitated to buy it because I wanted to research for some reviews first :D I'm looking forward to your review.
    Btw, the Rilakkuma masks are super cute.


  2. ohh la la, looks like someone had fun ;)

  3. just bought that Za's pimple clear gel too a week ago, its kinda work on my face. what about you? :D

  4. lovely things there you got! <3

    sweet and sugars,

  5. Those are such lovely things!! The oil control wipes is so good, I've tried it too :)

  6. great post!

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    have a nice day!