Sunday, August 17, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: June-July Favorites

Ayee Mates!!
I uploaded my new June-July Favorites Video on my channel. I know its a lil' bit too late but hey better late than never eh? I have reason why I uploaded it so late, its because my wifi modem broke so I need to call the technician to come over and fix it for me. It takes quite some time. So after it was repaired I directly uploaded the video to my channel.

1. Black Hair Tie ~ Bracelet from Cotton On.

2. Newlook's Platform Sandals.

3.Kancho's Choco Biscuit.

4. Union Jack Hi-waisted Shorts.

5. The Body Shop's Moringa Body Mist

6. NYX's Eye Shadow in Hawaiian Coffee ~ ES102

7. Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Barely Branded

8. Masami Shouko's Blending Brush ~ 219

9. ELF's Powder Brush ~ 84003

* Favorite Songs *

10. Taeyang-Eyes, Nose, Lips
11. SoyouxJunggigo-Some ft. Lil Boi (geeks)
12. 2NE1-Gotta Be You
13. GOT7-A

-cheer, michelle
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  1. cobain yg jasmine de chel bodyshopnya, wangi juga itu hhi
    anw love ur monthly favorites vid <3

    1. iya yg jasmine enak bgt wanginyaa <3

    2. Aaaa~ jasmine yahh? soon deh i mau coba hehehe
      thank you so much for the recommendation ;;)

      xoxo, michelle

  2. Your favourite songs<3 same with me >-<


  3. Hiyaa, your blog looks cute.
    Visit me ♡

  4. Cute post! :D I've just started a blog of my own and if you're interested you are very welcome to visit. Followers are desperately needed!!!