Thursday, March 3, 2016


HM's Tee & Flannel ~ Cotton On's Necklace ~ Supreme's Beanie

Ayee Mates!!
Sorry for the long absence~ I'm just not in the mood to touch any of my social media platforms due to the slow connection of my wifi. I've been trying to upload new video since 8 at night and it's not 100% uploaded yet so I have to cancel the upload and re-upload it ASAP. I know I'm being such a bad blogger-vlogger but ooohh well I guess we (blogger-vlogger) are powerless without internet conection eh? Or is it just me? :'''')
Btw, I took this #OOTD like around last year? I still had my short hair and looking so chubby as always. Hmmm. Anyway, I met up with onya while taking this #OOTD shots. We hung out at our fave cafe at Mall @ Alam Sutera - 6 Degrees. Seriously, it's the best place to chill for hours, really enjoyed the food and hospitality #mucholove, maybe I should do a separate revview on it? Let me know if you're interested. Ooohh, for your information I found this tee on the men section of HM, when I first saw it, I fell in love with it instantly. What do you think mates? Is it weird? Does it looks like a pyjamas? Hmmm... Overall what do you think of my #OOTD, is it okay? Or weird? Or? I don't know feel free to leave your comment down in the comment box below and also your video request for me youtube channel. I've been thinking of making a new series on me channel where I could rant on one specific topic (like: friendship, love, dramas, study, etc) and I will answer your question regarding the topic. What do you think? If you're down to that idea, please let me know and tell me what kind of topic you want me to talk about with your questions, thanks mates :D

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-cheer, michelle
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  1. i'm first comment xoxo

    u don't use make up and that's look natural...
    so nice :))

  2. Your outfit is so attractive, so young & free ! Oh, and your tassel bracelet really caught my eye <3

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  3. You're so sassy and cute!! <3 love your blog name too X


  4. I like your blog so much :) Happy Weekend!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
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  5. Ah I still don't have a chance to meet you :') Want to meet you so bad, Chel haha. Anyway, nice photoshoot :)

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    Thank you :)

  6. You're so adorable! Love the outfit <3

  7. i have that tees too! hihi lets wear it together lol. You look so boyish yet swag as always <3

    Saturation Boy

  8. Hai, I followed your great blog, might to follow back ?

  9. Ah really miss you chelleeeee :( lets meet again asap yaa, anw love your outfit here :)

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    Thankyou ^o^

  10. just today i wore the same outfit like this! u prob already seen it on insta lol! btw i love the shirt!

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  11. Thanks a lot, my dear :D

    Ohm, I in love with this street style outfit :D Perfect t-shirt :D

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