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Ayee Mates!!
How are you? I know it’s been such a while since my last post. I’m sorry is all I can say because I’ve been very busy with my internship. Now I'm going to update constantly here on my blog since I got no time to film a video but I got plenty of time to write and I really have a lot to say and it's much easier to just take OOTD photos rather than filming for a lookbook. So I'm going to take short break from vlogging and more blogging I guess hehe. As some of you may know I just got accepted to do internship in a bank!! Yes I moved from the public accountant company, I’ve always wanted to try working in a banking sector after looking up to my aunt. This is quite exciting and lucky for an accounting student to do internship in a bank as some people say. 

Today I want to write down some of my thoughts after working in a bank for almost two months:

  1. How can I get accepted to do intern in a bank?
  2. Why I paid so much for tuition fee? 
  3. Who taught during my three years in college?
  4. When did I ever learn all these things?
  5. Where did I learn all this time?
To sum up all of my problems up there in one word: REGRET.

First I get accepted for the internship program is because of my video editing skill and I was originally planned to only do video related job to which my surprise is so out of major. Actually I wouldn’t mind but because this is a mandatory intern I need to do work that is related to my major. Only by God’s grace I’m able to overcome that one problem.  Now I’m given accounting related job. Thank God!!

Second, umm whatever. 

Third, I shouldn’t be thanking all these times when I got lecturer that NEVER teach or being so CARELESS with their students. I used to be very happy when the lecturer didn’t care what their students were doing, so I just spent four hours of class talking, snapchat-ing (it was a thing back then lol), sleeping, etc. Now after jumping into the real world of working I regret for not studying properly. I wish I could travel back in time and told myself “GET YO ASS READY AND STUDY YOU NEED THIS STUFF BISH!!” 

Fourth, I learned all of them for three years but I don’t know what the result from it is. I feel three years passed by just like that without even saying “hi”.

Fifth, I learned all this time at my uni. Guess that explains a lot?

Sixth, I DON’T KNOW!! DANGG YO GURL IS FREAKIN OUT RITE HERE!! But seriously doe I don’t even know how to put this into words. I overcome loads of new terms that I feel I never even learn in college but when I re-open my materials from college it was there. LIKE WHAT THE FREAK JUST HAPPEN? The lecturers never even teach anything about it. SOBBING SO HARD HERE. I’m struggling from the bottom all over again, wish me luck guys, so that I’ll be able to understand and do my job rightly. 

Thank YOU if you made it ‘till the end, YOU’RE AWESOME!! DAEBAK!! For reading my long-ass-rants. I wish you all the best in life as well and may you accomplish everything in life. If you’re at the moment dreading over your studies, HANG IN THERE!! YOU GOT THIS!! Don’t be like me lol hard work won’t betray you; it’ll surely pay off sooner or later. God bless.

-Cheer, Michelle
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