Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Night to Remember

Aye Mates!

What’s your fave occasion during year-end of school? Mine would be PROM NIGHT!! Even tough lets be real, I never been to prom before #myschoolsucks lol. Back then every time I watched High School Musical 3, I really love the scene where the girls talking about prom and those dresses are just so beautiful. An 8 year old me always can’t wait to grow up and go to the prom. I always picturize this beautiful dress that I will wear to prom when I grow up, I specifically want something sleeveless dress and something long. I wouldn’t mind spending quite much for a prom dress because after all it’s a night to remember yeah? 13 years after that, I found my perfect prom dress, it’s this sleeveless-long-beaded dress with light gray color from promshopau.


Even tough I maybe too old for prom but who knows I can wear this to my relative’s wedding party or just fancy dinner or party in general.
I found a website promshopau based in Australia and they curated loads of magical and beautiful dresses for prom even for wedding purposes (wedding gowns & bridesmaid dresses). Everything is so beautiful that I just wish to slip in that dress and take tons of photos. No need to worries if you’re not from around the area, they ship worldwide and how cool is that. Anyway that is all for today's post it's a short one but I just miss prom and school so much :(

-Cheers, Michelle
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  1. This grey prom dress looks so beautiful and elegant <3


    1. it is hehe thanks for visiting my blog :)

      -Cheers, Michelle