Monday, February 12, 2018


Uniqlo's Polo ~ Cotton On's Skirt ~ New Look's Platform Shoes ~ Gifted Bag from Japan

Aye Mates!
How are you? How's life? Hope y'all doin fine. I myself have been doing fine. Last week I went to Q2HAN's meet and greet here in Indonesia with my URL friends, Grace, Ci Mei, Lystia and even made some new friends there, that's cool haha. Qjin and Qwon are so cute in real life, I managed to vlog throughout that day and event, vlog will be up soon on my youtube channel ;;)

For this look I'm fully inspired by my current fave kpop girl group, yes, you guess it right, BLACKPINK IN UR AREA. Gosh I can't believe I just typed that lol but that line is so iconic and really stuck in my brain the whole time. They're image is so girl crush and very tumblr-ish, with all those tennis skirt, fishnets, boots, choker, crop top, knee-high socks and much more. Like everything are my fave fashion pieces, it's just that I've been evolving into more girlier style lately. I scrolled to my gallery and found this photos that were taken two months ago and I can't help posting it because I just finished watching Blackpink's TV and just got some inspiration to make this post. This look gives out a school girl vibe and rebel kind of feeling? HAHA I don't know doe. What'd ya think about it? Am I ready to be the fifth member of Blackpink? HAHAHAHA #forgiveme #justkidding 

I usually never watch any girl group's MV unless it's very tumblrish or catchy song or iconic (?) this is my first time watching all the MVs for a girl group. All their songs are super catchy especially Boombayah and As If It's Your Last, I'm in love with everything about it. Especially the live performances, their stage outfits looks so bomb! If you're wondering who's my bias in Blackpink, to be honest I can't choose. But if to put in order, the members that always catch my eyes will always be Jennie Kim-Lisa-Rose-Jisoo. There you go. I really can't wait for Blackpink's next comeback. Anyway who's your fave singer or band or boy/girl group? Let me know, I'm curious! :)
*ps. I'll talk about my faves boy group soon HEHE

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-Cheers, Michelle
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  1. Cute outfit, Cel!
    I think BP sama sekali ga underrated sihhh mereka banyak banget fansnya, lol.

    1. aaa thanks cii 😘
      nah iya setauku mereka fansnya di luar banyak banget but di Korea katanya mereka masih underrated gtuu hahahaa

      -Cheers, Michelle

  2. I love creepy-cute outfits ! You look amazing <3


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    Stay Gold

  3. You look absolutely stunning! Love all black look!!!<3

    Kiko Kim

  4. Thanks a lot :D

    you look super :D i'm in love with your bag <3

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