Wednesday, March 7, 2018


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“Don’t carry your burden all the time ‘cause we don’t live here all the time too.” -Ps. J. E. Awondatu

Aye Mates!

How’s your new year so far? Sorry for not posting in a while, loads of things happened and I just got no time to be active on blog and youtube. Mine has been quite all over the place but in amidst of everything, I want to say that I’m still grateful. 

I started the year being sick and not feeling well (mentally lol). Now my thesis proposal is in the stake of getting rejected from my department associates (update: IT GOT ACCEPTED PRAISE THE LORD!). I haven’t even get the permission letter to do the observation (update: I change my title so I don't need that permission letter anymore). I guess I’m too stress out that it makes me more emotional, I tried to hold it inside but it just makes my heart hurt so bad. Like I’m not kidding I even thought I have some kind of a chronic disease lol. Because it always felt like my heart being stabbed by thousand needles. 

On the first week of Sunday I went to church and I don’t know why but the sermon really hits me in the face. My pastor stated that this year is the year of walking weightlessly. He said that God knows what we’ve been through, don’t think that we, human walk on this earth carrying all of our burden by ourselves. It’s new year, so learn to leave behind our burden and past that slow us down to God. Burden can be our fears, worries, regrets, guilt and all these negativity that tries to consume you. We came from God and He’s trying to said to us that “your problem is MY problem too. Don’t think I can’t feel your sorrow and sadness, you come from Me.”

I know this post is so all over the place from the start I’m being so negative with my life but then afterward I’m writing this motivational and positive words from my church. But hey it’s all about balance, you get the good and bad in life. I myself to be honest is slowly recovering from all this anxiety attack that tries to eat my mind with all this negativity, I'm not saying it's gone, it's still there but I know God provides and always take care of me. For whoever hurting now, hang in there, this too shall pass. Even tough I tried to reminds myself too, fighting! Good luck :)

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-Cheers, Michelle
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  1. omg love this look on you!!


  2. Congrats Michelle for your thesis! :D

    Graciella // @gegeciella

  3. chel, we have same top! but mine in navy >.<


    1. aaa we shud do twinning look sometimes!! <3

      -cheers, michelle